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Blog log from P2 of 2018: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, P2 of 2018

Rohan gathers a Jack snap near the goalsquare, wheels and shoots but Shiel smothers and Davis rushes. (Q1 4:03)
Reid passes to the lead of Parker who draws a free for a push by Kelly. Parker boots the first goal from 30m on the flank. (Q1 8:17)
Rohan gives to Franklin who snaps off a step from 40m on a slight angle, it’s straight but touched off the boot for a behind. (Q1 10:49)
Jeremy Cameron hits the crumb from a contest on the HFF at speed and tries a left foot screw ball from 40m… just narrow. (Q1 12:32)
Towers passes to Jack who steers through his first goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 14:01)
Ward gives to Tiziani after the next centre bounce but the kid blazes OOTF from near CHF. (Q1 15:35)
Shaw zooms onto a loose ball on the HFF but is running sideways and can’t get his quick snap on line from 40m. (Q1 16:22)
Reid roves a Hayward contest to a Franklin ball on the HFF but misses from 45m. (Q1 16:47)
Shiel dumps a kick from a ball up at the Swan hotspot to CHB but straight to Marsh who sails it back over his head for a nice goal. (Q1 18:17)
Hayward beats Whitfield to a crumb on the wing, runs to 40m on a slight angle and slots a nice goal. (Q1 19:41)
Whitfield turns the ball over at half back to Parker, whose set shot from 50m doesn’t make the distance. (Q1 21:10)
Shiel bursts from a pack on the wing and has Cameron running to the hotspot with Robinson, spoil goes to ground but Mills barrels in to give away a high contact free, goal Jezza. (Q1 22:57)
Greene marks just before the QT siren for a set shot from 40m in the corridor, which he misses. (Qtr Time)
Cunningham passes to a short lead by Hayward to CHF on a slow play after the first centre bounce of Q2. Hayward misses. (Q2 1:09)
Jeremy Cameron passes to Lloyd on the boundary 45m out, who misses. (Q2 2:22)
Papley catches Tiziani high 55m out on a slight angle, the kid misses. (Q2 3:36)
Whitfield is on the end of a scrappy but effective chain of play started by Shaw on the wing and based on hard work in tight by Greene, he goals from 35m on the flank. (Q2 7:49)
Florent passes short to Jack from CHF to the flank 25m out, after a set up kick by Heeney from the wing. Jack goals. (Q2 10:54)
Himmelberg intercepts a pressured Stoddart rebound kick to 45m on a slight angle, and sails through a lovely set shot. (Q2 15:10)
Ward passes to Langdon 40m out on the flank, who just misses. (Q2 19:10)
Coniglio gives to Himmelberg for a screwing snap under pressure from near the hotspot, but he misses. (Q2 19:53)
Himmelberg marks on the boundary, plays on and hits de Boer with a low bullet to the hotspot for a goal. (Q2 22:25)
Shaw is pinged for an arm chop on Towers just before the HT siren. Towers lines up from 35m on the flank, and shoots across the face for no score. (Q2 27:40)
Reid marks the first centre clearance of Q3 by Darcy Cameron to 40m on a slight angle for a quick goal. (Q3 0:42)
Reid marks against much the same sort of spot, and repeats the dose. Marsh with the goal assist pass on that one. (Q3 2:12)
Poor old Finlayson gets destroyed for a third time by Reid in a marking contest 45m out on a slight angle. Reid misses that one. (Q3 4:22)
Smith is pinged for deliberate OOB 20m out, Himmelberg takes the free and checksides it across the face. (Q3 9:28)
Davis and Franklin wrestle under a long ball near the top of the square, Buddy gets the free and checksides it wide from 15m. (Q3 11:53)
Jack gets a free at a stoppage then the benefit of a 50m penalty against Shiel for timewasting to take him from the wing to the hotspot for an easy goal. (Q3 17:08)
Green feeds Lloyd for a running snap from the hotspot after the next centre bounce, that just scrapes inside the right goalpost. (Q3 17:55)
Kennedy marks a short Franklin ball just inside 50m on a slight angle and roosts the set shot over the goal line. (Q3 21:33)
Melican spoils Cameron but the crumb falls towards the hotspot where a few Giants lurk, Cameron gets it back from Himmelberg and fends Melican off to roll it through. (Q3 24:58)
Jeremy Cameron dives in front of Melican and marks 35m out on the flank, then shoots straight as a die. (Q3 27:32)
Greene roves a long centre clearance to the hotspot and plays on to advantage for a free on Marsh to Jeremy Cameron, his snap rolls through as well. (Q3 28:27)
Patton marks and converts from 20m out in the pocket after good pack work up the ground by Ward. (Q4 1:51)
Haynes passes short to Jeremy Cameron 40m out on the flank after the Giants swarm the rebounders on the wing. Cameron misses. (Q4 5:23)
Himmelberg marks on the boundary 40m out and misses. (Q4 7:14)
Coniglio speeds away from a stoppage on the wing and goes long to the hotspot, Jeremy Cameron blind turns and marks… then goes short to Ward who hits the post. (Q4 8:56)
Parker beats Ward to juggle a mark from a Jack ball to the top of the square for a goal to level the scores. (Q4 15:02)
Franklin marks strongly in front of Finlayson and puts the Swans a goal in front from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 17:14)
Towers roves a Franklin contest at gives to Jack whose skidder goes wide from 40m. (Q4 20:33)
Shipley is pinged for running too far 45m out from the Swans goal, credit to Franklin for the pressure. Bud seals the deal with his second goal. (Q4 22:00)
Patton marks at the hotspot and misses with 2:30 left. (Q4 25:15)
Jeremy Cameron gathers a bouncing Patton ball at the hotspot and snaps on the turn… into the base of the goalpost. (Q4 26:59)

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