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Blog log from R19 of 2017: North Melbourne vs Melbourne

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Melbourne, R19 of 2017

The Roos are enjoying a very strong wind assistance in this first term. Making the most of it appears to be vital. (Q1 4:04)
Garner gathers off the deck as the wind drops the ball short from the boundary throw in. Taylor shoots from the sharp angle and misses to the near side. (Q1 7:12)
Daw takes a huge mark over the top of the undersized Jetta. Majak thumps it to the hot spot and the everywhere man, Waite, gathers and goals from close range! (Q1 8:33)
Garlett wraps McDonald up in the strong tackle as the rebounder attempted to pace away. The decision is duly awarded and the former Blue goals from 25! (Q1 16:02)
Watts demonstrated his superior strength to push Mullett off the ball in the one on one. He flicked to the onrushing Garlett and Jeff goals from close range! (Q1 18:17)
The Roos have the quick reply! Waite darts the pass from the centre square to the unmarked Swallow. Andrew marks inside 50 as the Dees left him unmarked. He converts from 45! (Q1 20:02)
Waite launches to the top of the square after Jetta loses in an undersized contest once more. Jarrad drops it short and Brown marks in the five strong pack. Ben goals! (Q1 21:47)
Atley darts the pass to the Brown/Jetta matchup and the predictable result occurs. Jetta has found himself in some odd matchups. Brown converts from 40 out, directly in front! (Q1 26:27)
Garner thuds it from the boundary into the corridor after the Tyson turnover. Higgins takes the mark over Jetta. Shaun misses from 35 post siren, much to the relief of Neville. (Qtr Time)
The Roos have the first of the second term, against the wind, within the first 25 seconds! Higgins flicks over the top to the speeding Brown. Ben receives and goals! (Q2 0:56)
Garner, playing in defence this term, is wrapped up by Oliver and the decision is paid the youngsters way. Clayton takes the set shot from 35 and splits the middle! (Q2 3:56)
Make that two in a minute for the red, white and blue! Melksham receives outside the arc as the Dees relentless pressure forces the turnover. Jake goals from 55! (Q2 6:11)
Tyson launches to the hotspot and McDonald, of the TOm variety, loses Nielson on the lead and takes the grab. Tom shoots from 30 out, directly in front, and misses. (Q2 9:09)
The Kangaroos grab a precious goal against the wind. Hrovat wins it ahead of Salem, flicks off to Simpkin and Jy demonstrates his class with a one step 45 metre goal! (Q2 12:11)
Tyson marks in between the arc and centre square as Harmes provides the assisting pass from the wing region. Dom launches for home and scores a minor, the distance of no concern. (Q2 13:42)
This time the throw in goes too far, missing everyone and bouncing out the back to Melksham. Jake spins and snaps truly! Perhaps one of the more lucky goals you’ll witness. (Q2 15:59)
Hibberd launches to the Mountford/Garlett and Jeff takes the diving mark. The former Blue shoots from 35 on the slight, missing to the near side via the set shot. (Q2 17:12)
Gibson produces the no luck kick out of defence and, perhaps predictably, hits the chest of a counterpart. Salem drops his shot short and Hogan volleys the goal from point blank! (Q2 20:12)
Dumont dabs it out of the defensive 50 stoppage and Hunt takes the intercept mark a step inside the arc. A predictable play that is allowed to eventuate. Jayden goals from 50! (Q2 29:02)
The Demons pace out of the resultant stoppage through Petracca and Christian lasers it into the arms of the leading T.McDonald. Tom shoots and goals from 50 on the slight! (Q2 30:12)
A level ball game with 90 seconds left to half time. Sixty seconds later and you’re staring at a two goal deficit. Red time proving vital once again. (Q2 30:27)
Melksham throws it on the boot out of the forward stoppage. His bouncing effort scores a minor as the Roos seek the comfort of the half time siren. (Q2 31:57)
Atley receives out the back and has the ability to run into the open goal as the Roos gain the first chance of the second half. Extraordinarily Shaun misses to the left from 15. (Q3 2:07)
Higgins, Gibson and Brown link with Sam sending a tumbler onto the chest of the leading Brown. Ben shoots from 35 out, directly in front, and sends it through! (Q3 8:54)
McDonald kicks an extraordinary goal as the wind catches the pill! Luke receives through the corridor from Brown and launches from 65, bouncing it through! (Q3 11:38)
Lewis produces a terrible turnover through the corridor from defence. Dumont pounces and flicks to Thompson. Scott unloads from the arc and thumps it through the big sticks! (Q3 13:14)
Harmes gathers the loose pill as the Demons enjoy a rare foray forward. James shoots from deep in the forward pocket with chase pressure, missing to the near side. (Q3 15:23)
Brown receives a free kick for illegal contact in the marking contest against Frost. Ben lines up the set shot from 55 on the flank. He misses to the near side. (Q3 20:08)
Garner streams out of the forward stoppage with ball in hand. Taylor heads to deep in the forward pocket but manages to hook his effort onto the post. (Q3 25:05)
Petracca to Harmes as the Dees break down the Roos ball use across the half forward line. James receives and shoots to an unguarded goal. It bounces through for a minor score. (Q3 30:07)
North Melbourne perhaps require a bigger lead heading into three quarter time of this wind dictated battle. With one straight kick in it, it’ll be an intriguing last term. (3 Qtr Time)
Melbourne have tied the match within the first minute of play. Jetta marks on the wing, paces into the corridor and thumps it to Garlett. Jeff marks out the back and goals! (Q4 1:23)
Hrovat dabs to the leading Brown. Hibberd slips over at the inopportune time and Ben marks uncontested. He flicks off to Higgins and Shaun goals from 25! (Q4 2:48)
Tyson, Kennedy-Harris and Garlett combine deep in the forward pocket out of the stoppage. Jeff attempts the banana but bounces it to the far side. (Q4 5:19)
Tom McDonald receives out of the forward stoppage as the Roos continue to struggle to push the ball forward. Tom shoots with the snap from 35 on the slight, missing to the right. (Q4 7:53)
Swallow, Simpkin and Hrovat combine as the Roos demonstrate sublime foot skills out of the stoppage. Nathan kicks to the top of the square. Simpkin gathers but his shot is touched. (Q4 11:25)
Trengove launches to the top of the square, for what feels like the hundredth time in a matter of minutes. McDonald launches at the ball and takes the grab. Tom goals from 30! (Q4 14:49)
Brown takes the uncontested mark, boundary side from the Swallow pass. Ben mongrels his shot at goal and finds the arms of Simpkin. Jy goals from 25 as the gods smile on North! (Q4 19:32)
Salem gives away the free kick for high contact on Swallow as the two duel at ground level. Andrew flicks to Higgins and Shaun’s shot from 45 on the flank is touched through. (Q4 25:40)
That minor score makes it one straight kick the difference. 3:12 left to play. Stoppage on the wing. (Q4 26:31)
The Dees gain a minor score as Petracca’s shot from outside 50 is touched through. 2:30 left to play. (Q4 27:39)
Hibberd marks through the corridor as the Roos again struggle to move it out of defence. The former Bomber misses from 55. (Q4 27:53)
1:45 left with the ball in Melbourne hands. Long ball down the line and Daw takes a strong intercept mark! (Q4 28:34)
Delay in play as the umpire asks the ball to go back. Brown goes down the line and a stoppage is earned. 1:05 left. (Q4 29:19)
Simpkin chips to Cunnington and Ben marks with less than 30 seconds to play. Ben passes backwards and confirms North Melbourne’s victory! (Q4 30:31)
Terrific effort by the Roos to hold in with their backs against the wall. A chance goes begging for the Dees as they miss a chance to sit in the four. (Full Time)

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