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Blog log from R4 of 2017: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, R4 of 2017

Menzel roves the first Dangerfield centre clearance after a throw call on Mitchell, but misses from 20m. (Q1 0:44)
Mackie passes to Hawkins 35m out on a slight angle after the Cats win a stoppage behind the opposite wing. The Tomahawk gets the scoreboard ticking with the first goal. (Q1 4:12)
Taylor dribbles a mid range snap just wide. (Q1 7:45)
After Frawley sprays a kick from the HBF to Guthrie, Motlop gives to Cockatoo for a miss from outside CHF. (Q1 9:30)
Hodge gives a hospital handball to Gibson with two Cats on him 20m out, he tries to take them on and gets caught HTB. Hawkins takes the free, but misses a soda. (Q1 11:13)
O’Brien chases a loose footy in the pocket, gives to Gunston who ducks an onrushing Cat and tries a snap off a step from 25m… screws it home! (Q1 12:57)
Hartung intercepts at half forward but kicks to three Cats, fast break up the guts ends with Taylor giving to Duncan who baulks and goals from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 15:02)
Puopolo marks a Hardwick ball 40m out wide on the flank and sails through a nice set shot. (Q1 18:43)
Mitchell receives from Burgoyne but sprays OOTF off the left from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 23:30)
Taylor misses around the corner off the left from near the hotspot. (Q1 25:20)
Motlop sprints away from McEvoy but misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 26:45)
Stratton stumbles and gives away a free for contact on Dangerfield in a marking contest near the boundary 35m out. Dangerfield kicks across the face. (Q1 28:42)
Rioli baulks away from Tuohy in the pocket 25m out, looks inside but goes himself… checksides wide off the left. (Q2 1:15)
Parfitt roves and misses from 30m on the flank. (Q2 4:11)
Mitchell misses off a step from 35m on a slight angle after Tuohy rebounds to the HBF with a hospital ball for Cockatoo. (Q2 5:30)
Burgoyne touches a loose ball in the square onto the leg of Parsons and through, video review confirms it’s a behind. (Q2 9:25)
Ruggles is pinged for a hold on Sicily as they wait for a long Hartung ball from wing to the flank 35m out. Sicily misses. (Q2 15:45)
The Cats rebound around the outer wig with overlap, Parsons goes long over Brand to Taylor 30m out on the flank. Taylor misses again. (Q2 17:12)
Cockatoo marks a Selwood ball to the pocket 20m out. He tries a set shot screwing ball, and makes it work. Geelong finally gets reward for effort. (Q2 18:01)
Hartung marks on the HFF, baulks around Duncan on the mark and misses from 45m. (Q2 20:22)
Another fast break for Geelong scything through midfield with overlap, but Murdoch fires wide from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 21:11)
Menzel volleys home from 15m under a tackle, confirmed after video review that Gibson didn’t touch it on the line. (Q2 22:50)
Lachie Henderson marks at the hotspot, now Geelong are in control as they are getting full value for inside 50s. (Q2 25:55)
Hodge rolls through a behind from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 27:51)
Smith snaps the first goal of Q3 from the flank 45m out after Mitchell smothers a hurried Mackie rebound kick and gives out. (Q3 1:12)
Tuohy mows down Smith to prevent a score at the hotspot after a give by Roughead. (Q3 4:10)
Stratton sends a hopeful ball from the HFF to a big pack at the hotspot, Sicily shows strong hands to clunk the mark in front of Henderson. But he misses. (Q3 4:25)
Stewart snaps truly from the hotspot for his first senior goal after the Hawks repeatedly fail to clear from half back with overpossession. (Q3 7:57)
Sicily converts a set shot from 45m on a slight angle to keep the Hawks somewhere within touch. (Q3 11:03)
Lonergan marks near the boundary 35m out and kicks OOTF. (Q3 14:13)
Rioli gathers a bouncing Roughead ball on the wing, ducks a tackle and passes short to Puopolo 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 18:13)
Rioli passes to Burgoyne near the boundary 45m out, who misses. (Q3 20:28)
Hawkins is paid a soft free for contact by Brand going for a Menegola ball to 30m on a slight angle. He goals. (Q3 22:43)
Menzel juggles and marks a quick Duncan ball in front of Stratton near the hotspot, he goals as well. Cats are steadied now. (Q3 24:21)
Roughead gives to McEvoy for a miss from near the hotspot. (Q3 26:28)
Parsons marks at CHF for his first senior goal. (Q3 28:25)
Hawkins monsters Frawley off the fall of a Selwood ball 35m out near the boundary, but misses. (Q3 30:23)
Motlop has Duncan 40m out near the boundary after the first centre bounce of Q4, he has time to play on and measure a snap around the corner for a relatively easy goal. (Q4 0:58)
Hodge has a set shot from 50m on a slight angle touched on the line by Zac Smith. (Q4 3:31)
Gibson is pinged for deliberate rushing with Motlop on his hammer. Motlop takes the charity goal. (Q4 4:28)
Duncan feeds Parsons to snap across his body for his second goal from 35m out on a slight angle. (Q4 5:45)
Gunston marks 50m out on a slight angle and goals, to muted response. Well into junk time by now. (Q4 9:49)
Motlop runs free to the flank 30m out and strokes through another one for the Cats. (Q4 11:03)
Murdoch volleys the crumb from a Menzel contest through for another one from 20m. (Q4 12:29)
Thurlow joins the party from CHF after a questionable free against Hardwick for a tackle on Guthrie. (Q4 14:14)
Motlop gets a holding free at the hotspot and kicks another one. (Q4 15:29)
Menegola passes to the lead of Hawkins 40m out on the flank, who boots his third major. It’s Moomba out there. (Q4 18:14)
Sicily leaps over Mackie to mark a long Isaac Smith ball to the top of the square for a junk time special. (Q4 22:13)
Menzel marks a Menegola centre clearance kick to the hotspot for another one. (Q4 24:04)
Menegola goals from the hotspot himself to continue the rout. (Q4 28:13)
Selwood passes short to Hawkins 25m out wide on the flank and steers through his fourth goal. (Q4 29:59)

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