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Blog log from R9 of 2017: Collingwood vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Collingwood vs Hawthorn, R9 of 2017

The Hawks patiently launch off the half back flank through Mitchell and end with a classic crumbing effort from Puopolo. Grundy flies, Paul grabs the loose pill and finishes truly! (Q1 4:19)
Puopolo reads it off the hands as Roughead and co fly for the aerial ball. Paul is taken high in the tackle by Maynard. He slots it from 35 on the slight for his second! (Q1 14:05)
Shiels makes it three of three for the Hawks as the Brown and Gold skip away early! Liam wins it at the coalface from the forward 50 stoppage. Off the right peg from 40, he goals! (Q1 16:18)
The Hawks win it at the stoppage once more and move it forward through Breust’s dab effort inside 30. Vickery leads up and takes the uncontested mark. Tyrone goals from 30! (Q1 19:02)
Langford to Sicily and the youngster has various options as he sets for home from the arc of 50. His shot misses to the far side from the flank region. (Q1 23:04)
Maynard turns it over as the Pies look utterly bereft of options, attempting to rebound D50. The ball is gathered by Sicily who puts it over Braydon’s head for the major! (Q1 23:45)
Smith sends it long to the top of the square and Schade loses his feet in the contest, allowing Breust to mark unopposed. Luke slots it from point blank range! (Q1 25:20)
Moore takes the grab in a five strong pack mark, as the Pies enjoy a rare foray forward. Darcy shoots from 45 on the flank and misses to the near side. (Q1 27:24)
The Magpies have their first of the contest! Pendlebury gathers inside 50 and flicks off the accurate pass to the speeding Maynard. Brayden settles and goals from 35! (Q2 3:15)
Dunn produces a dramatic lunge to avoid the Roughead goal. No matter as the pill falls the way of Breust and Luke sends through his second from close range! (Q2 4:50)
Roughead launches long to the isolated contest between Sicily and Schade. James takes the contested grab and runs for the goal line. He has no trouble finishing from point blank! (Q2 9:25)
Hartung gives away the needless 50 metre penalty at HB. Adams dabs the pass to the arc where Greenwood marks. Levi shoots from 55 via the set shot and splits the middle! (Q2 12:10)
Elliott gathers at ground level after the Pies send it long from the resultant stoppage. Jamie flicks it off to Treloar, but Adam misses to the near side from 35 on the slight. (Q2 13:02)
Pendlebury opens the play with the wide handball to free up Goldsack. Tyson shoots in his 150th senior outing, but Tyson sends his effort thudding onto the post from 35. (Q2 14:20)
Gunston receives the free at HF for illegal arm contact in the marking contest and dabs the pass over the top to the leading Roughead.Jarryd shoots from the sharp angle and misses. (Q2 19:14)
Sicily is making a mockery of Schade tonight. The ground ball bounces to the contest and Henry misjudges it once again. James gathers unopposed and goals from 25! (Q2 20:45)
Pendlebury provides his second goal assist of the term. Through the middle the Pies captain assesses the options and found Elliott powering toward goal. Jamie finishes from 50! (Q2 22:15)
Treloar and Maynard link up by hand before Brayden darts the effort to the unmarked Wells inside 50. The former Roo shoots from 40 on the slight and misses to the right. (Q2 23:58)
Moore throws himself at the ball ahead of Heatherley, forcing it forward. Off the deck, Treloar is first to gather and the former Giant finishes truly from close range! (Q2 28:25)
The Hawks send one through less than 45 seconds before the half time siren. Howe centres from the pocket and Gunston gathers the crumbs. Jack to McEvoy and Ben finishes from 25! (Q2 31:26)
Duryea sends it to the contest between Maynard and Mitchell, with the former Swan taking the strong grab. Tom shoots from 40 on the flank and hooks it to the near side. (Q3 2:25)
Elliott sends it short to Greenwood who marks out the back after the Magpies produce a moment of cohesiveness to swing the pill from defence to offence. Levi misses from 35. (Q3 3:50)
Adams, Fasolo and Elliott link up as the two small forwards work space inside forward 50. Forward come defender Howe receives from Jamie and sends it through from 30! (Q3 5:59)
Roughead produces a catastrophic error, turning it over whilst kicking backwards. Moore is the recipient, taking the high flying grab just moments later. Darcy goals from 45! (Q3 10:24)
Pendlebury, Adams, Elliott and the Pies are within two and a half goals! Jamie waltzes into the open goal and sends it through to rapturous applause from their faithful! (Q3 20:35)
Henderson turns it over across the HF flank and the distribution proves decisive. The Magpies waltz out the back and Moore powers into the unguarded goal! 6 point difference! (Q3 28:53)
The scores are tied at the MCG! Crisp takes the mark inside 50 on the sharp angle via the Elliott pass. Jack shoots and manages to split the middle from the set shot! (Q3 30:25)
McEvoy predictably wins the aerial contest on centre wing opposed to Elliott. He sends it long and Breust is the recipient. Luke receives from Howe and snaps truly from 20! (Q4 4:49)
The Magpies have hit the lead. Pendlebury receives after the reflex tap came his way from Moore. Scott flicks off to Elliott and Jamie sends through his third from point blank! (Q4 12:50)
Vickery is left wanting in the chase effort and the afforded time proves decisive. Pendlebury receives on the HF flank, he waltzes through the arc and slots it off the left! (Q4 16:30)
Crisp, Pendlebury, Blair, Hoskin-Elliot and Sidebottom link as the Magpies seek an opening within the F50. Steele receives, doubles back and snaps it through from 45! (Q4 18:40)
Gunston marks out on the lead as the Hawks have just four minutes to play to overturn the unlikely deficit. Called to play on, Jack hooks his effort for a minor score. (Q4 23:13)
Game, set, match, but not the way you would have expected at half time. The quick kick out of the stoppage falls to Smith. Josh gathers and belts it through from 45! (Q4 26:45)

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