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Blog log from R4 of 2017: Brisbane vs Richmond

Blog log for Brisbane vs Richmond, R4 of 2017

Schache marks at the hotspot in front of Astbury, but misses left. (Q1 0:29)
Nankervis checksides from the boundary 15m out, of course that is not going to work. (Q1 0:59)
Grimes beats McStay to mark 40m out on a slight angle, he boots the first goal. (Q1 1:50)
Rioli baulks on the wing and passes to Butler near the boundary 40m out. Butler kicks across the face, rushed. (Q1 5:16)
Robinson marks in front of Ellis on the boundary 35m out, he also misses. (Q1 6:43)
Bell catches Conca HTB near the boundary 40m out and delivers a nice finish from a tight angle for the first Brisbane goal. (Q1 8:01)
Elton misses from a stoppage near the behind post. (Q1 9:56)
Richmond get a rebound overlap going around the outer wing, Vlaustin runs through CHF and passes to Castagna 15m out on a slight angle. Castagna makes no mistake. (Q1 11:57)
Riewoldt marks 45m out on the flank but misses. (Q1 14:17)
Rioli is front and centre for a Castagna ball to Vlaustin at the hotspot, he snaps truly for his first goal. (Q1 15:16)
Riewodlt leaps over Andrews to clunk a long Castagna ball to the square, that’s his first goal of the evening. (Q1 17:02)
Cox roves a long Robinson centre clearance to the HFF, he gives back to Hipwood who misses everything from 40m. (Q1 18:27)
Martin’s pressured kick on the HBF goes straight to Zorko who throws it on the boot from 50m… just bounces inside the left goalpost and through! (Q1 19:07)
Riewoldt gives to Grigg who misses everything off the left boot from the hotspot. (Q1 20:35)
Nankervis marks a Cotchin ball in front of Martin 45m out in the corridor. His set shot starts left but swings right and through! (Q1 21:44)
Caddy misses a set shot from 30m on the boundary after Bewick kicks OOTF. (Q1 24:02)
Riewoldt marks 45m out on the flank, exact same spot as one he missed earlier in the quarter… this time he misses on the other side. (Q1 26:46)
On a swtich play, Grimes has Ellis in space to waltz to an empty CHF and blaze away under not much pressure… but wide. (Q1 28:12)
Hipwood drops a Dayne Beams ball to the hotspot but the crumb falls in front for him to gather and goal around the corner off the left boot, with Rance wrongfooted. (Q1 28:57)
Menadue marks 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls on the line, goal umpire gets poleaxed, after video review it’s called a goal. (Q2 2:36)
Castagna snaps truly from a stoppage in the pocket after a give outside by Caddy under a tackle. (Q2 4:51)
Bewick is pinged for a hold on Cotchin 40m out on a slight angle. Cotch goals. Richmond in control in this one, as they often are at the Gabba. (Q2 6:10)
Grigg marks 55m out on a slight angle after Robinson gives away a free from the next centre bounce, he gets a 50m penalty for encroachment by McCluggage to ensure the goal. (Q2 7:43)
Berry is pinged for a trip on Vlaustin 45m out on the flank, a legal tackle that slipped down. Vlaustin hits the square, rushed behind. (Q2 9:09)
McCluggage gets a set shot 40m out on a slight angle, but kicks OOTF. (Q2 15:36)
Castagna marks just inside CHF and hits the post. (Q2 16:51)
Lester marks 25m out on the flank and misses, disappointingly. (Q2 21:27)
Hipwood marks at half forward on a fast break, and gets a 50m penalty for encroachment on Martin to take him to the top of the square for an easy goal. (Q2 26:32)
Butler passes to Riewoldt 35m out on a slight angle after the next centre bounce, the goal umpire doesn’t move as the set shot sails over his peaked cap. (Q2 28:17)
Elton takes a contested grab near the hotspot but misses. (Q3 1:08)
Dustin Martin tries a running checkside from 30m on the flank but it drops and is rushed. (Q3 1:08)
Dustin Martin marks on the lead 45m out on a slight angle, and misses. (Q3 4:20)
Rance turns the ball over at CHB, Robinson mops up and goes to Rance’s man Schache 20m out on the flank. Schache kicks truly to make Rance pay. (Q3 6:31)
Caddy snaps truly from a stoppage from near the hotspot off his left boot, too easy that one. (Q3 7:27)
McStay turns the ball over at half back to Dustin Martin, who sends a quick ball to near the hotspot, Rioli crumbs and goals. (Q3 10:13)
Castagna snaps into the behind post from 40m in front after another Lion turnover in midfield. (Q3 11:00)
McStay gives to Taylor who snaps across his body from 45m in front, no one in the square and it falls in. Not much reaction from the crowd, they know it’s junk time. (Q3 15:18)
Dayne Beams snaps wide from a stoppage deep in the pocket. (Q3 16:11)
A 50m penalty against Castagna brings Zorko from the wing to 40m on a slight angle, he goals. (Q3 17:32)
Dayne Beams gets another chance for a snap from a pack 30m out on the flank after a stoppage, this one bounces through. (Q3 19:27)
Zorko misses a snap from the pocket after a stoppage. (Q3 21:55)
Zorko catches Nankervis HTB near the boundary 40m out, but misses. (Q3 24:43)
Rioli receives from Elton and draws a man for a Joe the Goose special for Butler to steady the ship for Richmond. (Q3 25:58)
Rioli gives to Butler again for a snap around the corner from the hotspot, this one goes wide. (Q3 29:01)
Riewoldt has the sit on Andrews for a high ball to the pocket, jumps early but hangs and takes the grab legally. He lines up from 20m, but misses. (Q4 1:17)
Grigg gives to Houli for a snap off a step from 35m on a slight angle, he misses. (Q4 3:22)
Castagna runs free through CHF on a fast break from half back, he chooses to go to Dustin Martin in the pocket, Dusty plays on from 25m and shoots wide under no pressure. (Q4 5:33)
Houli passes to Riewoldt to mark easily under the titchy Rich at the hotspot. Easy goal for Li’l Rooey. (Q4 6:37)
Riewoldt spoils a kick across the back line to the flank, mops up and kicks a champagne footy goal from the boundary 35m out. (Q4 9:31)
Robinson marks on the lead 45m out on a slight angle and sails through a garbage time special. (Q4 17:32)
Grigg clears from the centre, the pass misses McIntosh but Castagna marks on his chest behind the leading pair. He lines up from 40m in front for his third goal. (Q4 19:02)
Dayne Beams takes a pack mark 45m out on a slight angle for a garbage time goal. (Q4 23:47)
Castagna marks on the HBF and sets off around the boundary with Mayes trailing, Riewoldt shepherds and Castagna checksides the goal from 15m. (Q4 26:02)
Schache marks 35m out on a slight angle and misses just before the final siren. (Q4 28:32)

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