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Blog log from R16 of 2017: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R16 of 2017

May turns it over horribly deep in defence, managing to pick out Lloyd on the arc of fifty. Jake shoots from the set shot and misses to the near side. (Q1 3:24)
Sexton turns it over with a corridor pass. Florent gathers the crumbs, pushes off Davis and finds Franklin by hand. Lance lines up and goals from 25! (Q1 4:54)
Lynch flicks off to Bowes with the youngster bypassing the Wright option and heading to goal instead. Jack misses the shot from deep in the pocket. (Q1 8:24)
McVeigh finds Martin from the resultant kick in with a horrible pass. Jack takes the catch, plays on and snags it through from 25 with the right foot snap! (Q1 8:54)
Tom Lynch receives the free kick after being illegally held in the marking contest by Grundy. Tom resultantly snags the maximum from 30 out on the slight angle! (Q1 10:34)
Franklin marks on the lead ahead of May, with the former Hawk marking boundary side on the paint of the arc. Lance rounds the mark and shoots, missing to the near side. (Q1 14:15)
Rohan receives out the back from Jack and Gary turns on the after burners. Saad is chasing but that makes little difference as Gary steadies and goals from 35! (Q1 19:04)
The Swans send it long through Franklin and Rohan takes the strong grab over the top of McKenzie in the goal square. Gary makes no mistake from the close range set shot! (Q1 20:50)
The Suns repeat defensive pressure acts eventually forces the turnover, with Swallow gaining possession whilst his counterpart in Jones lost his feet. David goals from close range! (Q1 23:21)
Newman powers onto the loose pill and Nic bypasses the leading Franklin to head for home. Nic unleashes his shot from the arc of fifty and misses to the near side. (Q1 23:21)
Jack wins it at the coalface once more, continuing his hot start to this affair. Kieran flicks it out of the heat to the unmarked Franklin. Lance receives and hammers it through! (Q1 26:50)
Miller and Rosa combine before Matt dabs the pass out to the leading Lynch and Tom marks out ahead of Rampe. Tom lines up the set shot from 50 on the flank and goals! (Q1 30:35)
Lonergan reads it off hands in the ten strong pack and moves it through the congestion to the unguarded Lynch. Tom turns and goals from 40 on the flank prior to QT! (Q1 33:05)
Witts takes the mark inside fifty after Jarrod waltzes ahead of the play unattended. The former Pie shoots from the paint of 50 and sends through a minor score. (Q2 2:34)
Jack to Rohan and Gary sizes up the options inside fifty. Gary launches to the Saad/Hewett isolated contest and George pulls down the strong mark. He slots it from 35! (Q2 3:19)
Lloyd launches to the hotspot and Reid is the one to fly high and take the strong contested grab. Sam has no issues finishing from close range via the set shot! (Q2 5:53)
The Swans add another major to their score! Naismith gathers in the goal square and is pulled down in the strong tackle. He forces it forward and Hewett soccers from point blank! (Q2 9:36)
Jones launches to the hotspot and Rohan is able to get free of Thompson on the lead to take the uncontested mark. Gary slots another from close range directly in front! (Q2 11:19)
Naimsith forces it forward from the stoppage with the tap out. Towers paces by and receives out of the congestion. Dean runs his full measure and dabs it through from 25! (Q2 15:50)
Parker wins the holding the ball free kick from the resultant stoppage with a tackle on Lonergan. Luke launches and Rohan marks ahead of McKenzie. Gary goals from 30! (Q2 17:35)
Lynch is standing up at both ends of the field. Marking in defence, he then follows up to the forward line. Ah Chee sends it to the hotspot and Tom grabs it against Grundy… (Q2 21:02)
The Suns captain lines up the set shot from 45 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q2 21:35)
Reid receives the free kick after Thompson places his hand in the back of the Swans key forward. Kicking accurately this season, Sam produces an odd error from 30 on the slight. (Q2 23:29)
Saad receives out of the thick of congestion and launches himself goalward. Adam takes a bounce, runs his measure and launches from 55 for a minor score. (Q2 24:50)
Lloyd dabs the inside fifty pass to the leading Franklin and Lance is ordered to play on following the short pass. He spins and launches from 45 for a minor score. (Q2 28:02)
The Swans move up the ground systematically with a series of lead up passes. Hannebery finds Franklin and Lance picks out Jack inside fourty. Kieran misses the set shot. (Q3 2:26)
Heeney takes the high fly intercept mark opposed to Swallow and duly dabs the pass to the leading Franklin. Lance marks, kicks and goals from 45 on the flank! (Q3 3:47)
Lloyd, Rohan, Jack and Reid link as the Swans swing the ball from defence to offence with precision passing. Sam centres and Parker takes the one mitt mark. Luke misses from 35. (Q3 6:32)
Rohan receives the free kick after Davis impedes the run of Gary to the flight of the ball. Rohan slots his fifth from the top of the square! (Q3 12:01)
The Swans win at the stoppage once more and Rohan is found on the strong lead up mark ahead of his opponent in McKenzie. Gary shoots from within the centre square for a minor. (Q3 13:51)
Jones shoots from deep in the pocket after all four Suns and Swans contest at ground level having lost their feet. Zac receives and shoots, missing to the near side. (Q3 20:37)
Parker takes the strong lead up mark as the Swans continue to assert their authority. Luke sends the man on the mark back to the arc and then shoots for goal, missing to the right. (Q3 21:36)
Melican, Hewett, Heeney and Towers link by hand as the Swans sought the best possible option to swing for goal. Dean gets a step away from an opponent and snaps truly from 30! (Q3 22:51)
The Suns have scored just two behinds since the end of the first term. The Suns defence has been nothing short of besieged for the last hour. (Q3 24:07)
Davis gathers the ground ball and has Robinson chasing close by. Ryan gives off the no look handball at the top of the square. Jones receives and maximises the gift! (Q3 26:23)
Towers demonstrates fantastic skills below the knees to take the one grab off the deck ahead of Saad. He launches long and Rohan gathers, flicks to Papley and Tom goals! (Q4 1:02)
Rohan wins the possession with a strong tackle that forces the free kick. Gary darts it onto the chest of the leading Franklin. Lance shoots from 35 on the flank and misses. (Q4 3:08)
The Swans continue their relentless effort, this time with Rohan finding Jones unmarked inside thirty. Zac makes no mistake from directly in front! (Q4 5:07)
The Suns enjoy a rare forward fifty entry. Neither Wright nor Rosa is able to gather the ball off the deck. Eventually the former Eagle soccers from the pocket for a minor score. (Q4 7:26)
The Suns goal! The bronx cheers ring out in accord. Ainsworth, Lemmens and Ah Chee link by hand inside fifty before Sean runs his measure and snaps it through from 30! (Q4 13:52)
Towers dabs the pass onto the chest of the leading Newman and Nic takes the uncontested mark. He shoots for his sixth goal of the season and misses to the near side from 35. (Q4 21:37)
Towers launches long to the hotspot. Newman gets to the drop zone and attempts to gain some space to attempt the shot. He flicks back to McVeigh who misses from 40. (Q4 22:51)
The Swans surge it forward once more and although May gains possession, he turns it over inside fifty to Melican. The youngster marks and goals from 40 on the slight! (Q4 23:58)
Gold Coast win the resultant centre stoppage with Witts tapping down to Swallow. David darts to the leading Wright who marks a step outside fifty. He slots the set shot! (Q4 26:06)
The Swans bound out of defence with Heeney thumping the pill out the back to Rohan ahead of McKenzie. Gary marks and misses to the left hand side from 55. (Q4 27:43)

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