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Blog log from R6 of 2017: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

Blog log for Hawthorn vs St Kilda, R6 of 2017

Saints have dominated possession in the first three minutes. Long bomb to the hot spot and Membrey marks in uncontested fashion. Poor defending. Tim goals from 25! (Q1 4:10)
Hartung, Mitchell and Gunston link by hand inside F50 after Puopolo forced the turnover with a tackle on Gilbert. Jack settles but misses from 40 on the flank via the snap effort. (Q1 6:31)
Brand to Stratton by hand who in turn clumsily flicks it directly to Sinclair. Jack has time to settle but he misses the attempt from 25, boundary side. Let off for the Hawks. (Q1 9:16)
Montagna, Stevens, Billings move it from the wing to inside 50. Riewoldt drops the mark in the one on one opposed to Hodge. Nick gathers off the deck and snaps truly! (Q1 13:30)
O’Brien taps it out the back of the ruck contest on the HF flank. Howe forces it forward into the path of Mitchell. Tom gathers at speed and hammers it through from 45! (Q1 15:00)
Ross powers through the middle of the ground and heads long inside 50 for the Saints. Brand makes the error of letting the ball behind. Billings gathers but misses the effort. (Q1 20:00)
The Saints continue to win it out of congestion. Long effort to the isolated contest between Bruce and Frawley. Josh receives the free kick for the push and goals from close range! (Q1 23:09)
Frawley was caught completely unaware, taking his time with Billings breathing down his neck. Jack receives the holding the ball free, but he misses the shot from 45 on the flank. (Q1 25:52)
Gunston sends the pill long from the stop-start Hawks play. McEvoy flies within the eight strong pack and pulls down a strong mark. Ben goals from 40 on the flank via the set shot! (Q1 27:31)
Ross, Sinclair and Billings link up by foot as the Saints ease it from one end of the ground to the other unopposed. Jack marks inside 50 but misses the set shot from the flank. (Q2 3:20)
The Hawks attempt to move it out of the D50 through Smith. Roberton spoils the Gunston attempted mark, runs his full measure and slams it through from 55 on the flank! (Q2 8:31)
Langford sends the up and under after forcing the defensive half turnover through relentless pressure. McEvoy marks the kick unopposed and goals from 40 on the slight! (Q2 14:21)
Riewoldt proves his worth once more, fighting his way to the front of the contest with Hodge. Nick knocks it forward to Weller. Mav settles unopposed and slams it through from 50! (Q2 18:35)
Gunston, Burgoyne and Hartung link up. Billy flicks it back to the former Port Adelaide man in Burgoyne. Shaun shoots from the arc but pulls it badly to the near side for a minor. (Q2 21:04)
Membrey, Gresham, Riewoldt and Gilbert chain it out before Sam marks inside 50. The defender shoots from the slight angle on the arc and misses to the left hand side. (Q2 23:17)
Hardwick assesses his options through the middle of the ground and finds Sicily unopposed. James shoots from 50 on the flank and misses to the far side. (Q2 24:36)
Steele sends it long out of the stoppage to the Brand/Bruce contest and the former Giant receives the free for holding. Josh goals from close range post siren! (Q2 26:18)
Ross out of the coalface finds the chest of Riewoldt, marking unopposed inside 40. He centre the ball to Stevens. Koby slots his first goal for the Saints from 40 out! (Q3 0:45)
Shiels assesses the options on the HF flank and settles on the best decision in O’Brien. The perfectly weighted pass is marked by Tim and he goals from 30 on the sharp angle! (Q3 3:40)
Billings powers away from the resultant stoppage and manages to find Riewoldt once more. Nick continually marks unopposed inside 50. The champ finishes truly from 35! (Q3 5:03)
That was Nick Riewoldt’s 700th major at AFL level! Terrific effort from one of the best the game has seen. (Q3 5:40)
Longer, Carlisle and Membrey marks inside 30 after the raking pass from the former Bomber. Tim marks but misses poorly from the resultant set shot via the slight angle. (Q3 8:16)
Burgoyne links up continually through the middle of the ground as the Hawks have a rare quality disposal sequence. Shaun flicks off to Hartung who misses the running shot from 45. (Q3 9:29)
Roughead butchers the ball on the wing and the Saints make them pay. Riewoldt, Newnes and Bruce link up with Josh marking inside 20. He flicks off to Gresham who goals! (Q3 11:02)
Steele forces the turnover with the tackle. Sinclair takes the advantage and finds Bruce unmarked. Josh marks and finishes from point blank for his third. (Q3 13:44)
This contest is becoming ugly for the Hawthorn Football Club. Saints using it better around the ground and winning it at the stoppage. Lethal combination. (Q3 15:01)
Make that another goal from point blank range for the Saints! Gresham marks through the corridor, chips over the top and Membrey slots another with ease! (Q3 17:26)
Steele pulls it out of congestion and moves it off to Ross by hand. Seb moves it further afield to Stevens and Koby hammers home yet another from 35! (Q3 20:11)
Riewoldt has his attempted shot smothered but the pill falls out to the former Docker in Roberton. Dylan gathers and has his second of the afternoon from the arc! (Q3 21:41)
Steven to Newnes who hammers another attempt on goal from outside 50. Jack’s effort falls the wrong side of the post. (Q3 23:16)
Another minute, another major for the Saints! Ross sends it to the top of the square and Riewoldt wins the free for high contact from Sicily. Nick goals from point blank! (Q3 25:31)
Roughead marks the pill in amongst three opponents as the Hawks enjoy a rare foray forward. The captain pulls his shot poorly to the near side from 45. (Q4 2:08)
Howe slots his first of the year to gain a consolation prize for the disconsolate. Daniel marks inside 50 on the flank and slots it home with the punt! (Q4 5:28)
Hodge, Burgoyne, Smith, Gunston and Roughead, with the captain marking unopposed 45 out. He misses the shot to the near side from the flank region. (Q4 7:13)
The Hawks gain a repeat entry inside forward 50 via the Roberton turnover. Roughead moves it out of congestion to Burgoyne and he finds Breust. Luke goals from 35! (Q4 8:43)
Steven centres to Weller through the corridor. The Hawks have left the former Sun free and Mav needs no further invitation. Through it floats from 45 on the slight! (Q4 12:30)
Miss of the season! Bruce strolls into an open goal and looks to send it into the top tier. However he hits the side of the ball from point blank and hits the post! (Q4 15:32)
Bruce takes a mark out on the strong lead. Josh shoots from 45 on the flank and just floats it the wrong side of the post. (Q4 18:37)
Burton turns it over from the resultant kick in. Gresham launches onto it ahead of Gibson, gathers the ground ball and finishes with ease from 15! (Q4 19:14)
Weller chips it in board to the unmarked Bruce at the top of the square. How he was left free is anyones guess. Josh flicks it to Riewoldt who goals from point blank! (Q4 20:49)
Newnes, Riewoldt and Gresham through the middle of the ground as the Saints pour forward in numbers once more. Jack finds Membrey and Tim nabs it off the deck from 15! (Q4 23:14)
Carlisle gives the 50 metre penalty on Sicily after Jake made late contact on James. James goals from point blank range with a minute left to play. (Q4 27:04)
Burgoyne turns it over from the kick out with Carlisle marking ahead of Roughead. The former Bomber powers past the arc and hammers it home from the flank region! (Q4 28:19)
Gunston wins a late free kick after being driven in the back by Geary. The siren sounds as Jack trots in and the former Crow goals from 35. Saints win by 75! (Full Time)

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