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Blog log from R6 of 2017: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R6 of 2017

Tom Boyd is pinged for deliberate OOB with a blind rebound kick to the HBF, Cameron sends it down the flank for Lobb to mark with a big fly 25m out for the first goal. (Q1 2:09)
Two Dogs fly to spoil Greene on the Giants HFF but Scully roves with ease, he gives to Patton who snaps truly across the body from 25m. (Q1 7:10)
Kelly runs away from the next centre bounce and goes long to Patton, Johnson crumbs but runs over the goal line before getting in position to snap. (Q1 7:54)
Frontal pressure from the Dogs in the FP allows Bontempelli to set up Suckling for a right foot screwing snap from the hotspot for the first Doggie goal. (Q1 9:23)
Cameron marks on the boundary next to the behind post, but misses. (Q1 12:22)
Adam Kennedy is pinged for an arm chop on Macrae 40m out on the flank. His set shot falls in the square and is tapped into the goalpost. (Q1 15:20)
Jong intercepts on the HFF 45m out in front of Wilson, Stringer flies in the square but it’s rushed. (Q1 20:39)
THe Dogs get a few repeat inside 50s, Dale passes from the wing short to Daniel forward of the play, Daniel turns with time to steady and shoot from 35m on a slight angle… good! (Q1 22:54)
Hunter roves at CHF and gives to Johannisen who bounces through a behind. (Q1 24:05)
Johnson taps a loose footy and gets it back from Hopper in the pocket, he tries a low percentage snap that misses. (Q1 27:55)
The Giants lock it in from the kick in, Cameron passes short to Greene on the boundary 35m out. Greene plays on and finishes with high quality. (Q1 29:24)
Wilson is pinged for a hold on Macrae as they chase a crumb 40m out on the flank, but Macrae tries a pass that doesn’t work. (Q2 3:13)
Taranto is swamped running out of defence at the hotspot, Stringer roves and snaps in a phonebox, but it wobbles and drops in the square for Tomlinson to rush. (Q2 4:16)
The Giants go coast to coast from the kick in around member’s wing, Reid has Cameron over the back to mark at the hotspot. He goes back for the set shot, and goals. (Q2 4:43)
Wilson bombs long from the next centre bounce, Lobb roves near the hotspot and gives outside to Cameron who screws through another one. Ominous signs. (Q2 6:08)
Long, hopeful ball to the Dog hotspot, Mumford can’t mark in front, Bontempelli is in the right spot to rove and goal. (Q2 10:14)
Stringer marks 45m out on the flank and misses left, as he so often does from that distance. (Q2 11:40)
Stringer feeds Bontempelli for another snap from the hotspot, it starts left but screws straight over the goal umpire’s peaked cap! (Q2 13:29)
Lobb gets a ruck free on Tom Boyd at the next centre bounce, long bomb to a big pack at the hotspot, the crumb falls at the feet of Cameron who inadvertently shins it home! (Q2 14:59)
Daniel gives to Dale who misses from 45m on a slight angle, again Bontempelli involved in the build up. (Q2 15:32)
Williams dives on the line to rush a bouncing Dunkley ball from 20m. (Q2 17:29)
McLean bounces a snap from the HFF across the face. (Q2 20:45)
Stringer snaps truly from a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle. The Bulldogs have clawed their way back level, perhaps surprisingly. (Q2 23:54)
Stringer plays for a free by dropping the footy and gets it as Kennedy holds on. He shoots from 45m on the flank, that’s good as well, Dogs lead! (Q2 25:24)
Smith volleys the crumb from a Stringer contest in the pocket, it’s wide from 15m. (Q2 27:42)
Wilson beats Smith to the crumb over the back from a Jong ball to the hotspot, he rushes it then slams himself into the goalpost. (Q2 28:55)
Clay Smith marks on the boundary 30m, he gives to Stringer who hits the post. (Q2 29:58)
Dahlhaus receives from Stringer at a stoppage for a snap over his left shoulder from the hotspot.. OOTF. (Q2 31:52)
Dunkley marks a Bontempelli clearance to the HFF after the Bont caught Shiel HTB, he goes inside to Liberatore 35m out on a slight angle, who hits the post. (Q3 0:31)
Daniel sprays a snap across the body outside a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q3 7:04)
Patton marks and gives a Joe the Goose special for Cameron after the Giants get a rare opportunity to rebound at pace through midfield. (Q3 8:02)
Greene gives to Devon Smith who mises badly from 35m on the flank, running sideways and kicking across his body. (Q3 8:55)
Patton roves a Scully ball to Cameron in the square, but snaps wide. (Q3 10:18)
Picken gathers the crumb from a Stringer contest to a Bontempelli ball to the hotspot, but his snap is touched by Mumford and rolls wide anyway. (Q3 11:17)
Mumford feeds Shiel at a stoppage on the wing, long ball to Greene who beats Williams all ends up with body work to mark easily and goal from the hotspot. (Q3 12:12)
Dunkley roves a smothered ball and misses from 20m deep in the pocket. (Q3 16:34)
Matthew Kennedy roves a Johnson contest to a Ward ball 30m out on the flank, but misses. (Q3 20:33)
Jong passes to Dunkley wide on the flank 40m out, who looks inside but has to go back for the tough set shot… narrow. (Q3 22:03)
Greene comes in late after Daniel marks on the HFF and delivers a roundhouse left to the jaw… the ump reports him, gives him a spray, 50m penalty, easy goal. (Q3 27:18)
Bontempelli marks in front of a pack 35m out on the flank and boots the first goal of Q4. (Q4 3:41)
Patton marks at a similar spot up the other end but can’t emulate the Bont’s accuracy. (Q4 4:12)
Mumford leaps in front of Tom Boyd and marks a floating Wilson ball to 40m on the flank. His set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q4 6:21)
Patton marks on the HFF 65m out, dithers, waits… but Wood is pinged for encroaching on the mark! 50m penalty, Patton goals from next to the goalsquare. Huge call. (Q4 8:21)
Patton marks near the boundary 45m out leading in front of Roberts, and points to the goalface immediately, Babe Ruth style. And he hits a massive home run! OUTTA HERE! (Q4 14:14)
Cameron gets a free for high contact 50m out on a slight angle after Lobb clears from the next centre bounce. He kicks OOTF going for extra length. (Q4 15:27)
Greene marks at half back, Macrae comes in late and smacks him in the gob, obvious 50m penalty brings him to just near CHF. Greene owes the Giants one… misses. (Q4 16:38)
Greene marks inside 50 this time, 25m out near the boundary. He walks back for the set shot, still owes his team something… starts left then swings right and inside, goal! (Q4 17:53)
Murphy jets through the centre ahead of Taranto and passes ot Dunkley just inside CHF, who wheels and shoots to an empty square… wide. (Q4 21:56)
Clock ticks under 5:00, Dogs attacking, Wood bombs long to a pack at the hotspot, Stringer roves and snaps his third goal off the left boot! (Q4 25:05)
After frenetic play on the wing, Johannisen bombs long to the flank 45m out where Tom Boyd gets a pushing free on Tomlinson. The million dollar man shanks it, no score. (Q4 28:37)
Stoppage 20m out from the Dogs goal, 1:43. (Q4 28:37)
McLean misses from the flank 25m out in very heavy traffic. (Q4 29:10)
1:27 to go at the Shaw kick in, he goes to the wing, stoppage, 1:16. (Q4 29:42)
Matthew Kennedy bombs long after that one, the umpire plays deliberate OOB on the Dog HBF, McLean goes long from the wing to the hotspot, Giants clear. (Q4 30:39)
Devon Smith marks on the wing and starts tempo, 25 second, 20, 15, 12… 50m penalty for encroachment by Clay Smith! Game over! (Q4 31:07)
Corr kicks inside 50, siren! (Q4 31:41)

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