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Blog log from R10 of 2018: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R10 of 2018

Stringer bombs long after the first centre bounce, the ball lands on empty grass at the hotspot and rolls to the square where Baguley is first back ahead of Mohr to volley home! (Q1 0:33)
Laverde toepokes a loose ball from half forward and again Baguley is over the back with no goalkeeper to beat, he runs into the open goal again! (Q1 5:54)
Kelly baulks clear for a left foot snap from 45m in the corridor but misses. (Q1 10:20)
Langford roves a high ball to a pack at the hotspot, he gives to Laverde who has McGrath outside for the give and snap across the body off the left for a nice goal. (Q1 13:36)
Buckley roves a Cameron contest and goals from 20m. (Q1 15:36)
Laverde feeds Langford for a snap from CHF and it’s the quick reply for Essendon! (Q1 17:06)
Kelly has Griffen to mark in stride from a kick from the wing and run into the open goal. (Q1 18:50)
Zaharakis marks on the wing, Whitfield encroaches to bring him within 40m on a slight angle, but Zaka hits the post. (Q1 21:33)
Himmelberg passes to Cameron near the boundary 40m out after a switch and rebound around the outer wing started by Corr. Jezza hits the post. (Q1 24:34)
Cameron gets another opportunity, this time with a snap from the hotspot, video review on a possible touch by Hooker off the boot? Ruled a behind. (Q1 26:35)
Heppell roves a stoppage and shoots from 30m on a slight angle, but just misses. (Q1 29:29)
Stringer busts through a Shaw tackle on the wing, draws Mohr and releases Fantasia to sprint around the boundary, Orazio shoots from 45m on the flank for a fine goal! (Q1 32:34)
Shiel misses a snap from congestion on the HFF. (Q2 0:57)
Merrett gives to Goddard in the centre, he runs his full measure and puts the full hoof into it from 55m, Mohr dives but can’t get to the skidder in time, goal! (Q2 3:10)
After Shaw strips McDOnald-Tipungwuti in a tackle, Whitfield runs forward of traffic in the centre and hits Patton 40m out on a slight angle. The General misses. (Q2 6:05)
Himmelberg brings a quick kick to ground 20m out, Giles-Langdon hits the crumb at pace with a volley that sails through, did it snick the post? Ruled a goal. (Q2 7:25)
Shaw thieves the ball from McKenna trying to do a one-two with Merrett in the centre and goes to Cameron 25m out on the flank for an opportunist goal. (Q2 12:41)
Kelly runs clear from a ball-in on the wing but his long ball down the flank pitches behind the pack and dribbles for a behind. (Q2 16:13)
Ward gives outside a pack on the HFF to Coniglio who goes himself from 50m and strokes through a lovely finish. Giants back within a kick! (Q2 17:56)
Stringer roves and misses from 20m on a slight angle under a tackle. (Q2 20:56)
Zaharakis roves a Stewart drop at half forward and goes long to the pocket where Stringer beats two to mark 10m out and goal. (Q2 22:26)
Patton boots the first goal of Q3 after marking a Ward ball over an undersized Saad. (Q3 2:33)
Zaharakis passes short from the HFF to Smith 35m out on a slight angle, after good work in the centre by Heppell. Smith kicks truly. (Q3 3:33)
Taranto snaps from the boundary under heavy pressure 20m out, the crowd goes up but the goal umpire rules it went over the goal post for a behind. (Q3 7:48)
McKernan wheels and shoots after marking on the HFF but sails it wide. (Q3 10:48)
Stewart draws a blocking free on Tomlinson for a long ball to the hotspot but kicks into the man on the mark, no score results. (Q3 15:49)
From the resultant rebound started by Shaw, Cameron marks a long Griffen pass at the Giant hotspot but he misses a pretty easy one. That sums up 2018! (Q3 16:47)
Himmelberg gives to Kelly who screws a hurried snap from 20m on the flank into the post. (Q3 17:49)
McDonald-Tipungwuti roves a pack at the hotspot and gives to Fantasia whose quick snap wobbles OOTF. (Q3 23:31)
Perryman’s tackle on Zaharakis after a stoppage at the hotspot goes around the neck, Zaka’s set shot goes into the post. (Q3 24:04)
McKenna gives to Fantasia who turns and runs to 45m on the flank but… kicks OOTF again. (Q3 25:58)
Stringer volleys a loose ball from 25m on the flank but across the face. (Q3 28:57)
Kelly storms around the wing in classic style and goes long, Cameron marks in front of Ambrose 40m out on the flank and steers through his second goal just before 3QT. (Q3 29:59)
Himmelberg gets a holding free on Ridley in a pack 40m out on the flank, but hits the post. (Q4 0:57)
Stewart marks a Bellchambers ball on the boundary 45m out, Tomlinson pushes him over late and gives away a 50m penalty to make a tough shot very easy, big goal. (Q4 5:42)
Fantasia bursts away from the next centre bounce with a bounce of his own, launches from 55m but shoots just wide. (Q4 6:45)
Fantasia has the ball again at half forward but this time passes, McKernan marks near the hotspot and makes no mistake with the set shot. Bombers surging to begin Q4! (Q4 7:46)
Again the Bombers stream forward from the next centre bounce, Merrett releases Zaharakis to run to 45m on a slight angle and steer through another one! Dons are on FIYAH! (Q4 9:13)
And again, Bellchambers sets up the next centre clearance, McKernan marks on the HFF but his set shot is wide and off hands for a behind. (Q4 9:53)
Baguley marks a Smith ball 20m out in front of Whitfield and kicks off junk time with his third major. (Q4 13:17)
Ward gives to Kelly in the pocket who screws a snap off his left around the corner from 30m, but wide. (Q4 15:18)
Ward passes to the lead of Buckley 45m out in the corridor who sails through a nice set shot. (Q4 17:43)
Whitfield runs through the centre and hits Himmelberg leading up the guts to 40m, but the Giant shanks it right. (Q4 19:56)
Baguley puts his body on the line in the pocket to set up a loose ball in the square for Stringer to volley home. (Q4 23:43)
Stringer brings the Don fans to their feet with a champagne footy goal from the HFF deep in garbage time. (Q4 26:41)
Heppell feeds Baguley for a flying snat from 35m on the flank but that sails wide. (Q4 28:13)

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