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Blog log from R17 of 2017: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2017

Langford flicks out to Burgoyne via the opening minute forward stoppage. Shaun finds Mitchell on the outside and Tom hammers through from 25! (Q1 1:37)
Dangerfield receives a dubious free kick for a nudge by Sicily on the reigning Brownlow medallist in the marking contest. Patrick scores a minor from 55 on the flank. (Q1 3:16)
Taylor sends it forward with a quickly dipping ball to the leading Hawkins. Tom marks on the dive ahead of Brand and Tom misses to the left from 40 out directly in front. (Q1 9:34)
Duncan chips to the leading Hawkins as the Cats stream forward off the half back flank. Tom takes another mark ahead of Brand and the shot from 50 is knocked through. (Q1 12:44)
Geelong force the forward fifty turnover with repeat pressure acts, culminating in Stanley laying the tackle on Henderson. The free is paid and Rhys goals from 35 on the slight! (Q1 14:47)
Ray Chamberlain makes the razor sharp holding the ball call, Henderson being caught once more after the Parfitt tackle. Brandan nabs the major from 40 on the flank region! (Q1 16:49)
The Cats move swiftly after gaining the ball at half back. Murdoch precisely passes ahead of Simpson and Sam marks deep in the pocket. He kicks the first of his career! (Q1 18:49)
Mitchell finds it at the coalface in trademark fashion. Tom sends it high with the up and under, finding Shiels unmarked at the top of the square. Liam shimmies and goals! (Q1 21:19)
Dangerfield is still down in the rooms after that collision with Roughead just moments earlier. (Q1 21:51)
It appears he has suffered a left leg injury.
(Q1 22:20)
Hawk hard nut Shiels finds it within the forward stoppage once more, with Liam throwing it on the boot with immediacy. His attempt at goal misses to the right hand side. (Q1 23:08)
Dangerfield is back on the boundary and walking around unassisted. He appears to be a-okay! (Q1 23:51)
Langford intercepts across the wing region and moves it further afield, with Breust eventually marking ahead of Lonergan on the lead.Luke shoots from 45 and misses to the far side. (Q1 25:16)
The Hawks are sent forward through the human magnet, Mitchell. Breust reads it off the pack and flicks it wide to the speeding O’Brien. Tim receives and goals from point blank! (Q1 30:38)
Guthrie flicks off to Selwood as the Cats pour forward to begin the second quarter. Joel receives and hammers through with just one minute of time played! (Q2 3:25)
Breust gathers the ground ball and bursts away from his counterparts. From deep in the forward pocket, Luke hashes the kick through for a minor score. (Q2 5:11)
Shiels, Smith and Langford combine as the brown and gold power from half forward to inside fifty. Will marks and flicks over the top to Breust, who goals from point blank! (Q2 6:11)
Add another one to the scoreboard for the Hawks. The Cats turn it over on the wing. Burgoyne intercepts, O’Brien finds Mitchell and Tom slams it home from the arc of fifty! (Q2 7:31)
At the second time of asking Burton launches the offence from the half back flank. He links with Hartung who runs his measure and finds Smith unmarked. Isaac goals from 40! (Q2 11:51)
Dangerfield marks inside fifty as the champion is now banked as a forward for the rest of the day. Patrick shoots from 50 on the flank and scores a minor. (Q2 13:53)
Duncan wins it at the forward fifty stoppage and Mitch sends it to the square where Heatherley and Dangerfield battle. Patrick takes the strong grab and snaps the major! (Q2 15:36)
Dangerfield marks on the wing position, disposes of it and the down the field free kick is paid after late contact from Heatherley. Stanley receives and hits the post from 40. (Q2 19:08)
Henderson sends the ball inside fifty. McEvoy flies, Duryea gathers and flicks off to Roughead. Jarryd moves it forward to Burgoyne and Shaun goals from close range! (Q2 21:12)
Tuohy launches from the centre square and the reigning Brownlow medallist clunks another contested grab. Brand knocks him late and the 50 is paid. Patrick goals! (Q2 23:37)
Another 50 is paid, this time against Selwood after Roughead instigated the collision. Howe is the recipient and he misses from 40 out, directly in front. (Q2 25:07)
Langford launches to the hotspot after Selwood gives another 50 away for late contact. Breust reads it off the pack but is unable to convert with the snap from 30. (Q2 27:40)
At the bottom of every pack, Mitchell will be found and this instance was no different. He finds Langford and Will chips to the leading Roughead. Jarryd misses to the near side. (Q2 29:11)
Heatherley gifts Dangerfield another free kick, this time for holding whilst the Cat leads. Patrick shoots from 55 on the flank and he knocks his effort into the post. (Q2 30:28)
Menzel and Murdoch link up on the wing and move it back and forth before Daniel sends them inside fifty. Dangerfield bumps out Howe and takes the grab. He goals from 40! (Q3 1:24)
Hodge receives from Mitchell and produces the dab pass to the unmarked Smith. Isaac marks outside fifty and launches from the centre square for a minor score. (Q3 3:33)
The wounded warrior plays a part once more, this time marking at half forward and kicking to the Shiels/Tuohy contest. Zac flies and takes the strong mark. He goals from 40! (Q3 5:24)
Smith, Hartung and Gunston link as the Hawks have an opportunity to score in this end to end contest. Jack marks 45 out from goal and the former Crow converts truly! (Q3 10:09)
Hawkins gathers out ahead of Heatherley on the half forward flank and rounds away from the Kiwi native before sending it long to Dangerfield. Patrick misses from the sharp angle. (Q3 13:58)
Henderson centres to Hartung. Billy takes the game on, taking a bounce and running his full measure before launching. Burgoyne gathers and off to Breust. Luke hits the post. (Q3 16:08)
The bullet pass catches Gunston on his heels, allowing Dangerfield to ghost past and take the grab. Patrick shoots from 50 and nails his fourth of the day! (Q3 18:09)
McEvoy provides a highly skilled goal assist. From the centre bounce, Shiels finds Langford. Ben knocks it down via the aerial contest to Shoenmakers. Ryan gathers and goals! (Q3 19:38)
Dangerfield and Hodge now battle it out inside forward fifty and once more Patrick beats all in his path. He receives the free for arm contact and kicks his fifth from 45! (Q3 20:34)
Motlop launches and DANGERFIELD takes yet another mark inside the arc of fifty. Hodge lost contact with him and Patrick took the grab. He shoots from 40 and misses to the left. (Q3 22:08)
Duryea bullocks his way through the congestion with ball in hand. Taylor shoots from 35 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q3 26:10)
Three Hawks surround Dangerfield and it allows the Cats to have numbers unmarked further afield. Parsons wins it and finds Menzel. Daniel marks and goals from point blank range! (Q3 27:10)
The Cats gain it at the coalface and send it long. Hawkins and Dangerfield get involved inside fifty, flicking to the speeding Menzel. Daniel settles and goals inside 22 seconds! (Q4 1:00)
Duryea marks out ahead of Taylor on the lead after Shiels sent it forward. Taylor dabs it to the hotspot, where Langford lurks. He gathers out the back and goals from close range! (Q4 6:51)
Sicily, Stewart, Langford and Duryea combine with precise kicking as the Hawks swung it from wing to inside fifty. Duryea shoots via the set shot from 40 and hits the post. (Q4 8:16)
The brown and gold again swing it from defence, this time with a combination of kicks and handballs. It ends with Langford taking the lead up mark. He misses from 45. (Q4 9:41)
Hodge takes Selwood high in the tackle and the Cats skipper is duly awarded with the free kick. Joel shoots from 40 on the slight and splits the middle! (Q4 15:47)
Shoenmakers takes the strong grab at the top of the square against the youngster, Kolodjashnij. Ryan lines up from close range and brings the Hawks back within two majors! (Q4 21:01)
Duncan wins it at the coalface and takes the game away from the Hawks grasp. He flicks wide to Motlop who goes to Dangerfield. Patrick marks and hits the post from 40. (Q4 25:18)
1:43 left, Hawks in defence. 10 point margin. (Q4 25:18)
Hartung turns it over with open space further afield. The play results in a stoppage within the Hawks defensive half. (Q4 25:46)
33 seconds left to play and the Cats will win at the MCG. Forward fifty stoppage for the Hawks. (Q4 26:47)
HODGE! Burgoyne wins it at the coalface and flicks wide to the hampered Hodge. Luke unloads from 45 and sends it through! 18 seconds left to play. (Q4 27:31)
The stoppage is vital. Geelong have additional numbers in defence. Hawks win it and Gunston marks at half forward… (Q4 28:25)
Jack finds Smith inside fifty. Isaac marks, he plays on and misses with milliseconds left to play. The Cats get up! (Full Time)

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