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Blog log from R9 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Richmond

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Richmond, R9 of 2017

Fast start for the Tigers. Lambert gathers out of the midfield and flicks off to his captain. Trent runs his full measure from the stoppage and sends it through!
Make that two in the first 47 seconds of play! Tomlinson flicks out of congestion almost unaware, managing to pick out Grigg. Shaun strolled in and finishes truly from the pocket! (Q1 2:01)
Martin out of the stoppage to Rioli, who marks on the HF flank. The classy youngster assesses the options and finds Riewoldt on the lead. Jack misses from 50 on the flank. (Q1 3:02)
Ward produces the releasing kick to find Wilson without a break of stride. Nathan hammers it to Cameron, marking out the back of his contest with Grimes. Jeremy goals from 40! (Q1 6:14)
Davis dives on the pill and Rioli forces the decision with a strong tackle. Daniel drops it short from 50 and Riewoldt flies unopposed to take the grab. Jack goals from 20! (Q1 9:19)
Martin dabs it inside 30 and Cotchin manages to get ahead of his chaser in Reid, to take the uncontested mark. Trent snaps truly from the boundary to send it through from 30! (Q1 14:18)
Taranto receives deep in the forward pocket as players from both sides seemingly converge on the ball within milliseconds. Taranto shoots and misses to the near side via the snap. (Q1 17:33)
Edwards gathers after the Riewoldt snap fell to the forward pocket. Shane flicks centrally to the unmarked and clean shaven Castagna. Jason settles and goals from 15! (Q1 20:48)
The Tigers now have six of the first seven as they slice the hot knife through butter once more. Castagna gathers off the deck inside 40. He spins on a sixpence and goals from 40! (Q1 23:42)
Rance produces yet another intercept off half back and moves it quickly upfield. Martin is the recipient, finding Grigg unmarked by foot.Shaun marks and shoots from 45 for a minor. (Q1 27:04)
McIntosh, Rance, Grigg, Rioli all link up as the Tigers waltz the pill from half back to inside 50. Daniel shoots from the flank region via open play but misses to the far side. (Q1 29:17)
The season of surprising results continues. The Tigers took apart the Giants in that term. Replicate it for 30 more minutes and it’ll prove decisive! (Qtr Time)
Jeremy Cameron has his second of the afternoon within a minute of the first term. Wilson, Greene and Cameron linked by foot before Jeremy finished from 45 via the set shot! (Q2 1:20)
Soldo takes the towering grab, leaping over the top of Davis on the HF flank. Ivan wastes little time, punting into the unmarked arms of Grigg. Shaun misses from 40. (Q2 4:25)
Mumford forces the turnover with a tap forward of play. Ward and Scully link up by hand with Tom running his full measure. The former Demon sends it through from 45! (Q2 6:05)
Castagna dabs the pass over the top to the unmarked Rioli, with Daniel taking the grab inside 30. The youngster shoots from the flank region to the near side. (Q2 7:50)
Lloyd receives the free for the arm chop on the HF flank and the fast thinking Sam dabs it inside 50 to the leading Nankervis. Toby marks and misses the set shot from 45. (Q2 10:48)
Martin throws it on the boot deep in defensive 50 and is unable to clear his lines. Rory Lobb is the one to receive out of congestion and he splits the middle from 45! (Q2 16:55)
Rioli wins the one on one off half back opposed to Williams. The Tigers continue to win it at the coalface, with Dan getting involved again. Castagna finishes from point blank! (Q2 19:11)
Bolton throws it on the boot out of the resultant stoppage and Riewoldt is the recipient, playing in front opposed to Davis. Jack marks but hits the post from the 25 metre soda. (Q2 19:11)
Rance wins it out of congestion, slapping it forward with the open palm. Richmond swing it forward and Riewoldt is the one to shoot for glory from outside 50. He scores a minor. (Q2 22:40)
Phenomenal end to an entertaining first half at Spotless. Lachie Whitfield was running into the open goal, sending ball to boot just milliseconds post siren. No goal. Tigers by 21. (Half Time)
Scully gathers the ground ball after the Giants win the opening centre stoppage of the second half. Toby has time to settle on the shot from 45 on the flank but misses. (Q3 1:55)
Ward turns it over under immense tackle pressure from the harassing Tigers. Lambert handballs and follows up once more, flicking out the back to Lloyd. Sam turns and goals from 30! (Q3 3:55)
Rance launches to the hot spot from the middle of Spotless Stadium. The pill floats out the back but the opportunity is missed from 30 on the slight by Rioli. (Q3 10:41)
The Giants then gain a clear passage to goal from the kick in. Greene receives and finds Reid out the back. Sam shoots from 30 out, directly in front and slots the basic shot! (Q3 12:26)
Martin spots up Menadue inside 50 and Connor takes the uncontested grab as skill errors prove costly for the men wearing charcoal. Connor shoots from 45 on the flank and goals! (Q3 13:26)
Ward, Shaw, Johnson and Patton link up with Steve finding Jonathon on the lead inside 50. Patton shoots from the flank region and misses to the near side. (Q3 16:06)
Riewoldt takes the strong contested grab opposed to Corr, protecting the space and taking the chest mark. Jack lines up from 45 on the flank and splits the middle! (Q3 18:21)
Kelly sends it long to the hot spot where Patton flies and delivers the ball to ground opposed to two in the air. Williams finds it off the deck and finishes from 20! (Q3 26:06)
Mumford thuds into the face of Riewoldt and gifts the free to the yellow and black. Richmond play on and find Houli unmarked on the arc. Bachar shoots post siren and misses. (3 Qtr Time)
Riewoldt leads Davis to the pill and takes the uncontested grab, immediately sending the ball to the hot spot. Castagna outbodies Williams and takes the mark. Jason misses from 40. (Q4 0:45)
Martin takes Corr in the tackle and the holding the ball decision is paid. Dustin has the chance to extend the margin beyond 5 goals from 25 on the slight. He misses poorly. (Q4 2:27)
Shiel powers through the thick of congestion in super human fashion. The midfielder sends it to the top of the square where Patton brings it to ground. Greene soccers truly! (Q4 6:24)
Scully throws it on the boot out of the forward 50 stoppage. His tumbling effort goes the wrong side of the post and through for a minor. (Q4 7:22)
Whitfield, Scully, Reid link up by foot as the men wearing charcoal speed it from half back to half forward. Sam hammers it from the arc and it goes through… (Q4 8:27)
However a review is called for and the replays show that the ball was touched through. Minor score. (Q4 9:06)
Mumford spoiled the ball forward the best part of 30 metres. Johnson taps on the spillage to Kelly. Kelly forces it forward to the top of the square and Reid soccers it through! (Q4 18:36)
Individual quality proving decisive in that last major for the Giants. Just under 9 minutes of play left and the Tigers hold just a two goal margin… (Q4 19:07)
Patton produces three high intensity efforts in a row, forcing the ball to the ground and then winning it off the deck once more. He found Greene who found Taranto. Tim slots it! (Q4 20:51)
Those early misses in this fourth term have gifted the Giants an opportunity to fight back into this match. And fight they have. Last week in the forefront of all Tigers minds. (Q4 21:51)
Shaw bounds away off the wing as no one wearing a yellow and black jersey is capable of matching the effort. DeBoer is the recipient, marking inside 50 unattended.He goals from 50! (Q4 22:29)
Six minutes left and the Giants have whittled the margin away to the slightest of scores. (Q4 23:56)
Rioli wins it at ground level and flicks it off to Lloyd as the Tigers attempt to conjure an effort from deep in the pocket. Sam shoots but misses to the near side. (Q4 25:01)
Two minutes left of play. Two point margin. Richmond have territory advantage with the pill at the HF flank. (Q4 29:21)
SHAI BOLTON! The first gamer perhaps kicks the sealer of the match. Off hands it pops out to the youngster and he throws it on the boot from 25… (Q4 30:34)
However the kick is touched and the review is called for. Minor score to the Tigers. 78 seconds left, Richmond by 3. (Q4 30:56)
Wilson hammers it down the other end from the kick in. Nankervis struggles to grab it at ground level and the pill pops out to Cameron. Jeremy sends it through from 50! (Q4 32:18)
Giants lead by 3 points, 50 seconds left to play! (Q4 32:51)
The Giants are home. (Q4 33:21)
Richmond make it two weeks in a row where they lose from distinctly victorious positions. The touched decision on Bolton’s kick may prove decisive come seasons end. (Full Time)

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