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Blog log from R3 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Adelaide

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Adelaide, R3 of 2017

Sam Gray roves a Douglas kicks from a stoppage on the HFF and snaps from 45m under a tackle… bounces wide. (Q1 7:22)
Jacobs gives outside a big pack on the HFF to Smith who snaps off a step from 55m… just narrow. (Q1 9:25)
Powell-Pepper busts through midfield on the rebound after the kick in, his long ball is spoiled by Hartigan but Dixon wins the footy and gives to Robbie Gray to turn and goal! (Q1 10:00)
Westhoff gets a handball standing still 40m out on a slight angle from Impey after a long centre clearance to the Port hotspot, he rolls through another one! (Q1 11:23)
Laird gets a free for a hold in a big pack at CHF and passes to Walker who marks in front of Clurey 25m out on the flank. Tex shanks it way left. (Q1 13:12)
Again Port goes coast to coast on a rebound, Eddy goes long to the square from the HFF, Impey marks and goals. (Q1 14:08)
Byrne-Jones runs through CHF, bounces and baulks clear but hits the post from the hotspot. (Q1 17:23)
Betts beats Jonas all ends up to mark a Walker ball to the flank 35m out, plays on and laconically rolls a checkside through for his first goal of the evening. (Q1 19:00)
Wingard draws a contact free on Brown 40m out on a slight angle, but tugs the set shot left. (Q1 20:41)
Walker catches Houston late after a mark on the wing to concede 50m and put him 50m out on a slight angle. Houston misses. (Q1 23:05)
Lynch roves a smothered Sloane snap from a pack at the hotspot and avoids a smother attempt to roll home a goal. (Q1 25:17)
Dixon puts up the dukes and clunks a low, hard ball to the hotspot with Talia draped all over him. He makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q1 26:20)
Douglas’ snap around the corner off the left boot from 45m on a slight angle bounces wide. (Q1 28:22)
Cameron roves a Walker contest at the hotspot, his snap falls in the square where somehow Betts is on his own to mark and goal. (Q1 29:08)
Ryder is fourth in line in a pack 45m out on the flank but the ball clears the rest and lands in his big mitts. Paddy misses, though. (Q1 32:09)
Polec is the next Power player to miss, this time with a mid-range snap. (Q1 33:07)
Sloane gets a free on Ebert 40m out on the boundary and just misses. (Q2 3:07)
Wines snaps truly from a stoppage near the hotspot to continue his hot start to the year and the game. (Q2 3:42)
Polec outmarks Knight going for a rebound kick to the HFF 50m out. He tries a pass to the hotspot, Crows swarm and clear. (Q2 6:03)
Cameron takes three bounces on a jetting run around the outer wing, then bullets a pass to Otten leading out near the hotspot. Otten pops through the goal. (Q2 7:00)
Douglas misses a snap from CHF after Hampton wins the next centre clearance. (Q2 8:49)
Wines runs into another open goal after roving a long ball that clears a pack on the HFF. (Q2 10:43)
Lynch marks on the HFF, wheels and sends a low ball for Cameron to mark in front of Byrne-Jones 40m out on a slight angle. The Port crowd hoots, Charlie misses. (Q2 13:59)
Mackay roves a stoppage and is running to the boundary 35m out, he tries a highly unlikely screwing snap that threads the needle for a fine goal! (Q2 16:23)
Hampton clears from the next centre bounce to Walker 50m out on a slight angle. Tex’s set shot is marked next to the behind post by McGovern, who misses. (Q2 16:23)
Crouch kicks short to half forward, no mark but Otten receives from Hampton and snaps from 40m on a slight angle… Crows in front! (Q2 18:23)
Trengove is pinged for blocking Lynch off the fall on the HFF, Lynch passes to Betts at the hotspot who boots his third goal. (Q2 23:52)
Hampton passes to Betts on the boundary 30m out to mark again in front of Byrne-Jones. Eddie misses. (Q2 27:58)
Dixon marks 50m out on the flank but misses to start Q3. (Q3 1:27)
Knight beats Byrne-Jones to mark a very high Douglas clearance kick from a stoppage to the square. He kicks the first goal of the second half. (Q3 4:15)
Otten draws three Port defenders for a long Knight ball near the hotspot, Walker turns rover and checksides an easy goal. (Q3 6:36)
Smith snaps wide under pressure after Douglas decides to handball rather than shoot himself on a turnover play at the hotspot. (Q3 10:06)
Impey runs away from a pack in the centre but kick OOTF from 50m on a slight angle. (Q3 14:48)
Crouch passes to Hampton on the boundary 40m out, who misses everything. (Q3 16:32)
Sloane takes a chest mark in a massive pack at the hotspot from a hopeful Lever ball from the HFF. He goals, just. (Q3 17:31)
Powell-Pepper misses on the run under pressure from 30m on the flank. (Q3 18:51)
Boak lifts the Power home crowd with a snap goal from 50m on a slight angle after playing on from a Wingard pass. (Q3 19:43)
Betts passes to McGovern at CHF, he wheels and goes to Walker 30m out on a slight angle. Walker boots his second goal, Crows well in control of this game. (Q3 22:18)
Port gets a switch play going around members wing, Eddy is on his own on the HFF to receive, play on and steer through his first goal from 30m. (Q3 26:10)
Wingard roves a Dixon contest in the pocket, has Brown all over him but screws a left foot snap from 20m for a lovely goal! That has the crowd up and about. (Q3 27:22)
Wines misses with a checkside from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q4 2:28)
Jonas intercepts on the wing and goes long to Wingard to mark 40m out on the flank. Chad just manages to avoid the right goalpost, Port marching back! (Q4 3:28)
Sam Gray collects a bouncing Boak ball near the goal post, shimmies out of a Laird tackle but hits the post from very close range. (Q4 7:12)
Lynch passes to Walker 45m out near the boundary on the end of a rebound play. The set shot falls on the line, video review, ruled a goal though it was very close to the post. (Q4 9:43)
On a fast break, Walker marks on the wing and goes long over CHF to Lynch 45m out on a slight angle. Lynch steers through the big goal halfway through Q4. (Q4 14:46)
Dixon passes to Powell-Pepper 45m out in the corridor on the end of a rebound around members’ wing. SPP kicks a bit ugly but very straight. (Q4 18:29)
Walker marks on the HFF, wheels and shoots from 55m, it wobbles.. and sails through at half goal post height! (Q4 24:29)
Ryder drops Knight off the ball 30m out on the flank to give away a free kick, Knight seals the game with his second major. (Q4 28:59)
Smith holds Robbie Gray at the hotspot for a junk time goal. (Q4 31:01)

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