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Blog log from R23 of 2017: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R23 of 2017

Bastinac catches Thomas high in a pack 25m out on the flank, but LT misses. (Q1 1:02)
Brown taps a loose ball to Higgins outside a pack at the top of the square, but the left foot snap around the corner from 20m is wide. (Q1 2:08)
Cunnington is the next Roo to miss with a snap, this time from 30m on the flank after a kick in to a contest. (Q1 2:08)
Higgins picks up a loose ball and has a ping off a step from true CHF, also wide. (Q1 3:04)
Rockliff is Johnny on the spot for a quick Zorko kick from the HFF to the square to mark in front of Tarrant for the first goal. (Q1 4:38)
Goldstein feeds Higgins to bomb long from the next centre bounce, the crumb falls to the back for Durdin to volley through from the square! (Q1 5:45)
Atley roves a Thompson inside 50 ball to the hotspot, breaks a tackle but pokes wide. (Q1 7:41)
Gibson picks up a loose ball at the hotspot at full pace but his snap across the body is sprayed wide. (Q1 8:24)
The Lions go coast to coast from the kick in up the guts, Cox gives to Rockliff for the goal from the pocket 15m out. (Q1 8:50)
Clarke gives to McDonald in a phonebox, he gets tackled in the pocket 20m out and shoots well wide. (Q1 11:19)
Cunnington marks 35m out on a slight angle but also misses, that was the easiest of the lot so far. (Q1 15:22)
Claye Beams marks on the HFF on a fast break, he has brother Dayne running free to the square to mark and play on into the open goal. Another counterattack goal for Brisbane. (Q1 16:41)
McDonald gives to Higgins outside a pack on the HFF, he has a moment to measure the right foot snap across the body from 40m… OOTF. That sort of day for North so far. (Q1 19:11)
Zorko catches Gibson HTB on the HFF and goes to the pocket for Close to mark 25m out near the boundary. Close delivers a nice screwing set shot for the goal. (Q1 21:27)
Claye Beams is outside a pack at the top of the square to receive from Lester and run into the open goal. Credit to Dayne Beams for tackling Mountford to force a spillage. (Q1 24:16)
Rich intercepts at half back to start a rebound on the switch, Close marks 45m out on a slight angle but doesn’t score. (Q2 2:33)
Hrovat finally gets a set shot on line for the Kangaroos, after Atley roves a Brown smother on a Taylor ball in midfield and passes to 40m. (Q2 7:28)
Barrett marks on the boundary 20m out and just misses with a drop punt. (Q2 8:58)
Turner marks a short Hrovat ball in the pocket and centres quickly for Brown to mark near the hotspot for his first goal. (Q2 10:44)
Anderson picks up a loose ball in traffic and snaps quickly from near the hotspot, but slaps the turf with his hand as it went well wide. (Q2 14:58)
Again the Lions go coast to coast from the kick in, McDonald concedes 50m on the wing by holding Claye Beams after a mark. Beams lines up from 40m on a slight angle, and misses. (Q2 15:32)
Cox crumbs his own contest on the wing and scoots away from Mullett with flashy pace, he hits Dayne Beams 45m out on a slight angle. Beams misses. (Q2 19:13)
Gardiner gives to Rich 55m out in front, he has a moment so you know he’s going to shoot… just wide. (Q2 20:43)
Higgins boots a very impressive goal after extracting from a pack following a ball up 40m out on a slight angle and snapping over the left shoulder. (Q2 25:29)
Brown gives North the lead with a set shot from the flank after Atley passes inside 50 from the wing. (Q2 27:44)
Brown kicks the first goal of Q3 to extend the Roo lead. (Q3 2:04)
Simpkin gives the Roo fans more to smile about with a baulk and snap for a goal from the HFF from 40m. (Q3 4:19)
Thomas roves a Hrovat contest from a long Clarke ball and runs into the open goal. (Q3 5:19)
McStay intercepts in the BP but centres to the hotspot where he misses Taylor and hits Goldstein for the turnover goal. (Q3 7:49)
Clarke rolls a behind after roving on the HFF. (Q3 9:34)
Close marks a McStay ball 15m out on the flank but sprays it horribly for a behind. (Q3 11:35)
North’s turn to go coast to coast for a goal after Close stuffs up what should have been an easy one from the square, Brown rolls it through from the hotspot. (Q3 13:54)
Rockliff runs away from a ball up in the centre and lets fly from 55m on a slight angle to an empty square… drifts wide. (Q3 16:25)
Mullett runs from the last line but handballs straight to Zorko who strolls into the open goal. Oh dear. (Q3 16:25)
Anderson gets a goal from close range after a feed by Turner at a ball up 20m out. (Q3 19:39)
Higgins slams through another one from the Roos from the HFF, another centre clearance and score for them. Full value for them now. (Q3 21:20)
Brown marks a Durdin ball from the HFF to the top of the square, more pain for the Lions as he boots goal number five. (Q3 24:00)
Barrett roves a pack near the hotspot and gives to McCluggage who goals. (Q3 27:57)
A lull as McKay is stretchered off. (Q3 28:44)
Hrovat coughs the ball up by hand at half back to Rich who just misses a quick snap. (Q3 35:04)
Rich marks a very high Witherden speculator 45m out on the flank and sails through a trademark finish of high quality. (Q3 36:25)
Thomas roves and goals from a ball up at the top of the square. (Q4 2:17)
Witherden puts the full stop on an excellent debut season with a snap goal from true CHF, after a give by Gardiner. (Q4 4:17)
Rich has a ping from the same spot but misses. (Q4 5:22)
Brown gets a downfield free in the pocket after McDonald is caught high by Robertson, and screws through his sixth goal. (Q4 7:57)
Brown marks on the boundary 20m out and checksides goal number seven, his career best. (Q4 9:49)
Anderson roves a Brown contest and snaps wide from 20m. (Q4 11:02)
Hansen is pinged for an off the ball incident at the top of the Lion golasquare, Lester staggers away in hands of trainers, Zorko takes the free and goal. (Q4 14:13)
Turner gets a garbage time goal from 20m after Cox turns the ball over at half back. (Q4 15:57)
Thomas marks at the hotspot for some more junk. (Q4 16:50)
Cunnington gets a garbage goal from a pack on the HFF 40m out. (Q4 19:35)
Mathieson marks a Claye Beams ball 45m out on the flank, he gets some rubbish. (Q4 20:49)
Zorko misses Rockliff on a fast break with a long ball from CHF to the square, the ball bounces wide for a point. (Q4 23:34)
After Martin catches Dumont HTB on the wing, McCluggage passes short to Rockliff 40m out on a slight angle who misses. (Q4 25:51)
Hrovat roves a Brown contest 40m out near the boundary and bounces it across the face. (Q4 27:19)
McCluggage burns the footy trying to run out of defence but Brown hits the post under no pressure from 20m. (Q4 27:19)
Close passes to McCluggage 40m out in the corridor, who misses. (Q4 27:19)
Brown marks an errant Goldstein snap in the pocket and misses from 20m just before the final siren. (Q4 27:19)

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