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Blog log from R17 of 2017: St Kilda vs Essendon

Blog log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R17 of 2017

Kelly gives Heppell a hospital handball on the HFF, Gresham catches the spillage but misses from 45m.
The Dons rebound around members wing, Daniher beats Hickey with a run down the wing, his shot from the HFF is off the side of the boot, Fantasia marks 20m out… but misses. (Q1 1:46)
Colyer passes to Hooker to mark on the lead in front of Geary 30m out on the boundary. Hooker’s screwing set shot is narrow. (Q1 3:34)
Carlisle spoils Daniher deep in the pocket 20m out, Fantasia is there for the crumb, he tries a Daicos special off the right boot… bounces into the far goalpost. (Q1 5:59)
Stewart beats Stevens to mark and play on down the wing, he goes long down the flank where Daniher has the sit on Carlisle and takes a massive screamer 20m out, plays on and goals! (Q1 6:59)
Bruce goes up in a similar position in a pack up the other end but drops it, the crumb falls for Billings who snaps quickly OOTF. (Q1 8:49)
McDonald-Tipungwuti has three Saints to fight for a chaos ball that spills from hotspot to pocket, his pressure forces Geary to be pinged for deliberate OOF 20m out… he goals! (Q1 13:31)
Stewart, who has had a succession of Saint smalls on him, marks a high centring Zaharakis ball to the hotspot in between three of them. He misses, disappointingly. (Q1 17:07)
After Goddard gets too ambitious rebounding to the centre and turns it over, Billings passes to Gresham 40m out on the flank who misses. (Q1 22:01)
Lonie is pinged for HTB after a ball up near the Bomber hotspot, Stewart takes the free and hits the post. (Q2 1:02)
Long ball to the Saint goalsquare to a big pack, the crumb falls forward where Lonie has space to gather and balance for a snap goal over the right shoulder. (Q2 3:47)
Lonie roves and gives to Steele who baulks clear for a snap around the corner off a step from 40m in front… just wide. (Q2 5:33)
Savage drops a Green ball to the pocket, Stewart roves and shoots quickly from 20m on the flank but it’s well wide. (Q2 6:15)
Daniher rises majestically over Geary to mark a quick Zaharakis ball from half forward to 20m in front for his second goal. (Q2 7:02)
Lonie beats McGrath on the wing to gather a Steven ball and pass to the lead of Billings in front of Baguley 40m out on the flank. Billings misses. (Q2 8:55)
Hickey drops a relieving mark 20m out in front, Stewart again is there to rove but his poked snap from traffic is again wide. (Q2 9:56)
Bruce runs back with the flight behind Hurley to mark a Steven ball on the HFF, play on and stroke through a lovely running shot from 45m. (Q2 10:57)
Heppell gets away from Steele to mark unopposed 40m out in the corridor, but he tugs his set shot right. (Q2 16:53)
Heppell passes to the lead of Daniher at the hotspot for his third goal. (Q2 18:47)
Riewoldt sends a hopeful ball to a big pack at the hotspot, Hickey plays bowling ball to knock most of it over, Newnes is left standing to mark untouched… but he misses. (Q2 21:59)
McKenna turns the ball over on the HBF to Sinclair, who plays on around the man on the mark and shoots from 35m… too low, Hurley touches it into the goalpost. (Q2 22:48)
Gleeson shoots from halfback like a bullet from a gun, he goes long to space in the pocket, Fantasia leads Geary to gather but hits the post. (Q2 24:03)
The Dons lock the ball in from the kick in with a big effort by McGrath, Zaharakis swings through a high snap from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 24:35)
Colyer zooms onto the crumb from a loose Hickey ruck tap at half forward, he gives to Green who goals from the top of the square. (Q2 29:33)
Lonie feeds Steven after a stoppage in the pocket but he misses under pressure from close range. (Q3 0:57)
Heppell is swamped by Saint tacklers at the hotspot on the end of some good Saint forward pressure. But Hickey misses badly from 20m out. (Q3 3:21)
Stewart marks near CHF on the rebound, he goes further to Heppell who juggles and almost drops it 30m out on the flank. Heppell misses too, another shocking set shot. (Q3 4:05)
McKenna gathers, baulks Roberton and snaps a goal from 40m. (Q3 8:05)
Essendon is getting more value for forward entries now, Hooker and Fantasia set up Green to run into the open goal. (Q3 8:35)
Parish passes to Hooker at true CHF, he gives to Hurley who bombs long… Daniher takes another speccy in the square over Carlisle for goal number four! (Q3 10:05)
Steven misses a flying snap from the HFF. (Q3 11:03)
Zaharakis tries a snap from the pocket, it looks to be across the face but takes a perfect off break for another one! (Q3 12:20)
Billings snaps wide after baulking into his left boot deep in the pocket. (Q3 16:20)
Billings misses another chance, a set shot from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 18:33)
Savage runs through midfield and hits Battle at the hotspot with a low bullet. Battle boots his first goal in senior footy. (Q3 19:50)
Bellchambers clunks a long ball from the HFF to the square over two Saints after McDonald-Tipungwuti forces a turnover with a tackle on Geary. He goals. (Q3 25:05)
Zaharakis gives to Parish who misses on the run from 40m under not much pressure. (Q3 26:06)
Hurley marks 35m out on the flank and steers through another one. (Q3 26:56)
Sinclair marks and goals from near the hotspot, to limited reaction from the subdued Saint supporters. (Q3 28:40)
McKenna passes to Bellchambers who goals from 45m on a slight angle after the 3QT siren. (3 Qtr Time)
Colder misses on the run from 45m on the flank. (Q4 0:41)
Carlisle marks a Steele ball 35m out on a slight angle and kicks off Q4 junk time with a goal. (Q4 2:10)
Gresham roves and goals from the hotspot. Too late, she cried. (Q4 6:10)
Riewoldt marks a Lonie ball in front of Hartley at the top of the square for some more garbage. (Q4 8:42)
Billings misses from the hotspot under a little bit of pressure. (Q4 9:14)
After some misses by both sides, Hooker kicks a long goal. No chance of the Saints coming back. (Q4 17:37)
Stewart feeds Colyer to run into the open goal on a fast break. (Q4 20:22)
Goddard intercepts in midfield and has McDonald-Tipungwuti to mark at the hotspot for a miss. (Q4 23:08)
McDonald-Tipungwuti marks a Fantasia ball after a ball up at half forward to goal from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 24:40)
Myers joins the party with a long goal in the last ten seconds. (Q4 28:52)

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