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Blog log from P1 of 2018: Brisbane vs Sydney

Blog log for Brisbane vs Sydney, P1 of 2018

Franklin snaps the first goal from the pocket after a give by Heeney. (Q1 1:09)
Mayes misses a long snap from half forward. (Q1 3:24)
Aliir marks in defence but his decision to play on is poor as two Lions are right there, Taylor takes the HTB free but misses from 40m. (Q1 6:00)
Christensen pleases the fans with a dribbler from 25m after McStay fights on at ground level after Rampe spoils him at the hotspot. (Q1 11:01)
Mathieson gets a high tackle free on Lloyd on the HFF and gives to Rayner who misses. (Q1 16:23)
Lester bombs long to Cameron one out, but he’s too busy wrestling and the ball pitches and rolls wide for a behind. (Q1 17:51)
The Swans go coast to coast and it’s the other Cameron, Darcy, who marks in front of Witherden 40m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q1 18:50)
Reid feeds Papley for a goal from 20m after Franklin beats Andrews one out. (Q1 21:06)
Keays misses a flying snap from the pocket. (Q1 21:55)
Hipwood puts the Lions back in front from a close range set shot. (Q1 23:36)
Reid has a set shot after the QT siren on the boundary 30m out and squeezes it through. (Qtr Time)
Reid drops a long Florent set shot that falls in the square, the ball dribbles for a behind. (Q2 1:31)
Reid is behind the Lions defence for a long ball down the flank to 20m, he marks and… shanks it for a behind. (Q2 2:44)
Franklin receives and grubbers a goal from 20m after a contest by Fox and lightning give by Rohan. (Q2 4:58)
Franklin marks outside 50m on the flank and misses. (Q2 8:41)
Franklin has another go from outside 50m on a slight angle after a tunnelling free against Andrews, this one falls just the right side of the line for a goal. (Q2 12:19)
Stoddart misses a long snap. (Q2 13:55)
Franklin passes to Rose near the hotspot for another one. (Q2 18:56)
Florent marks after the Swans flip it about like the Harlem Globetrotters at half forward, but he kicks into the man on the mark just before the HT siren sounds. (Q2 22:56)
Martin gets a 50m penalty after a stoppage to put him 40m out in front, but he misses. (Q3 1:32)
Papley converts a set shot from 35m on a slight angle. The game has deteriorated from an already poor standard. (Q3 10:20)
Rohan drops a sitter at the hotspot, butters up and misses. (Q3 15:26)
Papley intercepts 30m out on a slight angle from the shanked Witherden kick in, he boots his third goal. (Q3 15:52)
Franklin marks over Andrews at the top of the square for his fourth major, it’s a bit of a training drill. (Q3 17:14)
Keays gives to Taylor for a running miss from the HFF. (Q4 0:23)
Kennedy centres to Reid 40m out on a slight angle for a goal, his second. (Q4 4:32)
Rohan passes to Rose 40m out in the corridor, who kicks straight as well. (Q4 5:45)
Witherden spoils a long Papley ball to Hewett in the square but then catches him a little high to concede the free and junk time goal. (Q4 8:36)
Cameron marks a Stoddart ball next to the behind post and hits the far goalpost. (Q4 12:00)
Rose takes a deliberate rushing free and converts. (Q4 14:31)
Keays picks up a hot footy in a big scramble at the top of the square and snaps truly. (Q4 17:16)
Parker goals from the hotspot after another kick in turnover by Witherden. (Q4 21:27)
Keays snaps his second goal from the HFF after a rare coast to coast rebound by the Lions, the last goal assist pass coming from Walker. (Q4 24:16)
Hipwood has a speculator from 60m near the point of the centre square, no one in the goalsquare and it skids home. (Q4 25:05)
Kennedy misses a mid-range snap. (Q4 26:00)

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