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Blog log from R10 of 2018: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Blog log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, R10 of 2018

Gunston gives to Impey running free through CHF, he pops through the first goal to an empty suqare from 45m. (Q1 3:56)
Smith kicks across half back but to a one-on-two, Waterman leaps over Mirra to intercept at the Eagle hotspot and gives to Rioli for the easy goal. (Q1 8:44)
Gunston passes to Lewis near the boundary 40m out after both teams exchange turnovers on the wing. Lewis hits the top of the square, no score results. (Q1 11:41)
O’Meara gets a free near the hotspot but shanks a terrible set shot for a behind. (Q1 13:30)
Cripps intercepts a loopy handball to nobody by Frawley, twists out of a Mirra tackle and snaps an oportunist goal from 30m on a slight angle. (Q1 15:03)
Kennedy gatehrs a bouncing ball in the pocket and centres to Waterman near the hotspot, who misses. (Q1 17:12)
Darling marks a long Yeo ball over Stratton and gives to Kennedy to run into the open goal. (Q1 18:27)
Waterman marks on the wing and gets a 50m penalty on Frawley for encroachment to bring him 40 out on the flank, he tries a pass but misses his target, no score. (Q1 20:22)
Yeo gathers a bouncing Rioli give and baulks clear at the hotspot for a snap across the body on the left, but it’s OOTF. (Q1 22:14)
The Hawks go coast to coast from the kick in around members wing, Impey centres to Ceglar at the hotspot for a goal against the flow. (Q1 22:57)
Hardwick marks on the HFF, Rioli gets there late and drops the knees into his back, ump pays 50m to bring Hardwick to the square for an easy goal. (Q1 26:42)
Impey passes to Smtih just outside 50m on a slight angle seconds before the QT siren. Isaac, who has a history with long set shots, kicks straight but just too short, no score. (Q1 31:42)
Puopolo roves and gives to O’Meara gliding past, JOM shoots from 40m and the goal umpire squats to watch the footy sail over his peaked cap. (Q2 1:11)
Smith roves a Henderson ball to the hotspot and gives to McEvoy, he has Impey just inside CHF who jinks clear and kicks truly from 45m. (Q2 2:34)
Barrass dumps a kick from the BP down the line but straight to Impey who passes short to Gunston 45m out on the flank, who misses. (Q2 4:41)
Bruest misses the lot with a left foot snap around the body under pressure from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 7:14)
Rioli is in position A for the crumb to a Kennedy contest at the hotspot, he throws it on the left boot, falls on the line but Waterman bumps Morrison off the fall, goal! (Q2 9:41)
Waterman passes to Cripps 30m out on the flank, Stratton catches him around the chops with a swinging arm, easy free for the ump to pay. Cripps gets up but misses everything. (Q2 13:21)
Three Hawks fly to spoil a long ball to Kennedy 20m out, the crumb falls perfectly for Waterman who goals with ease. (Q2 14:46)
Morrison tackles McGovern and forces a spillage at the hotspot, Ceglar roves and gives to Gunston who shoots… was it touched off the boot by Sheppard? Video says yes, behind. (Q2 20:12)
Rioli gets involved twice in the build up to a rebound from deep in defence, LeCras marks 40m out on a slight angle for the go-ahead goal. (Q2 25:22)
Henderson roves a Roughead contest on the HFF and rolls a handball to Puopolo in the pocket, he snaps around the corner off a step from 35m and screws it through! Scores level. (Q2 28:57)
Gaff boots the first goal of Q3 after a feed from Naitanui at a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 1:51)
Roughead misses a set shot from half forward. (Q3 2:23)
LeCras marks 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 5:36)
Roughead misses Henderson on the HFF but Henderson butters up and gives back for another try, this time Roughie hits Burton 50m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q3 7:59)
Rioli passes to Kennedy 45m out on a slight angle after Sicily stuffs up an intercept on the wing. JJK makes no mistake. (Q3 9:31)
McEvoy has O’Meara on his own over the back on a chaotic attack around the outer wing, he avoids a Rioli chase to run into the open goal. (Q3 11:52)
Darling passes to Kennedy who beats Mirra to mark near the boundary 30m out, but kicks OOTF. (Q3 13:37)
Masten kicks off the left boot from the boundary 40m out, he’s trying to cross to Cripps running to the square but the ball bounces for a goal anyway! (Q3 17:52)
Sheed misses from outside CHF with a poster. (Q3 21:30)
Smith screws through a snap from 40m out in front as Duggan gives him too much of a leg rope for a ground ball. (Q3 23:37)
Naitanui takes a big pack mark and goals from the hotspot to begin Q4. (Q4 3:05)
Rioli marks 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 3:05)
Frawley is pinged for contact on Kennedy going for a mark 35m out on the flank, JJK kicks truly, the ladder leader putting its stamp on the game in Q4. (Q4 11:39)
LeCras marks 45m out near the boundary but his set shot drifts and is rushed. (Q4 17:54)
O’Meara marks 20m out on a slight angle for a goal, his third but three more needed by the Hawks with 5:25 to go. (Q4 20:24)
Burton gathers a loose ball on the HFF and centres to Mitchell 40m out on a slight angle, who misses the lot. (Q4 24:39)
Clock ticks under 3:00, that’s the ball game. (Q4 25:08)
Stratton spoils a Kenne3dy pass to Darling through for a behind from 20m. (Q4 25:39)
Kennedy passes to LeCras deep in the pocket 20m out in the last minute, the Frenchman schusses it OOTF across the north face. (Q4 27:39)

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