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Blog log from R10 of 2018: Melbourne vs Adelaide

Blog log for Melbourne vs Adelaide, R10 of 2018

Jones gets the first score of the game with a quick shot at goal which misses to the right. (Q1 1:35)
Smith kicks inside 50 to Hogan who gathers on the bounce and flicks a terrific no-look handball to Petracca who runs into an open goal. (Q1 4:21)
Hibberd kicks inside 50 and Melksham reaches high and plucks it with one hand. He plays on, runs around and snaps the goal from 30m. (Q1 6:36)
Smith takes an impressive contested mark and quickly moves it on to Neal-Bullen who has a give and go with Hannan to complete a well constructed goal. (Q1 8:50)
Adelaide are ice cold here as Melbourne get another one, this time via a Salem kick inside 50 that gets out the back for Hannan to run onto for a goal. (Q1 10:21)
Galucci kicks inside 50 and Betts crumbs, spins and snaps a nice goal from 40m out. (Q1 18:38)
Melbourne get out the back of the Crows defence again, this time through McDonald who’s all alone on the wing, and he passes to Hogan on his own in the goal square. Goal. (Q1 22:23)
Jenkins handballs backwards to Galucci who sidesteps Jetta and kicks a running goal from 25m. (Q1 22:56)
Douglas marks at 50, goes back and kicks a nice long goal to bring Adelaide back into the game. (Q1 27:04)
Milera running out of defence is caught by Neal-Bullen! Costly mistake as Neal-Bullen lines up from 25m out directly in front and kicks the goal. (Q1 29:37)
Talia kicks inboard and finds Fogarty 45m out directly in front. Fogarty goes back and kicks truly. (Q2 5:46)
Ellis-Yolmen turns the ball over in the middle of the ground and Brayshaw makes him pay, kicking to Hogan who wins a free in the goal square. Hogan goals. (Q2 9:04)
Melksham marks in the pocket and quickly kicks centrally to find Brayshaw 20m from goal almost directly in front. Brayshaw goals. (Q2 14:49)
Fritsch gathers 40m out under pressure, chips to the top of the square and Neal-Bullen marks. Neal-Bullen goes back and kicks his third. (Q2 17:52)
Milera hands to Gibson who has time and space from 40m out to steady and kick the goal. (Q3 5:39)
Jones kicks inside 50 and Smith marks well on the lead. He goes back and kicks the goal from 40m out. (Q3 7:23)
Hibberd streams through the middle of the ground and hits Spargo on the chest with a perfect pass. Spargo from 40m out directly in front kicks truly. (Q3 11:08)
Salem marks 60m out and delivers a pinpoint pass to Hogan who marks strongly 30m out. Hogan goals. (Q3 14:43)
McDonald wins a hard ball at the top of the goal square and Talia gets into his back on the tackle. McDonald’s set shot is a goal. (Q3 19:08)
Neal-Bullen makes his way through a couple of Crows and does well to find Petracca at the top of the square. Petracca goals. (Q3 21:23)
Mackay has a horror moment as he fumbles in the goal square and allows Melksham to soccer the goal. Typical of Adelaide’s day. (Q4 14:17)
Hogan takes a good mark 40m from goal and hands instantly to McDonald who is able to run into an open goal. (Q4 21:27)
Lewis 45m from goal has time and spots Brayshaw 35m from goal on a slight angle. Brayshaw goes back and caps a career best game with a goal. (Q4 25:03)
Viney 70m out kicks long to Hogan who climbs over Hartigan and takes a great mark. He goes back and kicks his 5th for the day. (Q4 26:48)
Fritsch from the pocket kicks backwards and finds Brayshaw 40m from goal. Brayshaw has a kick after the siren and kicks the Dees’ 23rd goal for the day! (Q4 29:19)

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