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Blog log from P2 of 2018: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Blog log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, P2 of 2018

Bugg marks near the hotspot and misses in the first minute. (Q1 1:01)
Petracca bumps off a lumbering Brown and runs into the open goal after a long bomb by Pedersen to the hotspot lands on the turf and rolls on. (Q1 3:31)
Membrey draws a free on Wagner at the top of the square for a charity goal, their first. (Q1 6:16)
Ross gives to Steven in a phonebox after a stoppage in the pocket, he snaps instinctively, it’s a wobbler but it’s good from 20m. (Q1 8:16)
Garlett roves a Fritsch contest in the pocket, breaks a tackle and hits the post. Good sign early for Jeffie. (Q1 10:48)
The Savage kick in to a pack on the Dees HFF is spoiled by Lever to Oliver who gives to Melksham for a snap from 45m near the boundary, that sails through. (Q1 11:31)
Melksham goals again from the HFF after another Saint turnover at half back. (Q1 13:46)
Hogan roves a contest near the hotspot and gives off, Bugg to Tyson who breaks a tackle and snaps truly. (Q1 15:16)
Garlett sharks a pressured Coffield handball in the pocket and bounces through another one from 20m. Ominous signs for the Saints, albeit they are kicking into a decent breeze. (Q1 17:01)
Gawn hits the post with a snap off a step from 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 18:23)
Membrey gathers at half forward, jinks and passes short to a leading Hickey 45m out on a slight angle. Hickey misses. (Q1 20:01)
Gawn gets caught under the ball and gets outmarked by Acres 40m out on a slight angle. Acres goals. (Q1 21:01)
Petracca centres under pressure from the pocket to the corridor and somewhat fortunately finds Vince 40m out, he goals. (Q1 23:51)
Fristch grubbers a goal from 20m to an empty square after a Hannan give, on the end of a rebound that included a couple of grubbers but was effective. (Q1 26:02)
Hogan draws a holding free on Savage at a stoppage at the Demon hotspot, he pops that one through too. Demons in control. (Q1 27:54)
Melksham marks on the HFF, has options inside but goes himself with the wind… wide. (Q1 29:46)
Brayshaw strips Sinclair in a tackle at the Saint hotspot but the ump says he held on too long, free to Sinclair and a much-needed goal on the QT siren. (Q1 32:54)
Dunstan marks at CHF, wheels and grubbers a chaos ball to the pocket, it bounces nicely to Gresham but he blazes away for a behind from 20m. (Q2 1:50)
Fristch makes a play on the HFF leading out in front of Geary, he kicks down the flank to 30m for Gawn to mark, and then miss. (Q2 3:32)
Salem roves a Fritsch contest 45m out on the flank and bounces through a quality finish off the left boot. (Q2 7:48)
Broken play at CHF for Melbourne, Oliver gets a chance for a snap off a step and roosts it through into the breeze. (Q2 10:18)
Gresham chases a spoil from the hotspot to the pocket, he gets this one on line from 15m with less pressure on. (Q2 19:03)
Petracca forces Newnes to turn the ball over by foot at half back with a bump, Vince passes to Oliver at the hotspot who boots his second major. (Q2 22:17)
Hannan takes out the legs of Webster on the wing, Newnes feeds Steven who launches from 50m on a slight angle, wide. (Q2 24:33)
Clark finally gets a snap on line for the Saints from near the hotspot after Gresham gathers a ground ball and evades an arm tackle by Frost for the give. (Q2 25:03)
Steele runs from the centre and bombs long to Bruce running back behind Frost to the hotspot for a mark and goal. (Q3 2:17)
Marshall marks near the behind post and centres but that doesn’t work, Hunter eventually breaks a tackle but misses. (Q3 4:22)
Steele to Billings to Gresham to Billings in midfield, long kick to an empty goalsquare for Sinclair to gather and goal. (Q3 10:18)
After a Hannan set shot miss from the hotspot, McCartin marks 45m out on the flank and doesn’t score. (Q3 15:48)
Sinclair turns outside a pack on the HFF and pokes a pass over it to Armitage 40m out, he kicks a goal. (Q3 17:05)
Bruce marks at the hotspot for his second goal of Q3, doing much better after a quiet first half. (Q3 20:23)
McCartin marks an Armitage ball in a pack 20m out on the flank and boots his first goal. (Q3 22:18)
Bruce marks 40m out on a slight angle and curves through his third goal of Q3. (Q3 23:54)
Marshall marks just on 50m on the flank and just misses. (Q3 26:21)
Bugg forces a cough up handball by Marshall in the Demon FP, Garlett roves and snaps truly. (Q3 29:48)
Petracca gathers a loose rebound ball on the HFF and pumps it back in, Brayshaw draws a rather soft free on Roberton 20m out for the first goal of Q4. (Q4 0:33)
Tyson catches Billings around the neck at a stoppage at the Saint hotspot, Billings converts with no problem. (Q4 2:33)
Savage drops a mark at half forward but there are a lot of Saints there, Coffield passes to McCartin on the boundary 30m out who doesn’t score. (Q4 6:00)
Brayshaw is in space in the pocket on a fast break for a long Bugg ball, he plays on after marking and goals from 15m. (Q4 7:17)
Marshall drops a sitter in the centre and the Demons pounce, Hogan finds Hannan in space on the HFF, he plays on and goals from 35m. (Q4 9:03)
Bugg is all by himself in the square for a Melksham ball from half forward with a key give by Hogan to set it up, he goals. (Q4 10:48)
Bruce juggles and marks a Newnes ball from the wing to 45m out on a slight angle, but he shoots OOTF. (Q4 14:18)
Stretch bobs up to mark unopposed in the pocket 20m out, but misses. (Q4 16:00)
Savage goals on the run from 55m on the flank to give the crowd something to cheer in junk time. (Q4 17:47)
Oliver gives to Bugg for a running snap from the hotspot that goes wide. (Q4 19:04)
Petracca roves a pack on the HFF and passes to Hunt in the corridor 40m out for a goal. (Q4 23:59)
McCartin roves and misses from the top of the square. (Q4 26:49)
Hogan is over the back for a long Fritsch ball to waltz into an open goal. (Q4 28:02)

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