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Blog log from R19 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Fremantle

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Fremantle, R19 of 2017

Smith gives to Kelly for a miss from 15m to kick us off. (Q1 0:20)
Shiel just misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q1 1:52)
Smith misses a snap from half forward. (Q1 2:20)
Smith misses again from near the hotspot after Hamling’s kick across the back line is a terrible clanger. (Q1 4:38)
Kersten gives from a pack to Fyfe to kick the first goal from 15m after a long rebound around the outer wing. (Q1 5:22)
Patton roves a Lobb contest near the hotspot and gives wide to Whitfield who screws a nice goal across the body off the right boot. (Q1 6:17)
Blakely spoils a Cameron ball from the pocket to the square but goes to ground as his shoulder is dislocated, de Boer stays down to rove and goal. (Q1 10:37)
Grey passes to McCarthy 40m out on the flank after the next centre bounce. McCarthy misses. (Q1 11:37)
Ballantyne kicks long from behind a stoppage on the HFF, Kersten marks with strong hands in front of Tomlinson 20m out in front and goals. (Q1 15:07)
Tucker gives to Bradley Hill on a fast break play to lope over the 50m paint and snap on the run from 40m on a slight angle to an empty square… bounces through! Freo leads. (Q1 18:32)
Most stats are pointing the Giants’ way but Freo are in front, benefiting from a more open forward line. (Q1 18:52)
Cameron is paid a mark in a pack on the HFF, he passes short to de Boer who gives back to Cameron to run to 50m and wobble through the go-ahead goal. (Q1 26:22)
Tucker hits the post with a set shot from the pocket. (Q1 27:52)
Patton misses a relatively easy set shot from near the hotspot in the last minute before QT. (Q1 30:22)
Lobb beats Johnson from behind to mark a long Haynes ball from the point of the centre square to the top of the goalsquare. He goals to start Q2. (Q2 4:23)
Kelly passes to Patton leading to 40m on the flank despite close attention by Hamling. Patton kicks his first goal. (Q2 5:42)
Bradley Hill passes over Davis to Kersten 15m out in front who kicks his second goal. (Q2 8:23)
Kersten marks on the boundary 30m out and screws through his third goal, Dockers back within a kick! (Q2 10:47)
McCarthy gets dragged off a kick on the HBF by de Boer, the Haynes pass goes back to the hotspot for Kennedy to mark and goal. (Q2 12:43)
Crozier puts his knees on Lobb’s shoulders to take a screaming pack mark at the hotspot, but misses the set shot. (Q2 16:08)
Whitfield roves a stoppage on the wing and goes long to the hotspot where Patton marks just before getting clipped over the ear by Johnson. Patton misses. (Q2 18:53)
Bradley Hill centres to Mundy 40m out on a slight angle after a quick rebound around the outer wing. He misses. (Q2 21:38)
Mundy snaps from the boundary 20m out, it falls on the line and is ruled touched through even though it was very close. (Q2 26:59)
Sutcliffe passes to Tucker at true CHF, who tries a pass that doesn’t work. (Q2 26:59)
Freo lock it in, eventually Fyfe gives to Grey who has a moment to compose himself for a snap around the corner from 25m on the flank… that’s good! A point in it. (Q2 28:58)
Cameron volleys a loose ball from the HFF towards the square, Patton is first back but gets a bad roll towards the behind post, he baulks but hits the post. (Q3 2:28)
Freo rebounds up the guts from the kick in with link play by Fyfe, Stephen Hill passes to Suban 35m out on the flank who goals, Dockers hit the lead again! (Q3 3:36)
Ballantyne mows down Scully in the centre, he goes to the hotspot where Kersten draws a holding free on Davis, Grey plays on to advantage into the open goal! (Q3 5:02)
de Boer gives to Haynes on the boundary 25m out, he screws a snap that falls over the line with a shepherd by Patton. (Q3 7:08)
Fyfe stays down as two Giants fly to spoil a long Tucker ball from the HFF to the square against Kersten, he baulks and runs into the open goal. (Q3 8:46)
Darcy drifts back from the centre to clunk a long ball to the hotspot just before Williams smashes him coming from from the square. But the big ruckman misses. (Q3 9:46)
Cameron marks on the lead 30m out near the boundary, but misses. (Q3 11:23)
Cameron misses a quick snap from 20m out after roving a Shaw chaos ball. (Q3 14:04)
Haynes pushes Ballantyne in the back after a mark on the wing, obvious 50m penalty brings Balla to 25m on a slight angle who misses, disappointingly. (Q3 16:29)
Shiel gives to Whitfield who has a few seconds to compose himself for a snap from 40m on a slight angle, but he misses as well. (Q3 17:41)
Hughes receives in the centre square after a Lobb turnover by foot in midfield, he goes long from 60m on a slight angle, McCarthy goes up but it clears him and bounces through! (Q3 21:02)
Lobb intercepts a Fyfe ball on the HFF in front of Stephen Hill and centres for Kennedy to mark 45m out in front. Kennedy bangs through a big goal in the last minute before 3QT. (Q3 26:40)
Mundy catches Whitfield HTB at a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle just before the 3QT siren. He kicks it straight through the hi-diddle-diddle! (Q3 29:22)
Sutcliffe just manages to get a finger on a Cameron roller on the goal line to prevent the first goal of Q4. (Q4 0:35)
Coniglio misses another snap from the pocket. (Q4 1:38)
Coniglio marks in front of Ryan deep in the pocket 20m out on the end of a rebound around the outer wing. He misses again. (Q4 3:06)
Lobb marks a short Shiel ball 45m out on a slight angle, who sails through a goal to leave the scores with just a kick the difference. (Q4 4:35)
Coniglio marks on the HFF and gives to Scuilly zooming past, he has time to steady for a snap on the run from 45m near the boundary… levels the scores with that goal! (Q4 5:50)
Kelly wins a hard footy in a pack at the HFF and gives outside to Smith who runs to 40m near the boundary and slots the difficult snap! (Q4 11:23)
Patton draws a holding free on Johnson 15m out in front and goals to extend the Giant lead. They are looking good now to pinch this one. (Q4 12:58)
de Boer baulks on the wing and passes to Ward to dive and mark in front of Johnson 40m out on a slight angle. Ward misses. (Q4 14:45)
Ballantyne snaps a very nice goal from the pocket 30m out after a highly pressured one-two with Mundy following a stoppage on the HFF. (Q4 19:35)
SHiel bursts clear from the next centre bounce and gives to Shaw for a snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle… wide. (Q4 20:05)
Simpson gets a ruck free on Darby 45m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q4 22:50)
Freo rebounds coast to coast with Fyfe taking the key link possession outside CHF, he gives to Stephen Hill who goes wide to Tucker to snap the goal from 40m on the flank! (Q4 23:50)
5:13 to go, a kick in it once again. (Q4 24:05)
Cameron centres from the pocket after Shiel again bursts away from the centre bounce, Kelly roves the pack 20m out but misses in a hurry. (Q4 24:57)
Smith weaves through heavy traffic in the centre and has Paton over the back, the big man lumbers to half forward and misses but there’s a free downfield for a push… (Q4 27:57)
Cameron misses the resultant free from the boundary 15m out. (Q4 28:33)
Stoppage in the GWS FP after Davis kicks inside 50, 2:21. (Q4 28:33)
Smith to Shiel to Kelly wide of the pack, he has a second to steady and goal from 40m near the boundary! 2:06 left. (Q4 29:28)
Crozier kicks from half forward after the next centre bounce, out for a ball in next to the behind post. Secondary stoppage at the hotspot, 1:43. (Q4 30:24)
Ball in on the wing after a rebound, 1:27. (Q4 31:07)
Neale clears, Crozier marks at half forward, long ball to the hotspot but GWS clears, Hughes intercepts on the wing to start a switch, 1:00 left. (Q4 32:05)
Wilson gathers a loose ball on the HBF and starts some tempo, that ices the game. (Q4 32:35)
Smith misses a snap from the HFF just before the final siren. (Q4 33:14)

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