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Blog log from R4 of 2017: Collingwood vs St Kilda

Blog log for Collingwood vs St Kilda, R4 of 2017

Varcoe gathers a ground ball cleanly and uses the outside of his boot to find Fasolo on the lead 35m out on a tight angle. Fasolo improves the angle and kicks the opening goal. (Q1 2:17)
Brown kicks long to space where Billings is able to judge it best and mark 50m out. His set shot is wide and short and punched through for a behind. (Q1 13:16)
Sidebottom coughs it up 30m from goal by hand. Billings snaps on the left but misses to the left. (Q1 15:05)
Broomhead has a rushed snap at goal but misses to the left. (Q1 19:29)
Riewoldt on the lead gathers a bouncing ball and hands to Montagna who snaps from a standing start and kicks a nice goal. (Q1 24:14)
Greenwood running in traffic towards 50 gives off a great sideways handball to release Hoskin-Elliott to run to 45m and kick the goal. (Q1 26:01)
Steele intercepts the kick-in, hands to Bruce who kicks a fantastic checkside goal from deep in the pocket. (Q2 3:08)
Smith turns the ball over, Roberton collects and has a shot from 50 but misses to the left. (Q2 7:09)
Goldsack is caught holding the ball, Ross takes the advantage and finds Lonie on the lead 30m from goal on a slight angle. He misses to the right. (Q2 11:26)
Ramsey running through the middle of the ground finds Fasolo on a hard lead 45m from goal. Fasolo goes back and hits the post with the set shot. (Q2 13:04)
Collingwood build methodically through the backline and eventually find Moore in space on the forward flank. He finds Crisp in 40m directly in front and Crisp goals. (Q2 16:52)
Dunstan marks 35m from goal on a 45 degree angle and centres to Billings 45m out directly in front. Billings misses to the right. (Q2 18:55)
The Saints get out the back of the Collingwood defence as Armitage marks 60m out and kicks to a stretching Bruce in the goalsquare. Bruce goals. (Q2 23:52)
Membrey marks 75m from goal and finds Riewoldt 30m from goal directly in front. Riewoldt goals. (Q3 7:22)
Adams squeezes a handball out to Blair who snaps a goal from 25m out directly in front. (Q3 8:00)
Grundy deep in defence taps down to Smith who throws away possession to Acres who kicks an easy goal. (Q3 11:30)
Blair coming out of defence is caught holding the ball by Dunstan 40m out directly in front. He lines up and misses to the right. (Q3 15:15)
White kicks on the run from 50m out, makes the distance easily but misses to the right. (Q3 16:55)
High ball to the goalsquare and Billings rises to take the mark and kick the simple goal. (Q3 24:00)
Gresham loads up from 50 but misses to the right. (Q3 24:28)
Weller hands to Billings who kicks at goal from 30m out but misses to the left. (Q3 26:12)
Maynard running through the middle of the ground finds Elliott on the 50 who finds Fasolo 40m out directly in front. Fasolo misses. (Q4 3:44)
Billings tight on the boundary looks inside and finds Steele 35m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q4 10:09)
Moore with time and space in the middle finds Hoskin-Elliott just on the edge of the goalsquare. Hoskin-Elliott converts. (Q4 16:42)
Howe kicks long to the goalsquare where Hoskin-Elliott spills the mark and Fasolo roves, only to snap a behind. (Q4 26:23)

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