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Blog log from R23 of 2017: Sydney vs Carlton

Blog log for Sydney vs Carlton, R23 of 2017

Kurt Tippett contests the throw in against Kreuzer. He forces the ball to the deck and then hooks it across his body. No one is on the goal line and it bounces through! (Q1 2:02)
Jones streams off the half back flank and sends it to the leading Franklin. Lance marks ahead of Jones and notches the major from 50 out, directly in front! (Q1 4:13)
McVeigh intercepts within the attacking arc as the Swans continue their onslaught. The veteran shoots from 40 on the slight, missing to the left hand side. (Q1 7:34)
Hewett reads the Kreuzer tap as the Swans enjoy a stoppage deep in their forward pocket. George attempts the snap shot from the sharp angle, missing to the near side. (Q1 12:02)
Newman sends it inside the attacking arc after intercepting the Armfield mistake. Nic finds Reid unopposed and Sam nails the set shot from 30 on the slight angle! (Q1 17:08)
Curnow flies for the grab as the Blues enjoy a rare foray forward. Murphy crumbs and flicks to Boekhorst. Blaine receives and threads it through from close range! (Q1 27:03)
Lloyd receives out of the stoppage and immediately sets sights on goal. He bounces it through but a score review has been called for to see if it hit the post.Decision is a behind. (Q2 2:01)
Rohan takes the advantage after Jack was infringed in the stoppage. Gary chips the pass and Franklin takes the lead up mark. The former Hawk nails the shot from 45 on the flank! (Q2 5:08)
Jones, Hewett and Franklin combine as the Swans move it from half back to scoring range with efficient use of the ball. Lance marks and kicks his third from 40 on the sharp angle! (Q2 7:23)
Kreuzer wins the stoppage with the follow up effort, ghosting ahead of Mills after the ruck contest. Matt spins on a dime and whacks it through from 25! (Q2 12:34)
The Blues win the resultant stoppage and the ball is sent long to Curnow. Charlie flies and brings it to ground level. Thomas gathers the crumb, missing from 35 to the right. (Q2 12:42)
Armfield receives through the corridor of the Sydney Cricket Ground and launches out the back. Curnow finds it out the back and soccers it through from close range! (Q2 15:16)
Boekhorst marks in the corridor and receives a 50 metre penalty after Franklin ran through the protected area. Blaine lines up from 40 out and whacks it through! (Q2 19:04)
The Swans win it from the resultant stoppage and Towers is the man on the end of it. The makeshift ruck shoots from 55 and just kicks the wrong side of the post. (Q2 19:34)
Casboult takes the lead up grab via the Weitering kick as the Blues continue to cut the margin. Levi lines up from 40 on the flank and he splits the middle! (Q2 22:47)
Kennedy wins it from the stoppage, deep in the forward pocket of the ground. The former Hawk throws it on the boot with a low snap, thudding his effort into the post. (Q2 28:34)
Franklin leads Jones out to the pill and sends it over his head, finding Heeney with a laser pass. Isaac goes over the top to the largely unsighted Hayward. Will goals on HT! (Half Time)
Towers gains the ball from the stoppage and clears it forward. Heeney gets on the end of the kick, marking unattended 40 out from goal. He hits the post from the flank. (Q3 2:01)
Mills takes the intercept mark as the Swans force the Blues into the quick hazardous clearance. Callum duly dabs the pass to Hayward and Will nails the set shot from 40! (Q3 6:09)
Franklin manages to kick one of the more flukey goals of the season. He drops the mark in the contest between Jones, but the ball clips the back of his calf and bounces through! (Q3 8:39)
The Blues force it forward from the resultant stoppage. The Swans mop up but Boekhorst intercepts the imprecise pass. Blaine throws boot to ball and nabs his third from 45! (Q3 9:55)
Pickett gains the ground ball and spins out of trouble, demonstrating his fleet foot skills. He whacks it from outside the arc and sends it to the left hand side for a minor. (Q3 12:11)
Rohan sends the low dart to the leading Franklin and Lance marks ahead of Jones. He has played in front all day and the decision has paid dividends. He hits the post from 45. (Q3 13:28)
Boekhorst clobbers into McVeigh in the marking contest and the veteran receives the free. Jarryd shoots from the paint of the arc and hits the post. (Q3 14:12)
Franklin launches out the back and Rohan leads Armfield to the pill. Gary soccers it Home from close range and ends up over the fence, his speed getting the better of him. (Q3 18:22)
Wright is active around the ball, gaining possession in the heat of the contest and receiving the free for high contact from Sinclair. The former Crow hits the post from 30. (Q3 18:55)
Wright wins the ball on the wing and urgently paces towards goal. He finds Pickett on the lead ahead of Rampe. The former Giant splits the middle from 50 on the flank! (Q3 20:25)
Sinclair knocks the ball forward from the forward 50 stoppage. Franklin hits the stoppage at pace and runs away with ball in hand. Lance nabs his fifth from 35! (Q3 22:25)
Jones kicks long to the isolated contest between Jones and Franklin, Lance holding ground to take the grab. The former Hawk shoots from 40 on the flank and kicks another! (Q3 23:25)
The Blues win it from the resultant stoppage and send it deep forward. The turnover is forced with tackle pressure and Curnow makes no mistake from close range! (Q3 25:15)
Newman kicks to the isolated contest between Rohan and Boekhorst. Gary throws his undersized counterpart out of the way, taking the simple grab. He converts truly from 25! (Q3 27:25)
Franklin forces the turnover, tackling Thomas who immediately sought relief with the boundary line. Hayward takes the kick and duly converts with the snap shot from the pocket! (Q3 30:10)
The Swans have the first of the fourth inside 31 seconds! Franklin flicks it over Kreuzer out the back. Kennedy runs onto it and hammers it home from close range! (Q4 0:53)
Jones knocks the ball out of bounds with intention and Franklin receives the free. Lance lines up from 30 out on the boundary and squeezes it through! Number seven up for Lance! (Q4 4:13)
Curnow takes another contested grab, demonstrating his supreme marking talent. Charlie takes the set shot from 45 on the flank and he misses to the near side. (Q4 6:36)
Jack sends the classic up and under to the hotspot and Heeney flies highest in the four strong pack. Isaac shoots from close range and slams it straight through the middle! (Q4 9:38)
Rohan drives the unaware Docherty into the turf, making him chomp down some SCG turf as the free is paid. Gary whacks it home with the snap from deep in the pocket! (Q4 13:13)
The Swans win the clearance and Franklin takes another lead up grab ahead of Jones. Lance slams home his eighth major from 45 on the flank! (Q4 15:13)
Zac Jones gains another score assist launching to the isolated contest between Franklin and Docherty. Predictably he takes the grab, converting truly from 40 on the slight! (Q4 18:28)
Franklin wins it at ground level and moves it wide to the run of Newman. Nic cuts inside and snaps truly from 35! The procession continues! (Q4 21:09)
LANCE BUDDY FRANKLIN has goal number 10! He reads it off the pack and in the blink of an eye he has it on the boot. Through it sails from 45 on the flank! (Q4 21:58)
Wright throws it on his boot out of traffic, sending through a minor score as the besieged Blues gain a rare chance to score. (Q4 25:42)
Newman whacks it out the back and incredibly Franklin takes the uncontested mark. Lance shoots from 25 on the sharp angle and misses to the near side with the banana. (Q4 30:13)

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