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Blog log from R9 of 2018: Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R9 of 2018

Betts roves a smothered ball on the boundary 50m out and skids through the first goal in driving rain. (Q1 1:23)
Dahlhaus does a one-two with Roughead outside CHF and pokes a touch pass over Atkins to Hunter 40m out on a slight angle. Hunter shanks it OOTF. (Q1 3:12)
Lynch misses from the hotspot after a stoppage. Very wet in Adelaide, no flow to the game. (Q1 17:22)
Richards gathers a loose ball on the HFF, runs clear to 40m near the boundary and goes long to the square but it’s over everyone for a behind. (Q1 21:43)
Daniel gives to Johannisen who has to checkside off a step under pressure from 20m on the flank, also wide. (Q1 22:13)
Fogarty gets a free on Cordy for contact over the shoulder in a marking contest 30m out on a slight angle and kicks a rare goal. (Q1 26:00)
Cordy shanks a kick from defensive hotspot straight to Lynch only a few yards away, Lynch waddles to space on the flank and hoofs through another one from 20m. (Q1 27:24)
Lipinski roves a pack at CHF after the first centre bounce of Q2 but snaps wide. (Q2 0:20)
Johannisen misses a quick mid-range snap. (Q2 8:17)
Bontempelli coughs the ball up by hand at CHB to Seedsman, who shoots wide. (Q2 10:21)
Wood is pinged for deliberate OOB on the HBF, the quick ball to the corridor is marked by Gibbs 40m out, whose set shot is off hands for a behind. (Q2 12:58)
Talia and Webb chase a loose ball 20m out from the Bulldogs goal, Talia chooses to go to ground and gives away a free for taking out Webb’s legs. Webb goals. (Q2 14:13)
Hunter gets a set shot 40m out in front but shoots wide. (Q2 20:33)
Gowers smothers Laird’s kick in, pack forms 20m out on the flank, Webb snaps wide under a tackle. (Q2 21:29)
Jenkins misses a set shot from CHF early in Q3. (Q3 0:21)
Poholke snaps the first goal of the second half from a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q3 3:05)
Bontempelli feeds Dahlhaus for a high kick to the square from half forward, Dale brings it to ground but a Crow ruck forms to reef it over for a rushed behind. (Q3 7:53)
Seedsman misses on the run from the HFF after a short run from congestion on the wing. (Q3 9:52)
Crozier dives on the ball as Gibbs is trying to soccer it and gives away a free for taking the legs out. But Gibbs misses from 20m on a slight angle. (Q3 12:30)
Betts gets a set shot on the boundary 35m out. The crowd gets excited, Eddie strides in and sails a drop punt straight through the hi-diddle-diddle! (Q3 14:53)
Johannisen roves a Boyd contest to a Wallis kick, runs onto his left boot and misses from 40m on the flank. (Q3 16:52)
Gibson gives to Murphy for a quick snap from hard in the pocket 20m out, that one is wide. (Q3 19:52)
Murphy draws a high contact free on Richards at a stoppage 25m out on the flank with a chicken wing move. He steers through the goal to the scoring end in constant rain. (Q3 24:20)
Johannisen gives to Dale who snaps from 40m on the flank, but it comes off the body of Laird for a behind. (Q3 26:21)
Jenkins gathers the first centre clearance of Q4 in the pocket and avoids Trengove long enough to roll through a nice finish from near the behind line. Put your glasses down. (Q4 0:49)
Williams gives to Suckling who snaps a trademark goal off a step from 40m on the flank. (Q4 6:01)
Gowers marks a Wood ball over Otten 35m out on the flank, but misses. (Q4 9:19)
Ellis-Yolmen intercepts a shank by Williams to the Crows HFF and goes quickly to Gallucci 40m out, who misses. (Q4 11:04)
Seedsman gathers a loose ball on the HFF and goes quickly to the square, but it’s off hands for a behind. (Q4 12:05)
Betts sails through his third goal in more conventional fashion from a set shot from 40m on a slight angle. It’s junk time now. (Q4 18:05)
Betts marks a Fogarty ball in the pocket 20m out after Fogarty had won his own footy and baulked clear on the HFF. Eddie steers through his fourth goal, the crowd is ecstatic! (Q4 19:50)
Dahlhaus marks 45m out on the flank, plays on but his shot is off hands for a point. (Q4 23:39)
Murphy receives outside a pack 25m out on the flank but rolls the snap wide off the left boot. (Q4 28:06)

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