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Blog log from R8 of 2018: Collingwood vs Geelong

Blog log for Collingwood vs Geelong, R8 of 2018

Ablett passes short down the flank to Taylor 40m out, after Phillips turns the ball over on the wing by hand. Taylor misses. (Q1 3:14)
Mayne and Cunico go for the crumb to a Hoskin-Elliott contest 20m out, but the ball bounces off the shin of Mayne for a behind. (Q1 4:52)
Ablett shoots OOTF from a ball-in to the pocket. (Q1 8:00)
Thurlow does a one-two with Menegola in the centre and goes long to Ratugolea at the top of the square, but the ball pitches behind him and bounces through for the first goal! (Q1 9:14)
Dunn kicks short from the last line but Cunico chips in front of Varcoe to mark 25m out on the flank. He misses. (Q1 10:19)
Grundy roves in the BP but handballs to bare grass, too many Cats arrive, Ratugolea mops up and gives to Horlin-Smith who goals from 40m on the flank off a step. (Q1 12:36)
Hoskin-Elliott passes to Wells 45m out wide on the flank, a very rare Collingwood attack in a game played almost entirely in the Cat half. Wells misses. (Q1 18:30)
Cox drops Duncan after kicking inside 50, downfield free to Ratugolea deep in the pocket 25m out. Ratugolea shanks it wide. (Q1 21:05)
Wells passes to Phillips on the boundary 45m out, Bews gets there a tad late to smash him from behind to concede the 50m penalty to make a very tough shot very easy. (Q1 23:35)
Brown bounces a snap from the pocket across the face for a behind. (Q1 24:10)
Cox marks a Moore ball 45m out on a slight angle on a hard lead in front of Blicavs, after putting his knee into the back of Kelly. He gives off to Howe who misses. (Q2 2:59)
Kelly centres from the pocket to the fat side where Crameri marks 20m out on the flank, but Crameri misses. (Q2 5:00)
Hoskin-Elliott passes to Crocker to take a sharp one-grab mark with Smith on his hammer on the boundary 20m out. Crocker tries a checkside, but kicks OOTF. (Q2 6:56)
Ratugolea gets a soft free on Dunn for hands in the back 40m out on the flank, and just misses. (Q2 10:18)
Murdoch marks 50m out on the flank and decides to hit the square, the crumb falls to the front for Menegola but he snaps off the left boot into the post. (Q2 16:41)
De Goey wins a loose ball on the wing and punches a short pass to Brown 45m out on a slight angle. Brown tries a speculator that doesn’t work, though. (Q2 19:30)
Crameri roves a pack at the hotspot and rides a De Goey tackle to screw through a left foot snap. (Q2 23:14)
The Cats bundle the ball forward after the next centre bounce via Selwood, Duncan feeds Ablett for another big red time goal from the hotspot! (Q2 24:27)
Selwood misses from a stoppage at half forward after he contested the ruck. (Q3 2:46)
Sidebottom kicks to space on the HFF, Treloar is there first but has Blicavs on his hammer and misses from 45m. (Q3 3:39)
Treloar marks 45m out on the flank, his set shot falls near the line, Mayne’s snap is smothered but Phillips kicks while on the ground for a goal! (Q3 4:59)
Cox draws a contact free on Stewart 50m out on a slight angle, he goes to the pocket but Stewart marks in relief. (Q3 6:46)
Mayne spoils a Cunico ball to Selwood on the wing, De Goey marks in the pocket 20m out and kicks the turnover goal. Magpies suddenly back in it! (Q3 7:42)
Howe gets pinged for hands in the back to gift Dangerfield a set shot from 45m on a slight angle. Danger delivers a lovely set shot for the steadying goal. (Q3 9:29)
Menegola roves Grundy at a ball up at the Cat hotspot and snaps a goal off the left boot. (Q3 14:25)
Dangerfield spoils a kick in by Howe to Wells at the Cat hotspot, Menegola roves and screws through another one off the left with a nice straight bounce in the square. (Q3 16:30)
Selwood misses a quick snap off the left from 20m in the pocket after a ball up. (Q3 19:34)
De Goey draws two Cat defenders in the pocket and brings the ball to ground for Hoskin-Elliott to rove and goal from 15m. (Q3 22:13)
Mayne gives to Treloar for a running snap across the body from 50m on a slight angle, but it’s just wide. (Q3 23:39)
Murray passes to Crocker on the boundary 35m out. Crocker tries a set shot screwing ball, it falls in the square for Henry to rush. (Q3 25:56)
Varcoe feeds Crisp for a running shot from 50m on a slight angle, just misses. (Q3 26:48)
Sidebottom gives to Treloar who runs around the boundary to 35m and misses. (Q3 30:15)
Crameri roves the spillage of a Howe tackle on Murdoch in the pocket but misses off the left over his shoulder from 20m. (Q4 1:03)
Wells beats Kolodjashnij to a long Treloar ball to the pocket but rolls his snap across the face from 20m. (Q4 2:22)
Menegola marks a long Dangerfield ball from the wing to the hotspot in front of Stephenson for his third goal. (Q4 3:21)
De Goey misses on the run from 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 4:22)
Hoskin-Elliott passes to Wells 40m out on the flank on the end of a rebound attack around the outer wing, who just misses. (Q4 6:37)
Ratugolea rises majestically over a pack wide on the flank 40m out to clunk a long Blicavs ball. And he bangs through a big goal, probably the sealer given Collingwood’s accuracy. (Q4 10:52)
Murray goes long from midfield, Grundy brings the ball to ground but Hoskin-Elliott volleys into the post from 10m. (Q4 12:45)
Crisp leads Kelly on a win down the wing and goes long down the flank to Grundy 30m out who draws a holding free on Taylor for a fair dinkum bear hug. Grundy goals. (Q4 14:22)
Crisp snaps OOTF from a ball up 40m out on the flank. (Q4 23:07)

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