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Blog log from R1 of 2018: Essendon vs Adelaide

Blog log for Essendon vs Adelaide, R1 of 2018

Parish is favoured by a chaos ball to the Dons hotspot, it opens up for him but he hurries a left foot snap wide. (Q1 2:49)
Heppell trips Seedsman running towards CHF, Seedsman gets up and plays on to advantage but misses from 45m. (Q1 3:13)
Fogarty marks a Hampton ball at CHF for the first goal with a lovely set shot finish. (Q1 4:46)
Stewart uses his body to get Kelly out of the way of a Langford ball to the hotspot for the first Bomber goal. (Q1 7:19)
McGrath snaps the second goal for Essendon from mid-range after Hooker feeds Parish for a kick to space. (Q1 11:34)
Zaharakis burns the ball off half back to Douglas and there are Crows everywhere, Betts has Hampton for the mark and goal from 15m on the flank. (Q1 13:27)
Stringer marks a Green ball on the lead ahead of Kelly 40m out near the boundary. The Package hits the post. (Q1 15:34)
Greenwood intercepts a McGrath handball on the wing, butters up and gives to Mackay who breaks at tackle then runs clear to 45m on the flank… bad miss. (Q1 19:06)
Gibbs marks 50m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q1 19:33)
The Dons apply forward pressure in the pocket after a Heppell chaos ball, resulting in Bellchambers being Johnny on the spot for a Crouch short kick to 40m on a slight angle: goal. (Q1 22:19)
Atkins shoots just wide from the HFF. (Q1 23:34)
Stewart is paid a questionable mark on the boundary 40m out from a Parish ball, he plays on and snaps a nice goal. (Q1 25:04)
Seedsman kicks long from the wing down the flank to the benefit of Jenkins to mark behind Brown, 50m for encroachment ensures the goal. (Q1 28:15)
Heppell passes from the wing over Hartigan to Hooker running with the flight to 40m on the flank. Hooker shoots OOTF. (Q2 0:37)
Consecutive contact frees in marking contests against Fogarty to Bellchamberts then against Jacobs to Daniher gives the latter his first goal from the top of the square. (Q2 2:35)
Hooker misses a snap from the pocket. (Q2 9:53)
Jenkins marks untouched after Betts bumps his man Brown off the fall of a Kelly ball to 25m on the flank. The Don crowd hoots as Jenkins goals. (Q2 12:01)
Langford gives to Parish at a stoppage 40m out on the flank, Parsih gets a snap off but he’s way off balance and it’s well wide. (Q2 15:49)
Goddard marks the kick in over a big pack and passes to Brown leading up the corridor, who goes to Green near the hotspot… but Green shanks a behind. (Q2 16:38)
Daniher has also had two snaps this quarter which didn’t score as he shanked them. (Q2 17:07)
Betts breaks a Saad tackle running the boundary but checksides wide from 20m. (Q2 18:47)
Heppell passes to Goddard 40m out on the flank, who also misses. (Q2 21:08)
Hampton runs to 50m on a fast break but doesn’t want to shoot, he goes too short and wide to Douglas who has to play on and miss from the HFF. (Q2 22:53)
Jenkins beats Brown to mark a high, hopeful Laird ball from the wing to the hotspot, but misses a relatively easy set shot. (Q2 23:53)
McKenna dives across the boot of Murphy to just get a little finger on a volley from the square to force a behind. (Q2 25:23)
McDonald-Tipungwuti is behind Brown on a fast break, Daniher gets it to him 25m out on the flank but Tippa is the latest Bomber to burn a decent chance. (Q2 28:08)
Jenkins gives to Gibbs for a snap off a standing start around the corner from 40m on a slight angle, that falls in for the first goal of Q3 to give the Crows a lead. (Q3 1:42)
Begley passes to Hooker’s lead and dive to 30m on a slight angle, he goals, Essendon back in front. (Q3 3:45)
Crows win the next centre bounce, the ball sits up at the hotspot for Gibbs who goals again! (Q3 4:48)
Hurley lets McGovern go to the front of a Jenkins contest near CHF and the crumb does fall for the Crow, he steadies and finishes with quality from 40m. (Q3 7:08)
Hurley is under pressure in the BP but his handball is terrible and bounces towards the line, Murphy gets a boot to it but Hartley’s hand is there too… ruled a goal. (Q3 10:08)
Hooker beats Hartigan to mark a long Saad ball 30m out on a slight angle. He boots his second goal. (Q3 12:08)
Fogarty takes a nice contested mark against Hartley on the HFF from an Ellis-Yolmen long ball down the wing, McGrath is pinged for encroachment to ensure the goal. (Q3 14:08)
Goddard passes low and hard to the lead of Daniher 40m out on a slight angle, Talia powerless to stop it. Daniher, who has been quiet, kicks his second goal. (Q3 16:21)
Parish goes long and high from the next centre bounce, Daniher flies over Hartigan to clunk it 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q3 18:08)
Ellis-Yolmen has Betts over the back on a fast break but Saad puts enough pressure on him to force a poster from 20m. (Q3 18:56)
The Saad kick in goes OOTF 25m out, Douglas screws through a nice finish. (Q3 20:23)
Zaharakis speeds away from congestion on the wing after a releasing handball by McDonald-Tipungwuti and goes over Jacobs to Stewart 40m out on the flank. Stewart misses. (Q3 21:53)
Jenkins marks an Ellis-Yolmen ball over Brown deep in the pocket 20m out. He hits the post. (Q3 25:53)
Greenwood snaps a nice goal with a rove and checkside from 35m on a slight angle after the kick in doesn’t clear the HBF. (Q3 27:08)
Atkins sharks a telegraphed Parish handball near the hotspot but there’s traffic about and he misses under pressure. (Q3 30:56)
Hurley passes to McDonald-Tipungwuti in the pocket 35m out, who shanks it OOTF. (Q3 32:39)
McDonald-Tipungwuti sets up Green for the first goal of Q4 from near the hotspot with a rove and lightning quick handball. (Q4 2:38)
Crouch gives out to Ellis-Yolmen after a stoppage in the pocket, he snaps on the turn from 20m and it’s good. (Q4 6:53)
Heppell passes form half forward to a short lead by Stewart from the square ahead of Doedee to 20m on a slight angle. Stewart kicks truly, three for him. (Q4 8:23)
Goddard snaps a close-range goal after a stoppage in the pocket. (Q4 10:09)
Daniher turns the ball over by hand on the HFF to start a fast break down members’ wing, but Douglas grubbers wide from 30m on the flank. (Q4 11:56)
Langford kicks high and ugly from midfield, it drops 40m out but Daniher makes it look good with a fabulous diving, juggling mark in front of Hartigan. But he misses the lot. (Q4 14:11)
Fogarty gives under pressure to McGovern who misses from 40m on the flank. (Q4 15:27)
McKenna runs away from Fogarty down the wing and kicks inside 50, it’s a bit ugly but lands in the hands of Stewart near the boundary 35m out… who misses. (Q4 17:53)
Sloane has Greenwood one out with McKenna at the hotspot on a fast break, McKenna does enough to spoil, Greenwood throws a boot at it but it dribbles wide. (Q4 19:35)
The umps haven’t given many frees tonight, but Green gets one for a slight jumper tug by Kelly 30m out on a slight angle. He boots goal number two, a kick in it with 6:19 to go. (Q4 20:23)
Green roves a Daniher contest at the same spot but his snap on the turn is wide this time. (Q4 21:55)
Hooker shows excellent bucket hands to mark a low ball in front of Talia 20m out in front, he goals, Dons in the lead with 3:58 to go! (Q4 23:53)
McGrath scoots away down the wing and goes to Stewart one out, he gathers his own crumb and gives to Begley who swings a boot at it from 40m… wobbles, bounces, through! (Q4 26:18)
Three minutes left at the next centre bounce, Stringer wins a free for high contact, long ball to the hotspot, Begley roves and misses under a tackle, 2:38. (Q4 27:48)
Kelly rebounds but his long kick down the wing is cut off, eventually a ball-in on centre wing, 2:14. (Q4 28:09)
Gibbs and Crouch combine for the clearance but Betts can’t mark, Hurley starts the rebound, it’s a slow play, Hooker inside 50, ball up at Don hotspot, 1:27. (Q4 29:08)
Smith misses from the stoppage, 1:10. (Q4 29:53)
McDonald-Tipungwuti forces a throw-in in the pocket as the Crows try to run out of defence, 1:03. (Q4 30:25)
Begley bounces a snap wide from near the behind post, 43 seconds left. (Q4 30:54)
Saad marks on the last line just before the final siren. (Full Time)

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