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Blog log from P1 of 2018: Gold Coast vs Geelong

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Geelong, P1 of 2018

Day passes to Lynch in the pocket for the first goal from 20m, to light applause from the Townsville crowd. (Q1 0:53)
Day bounces a long snap from half forward across the face for a behind. (Q1 2:08)
Kolodjashnij gives Cam Guthrie a hospital ball on the HBF, Weller pounces and passes to Young 40m out in front for the turnover goal. (Q1 6:50)
Miers is playing in front of Joyce to mark a short clearance kick by Gregson from a stoppage on the HFF down the line to 30m out. He boots the first Geelong goal. (Q1 8:57)
Hall snaps off a standing start from outside CHF and clears a crowded forward line for an excellent finish. (Q1 11:09)
Ainsworth roves a Martin contest at the hotspot and gives to Lemmens who shrugs off a tackle with strength and snaps truly. (Q1 14:05)
Kelly is caught high by Thompson wide on the flank 30m out, but shoots across the face. (Q1 15:59)
Thurlow turns the ball over by hand on the wing to Day, but the eventual set shot by Sexton from 25m on the flank is a miss. (Q1 20:10)
Lynch marks deep in the pocket 20m out and misses everything with an errant checkside. (Q1 21:24)
Brodie gives to Ainsworth for a hurried snap off a step from 30m on the flank, that’s narrow as well. (Q1 22:25)
Gregson marks 40m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score, OOTF. (Q2 2:03)
Actually, Nicholls was pinged for OOTF on that Gregson set shot as he fumbled the mark onto his boot and over. Menzel takes the free and screws it home from 20m. (Q2 2:48)
Parsons volleys home the crumb from a Buzza contest at the top of the square, after Kelly and Jones were involved in the build up. (Q2 4:31)
Sexton gets a free on Cunico at a ball in in the pocket, but shoots wide from 20m. (Q2 6:18)
Mennzel wins a loose footy on the wing but turns it over by hand, MacPherson hits Sexton 40m out in front for the turnover goal. (Q2 9:23)
Lynch does a one-two in a phonebox with MacPherson for a pressured snap from 20m on the flank, but it’s narrow. (Q2 15:07)
Kelly marks in front of Hanley on the wing, turns and hits Jones 40m out on the flank on a switch play from defence. Jones misses. (Q2 20:32)
Witts clears from the first centre bounce of Q3, Hanley gives to Fiorini who bombs long from 50m on a slight angle for a nice goal. (Q3 0:54)
Stewart is pinged for a hold on Holman as the latter leads near CHF, he repeats the dose for his first goal. (Q3 1:32)
Sexton roves a long ball to a pack at half forward, he also goes long and strong for another one! Raining goals at Townsville. (Q3 3:19)
Hawkins gets a holding free on Thompson near the hotspot and shanks it badly for a behind. (Q3 4:49)
Jake Kolodjashnij spoils Young then beats Young to the crumb which fell towards the goalsquare to rush it. (Q3 5:58)
Hawkins passes to Ratugolea leading to the pocket 25m out, but the Rat kicks OOTF. (Q3 6:42)
Hawkins blazes wide from the pocket. (Q3 9:23)
Menegola marks 45m out on a slight angle and just misses. (Q3 10:02)
Lemmens receives from Holman snaps a goal from the hotspot on the end of a lackadaisical attack down members wing with Day providing a contest on the HFF. (Q3 15:39)
Ratugolea has a mid-range snap touched off the boot for a point. (Q3 17:10)
Hall wins the ball in a scrum in the centre and scrambles a kick to Ainsworth in the clear 40m out in front, he turns and shoots wide. (Q3 18:19)
Gregson misses a snap from the HFF. (Q3 20:11)
Bowes catches Thurlow HTB on the HFF, his long ball to the square is roved by Sexton who gives to Miller for a centring ball to Fiorini for the goal from 20m. (Q3 20:53)
Holman goes long from the HFF to Day at the hotspot against three Cats, Day draws a free for a push playing in front for his first goal. (Q3 23:32)
Sexton goes long after the first centre bounce of Q4 but it’s off Lynch’s hands for a behind. (Q4 0:24)
Ratugolea leads and marks at 50m on a slight angle, then kicks over the pack on the line for his first goal in Cat colours. (Q4 2:55)
Parsons misses from the pocket after Jones gets buffeted off the crumb from a Menzel contest. (Q4 5:58)
Witts juggles and marks in a pack near the boundary 35m out, but doesn’t score. (Q4 7:40)
Hall, who has had an excellent game running both ways, receives outside a stoppage on the HFF and checksides a goal from 35m in front. (Q4 9:13)
Ratugolea feeds Menzel for a snap around the corner off the left from the hotspot that screws wide. (Q4 14:19)
Brodie roves and misses from the HFF. (Q4 22:04)

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