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Blog log from R3 of 2017: St Kilda vs Brisbane

Blog log for St Kilda vs Brisbane, R3 of 2017

Bewick turns the ball over under pressure from the last line, Weller chips in to mark 40m out on the flank but misses. (Q1 1:16)
Rich intercepts 50m out on the flank but misses. (Q1 3:35)
After Lester shanks OOTF with a rebound kick to the wing, Bruce marks a Webster ball on the lead 45m out on the flank. He misses. (Q1 5:31)
Gresham is front and centre for a Membrey contest at the hotspot and snaps across his body for the first goal, finally. (Q1 12:28)
Beams rams through the first Brisbane goal with a running snap from 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 15:47)
Cutler fumbles a Rockliff handball on the wing, Newnes releases Acres down the wing, the long ball to the square is dropped by Weller but he has time to gather and goal. (Q1 19:46)
Acres juggles and is paid a mark in a pack 20m out, despite McCluggage getting second touch. He goals. (Q1 21:29)
The Lions overpossess in midfield by hand, Steele bombs long to Montagna on the HFF, he has space but decides to kick to the square for Riewoldt who has two on him… mark, goal! (Q1 27:41)
Rich’s cute little rebound kick lands in the hands of Newnes 45m out on the flank. Newnes’ set shot looks fabulous, but it drops on the line and is touched. (Q1 29:25)
Martin marks at half forward and gives wide to Beams who wobbles a bounced behind from 45m near the boundary, just before the QT siren sounds. (Qtr Time)
Zorko snaps from the pocket, the ball falls on the line, did it hit the post after Carlisle spoiled it and before Hipwood gathered and goaled? Yes, ruled a behind on video review. (Q2 3:58)
Riewoldt snaps his second goal from the goalsquare after Andrews trails him by four steps to the crumb from a pack 15m out. (Q2 7:27)
Dunstan clears from the next centre bounce, the Saints boss the crumb with a series of handballs ending with Geary snapping a rare goal from 20m. (Q2 8:28)
Rich stops the rot with a trademark long bomb from 60m after a give from Zorko, Hipwood manages to shepherd Carlisle off the fall. (Q2 9:43)
Billings passes to Dunstan 20m out on a slight angle, but the set shot is disappointing. (Q2 11:58)
Membrey takes a big pack grab 20m out in front, but he misses a soda as well. (Q2 13:02)
Lonie hits the post with a low snap from a stoppage 20m out on the flank, after sharking a Schache handball. (Q2 15:58)
Bruce misses with a st shot near the boundary 40m out. (Q2 18:30)
Savage marks forward of the wing and gets a 50m penalty on Robinson for encroachment to put him 20m out on a slight angle, he doesn’t miss. (Q2 19:13)
Riewoldt roves a Bruce contest but gets tackled and his snap while slung dribbles wide from 20m. (Q2 20:57)
Robinson leaps high in front of Webster to mark a short Beams ball to 45m on a slight angle. The goal umpire doesn’t move, nice finish by IQ. (Q2 23:08)
Beams passes to Barrett 40m out on a slight angle. He gives off to Rich who just misses. (Q2 25:58)
Beams passes to Schache outside the hotspot after Taylor clears by hand from a stoppage on the wing. Schache boots his first goal with his first kick of the afternoon. (Q2 27:58)
Zorko slams through another one with a snap from outside CHF after a feed from Martin, Brisbane have suddenly woken up! (Q2 29:38)
Dunstan intercepts Cutler on the wing and goes to Bruce 50m out on a slight angle, who misses in the last minute before HT. (Q2 31:59)
McCluggage has a chance to measure a snap from deep in the pocket 25m out after the first centre bounce of Q3, but he just misses. (Q3 0:13)
Bruce marks a Billings ball near the boundary 40m out but misses. (Q3 3:24)
Billings is pinged for a hold on Bell 30m out on the flank as they sit under a long ball. Bell misses. (Q3 5:36)
Ross overruns a ground ball at the Lion hotspot after Bewick spoils, Taylor crumbs and gives back to Bewick for another one for the Lions! (Q3 6:51)
Gresham catches the pinball in a pack 15m out on the flank but misses. (Q3 9:25)
Bewick catches Webster HTB at CHF and plays on to pass to Berry 35m out on the flank. Berry goals, Brisbane on the march in the second half again this year! (Q3 10:39)
Robinson torpedoes from the next centre bounce to the pocket, Zorko picks up and Geary’s tackle goes a little high. Zorko misses from 20m. (Q3 12:19)
The small Lion forward swarm the crumb in a pack at the hotspot, Robinson receives from Lester and snaps the go-ahead goal off the left boot from 20m! (Q3 14:16)
Ross speeds away from the next centre bounce and goes long from 60m… Riewoldt marks behind Andrews in the square and plays on into the open goal! (Q3 15:02)
McStay intercepts on the wing and gives to Rich who sizzles a pass to Bell outside the hotspot. Bell kicks truly this time. (Q3 20:35)
Hipwood roves a Rockliff centre clearance to the HFF but kicks OOTF. (Q3 21:54)
Membrey beats McStay to mark a Riewoldt ball to the hotspot, but he hits the post. (Q3 22:21)
Newnes goes short to Lonie on the boundary 35m out, his ball to the square is dropped by Bruce, the ball is rushed. (Q3 24:53)
Dunstan plays on to advantage into an open goal after a free against Berry at half back. (Q3 25:13)
Bruce marks and misses again from the HFF, four misses from him. (Q3 29:36)
Barrett turns the ball over by hand at half back, Riewoldt marks the Roberton pass 40m out on the flank. Rooey misses. (Q4 1:11)
Membrey beats McStay one on one playing in front to mark a long Riewoldt ball down the flank to 20m. He finally gets a set shot to go straight. (Q4 4:43)
Newnes’ long ball to the pocket bounces past Gresham and through for a behind. (Q4 6:59)
Carlisle marks a long Rich snap from 55m on the line to prevent a goal. (Q4 9:41)
Taylor is behind the Lion defence to mark a long Berry ball on a fast break. He lines up from 20m in front, and makes no mistake. (Q4 11:31)
Dunstan roves a long ball to the hotspot and gives a Joe the Goose special to Montagna in the square. (Q4 13:58)
Billings gives to Gilbert outside a ball up at the hotspot, he snaps wide and ugly off the left boot. (Q4 19:31)
Bruce roves a long ball to the hotspot and rides a tackle to wobble a very high snap through for a big goal! 6:25 to go, almost St Kilda’s game already. (Q4 19:58)
Bell picks up a loose ball at CHF after the next centre bounce and pokes a pass to Barrett just outside the hotspot. Barrett misses, disappointingly. (Q4 20:59)
Weller beats two Lions to mark a long ball to the hotspot on his chest, yet another example of execrable basic defensive play by the Lions today. He goals, put your glasses down. (Q4 23:12)
Cutler gets swamped in a double tackle trying to run out of defence 40m out on a slight angle from the Saints goal. Steele takes the HTB free, and kicks truly. (Q4 25:13)
Schache gets a garbage time goal from point blank range after a free against Hickey for holding the man at a stoppage. (Q4 27:57)
Weller misses a set shot from the HFF. (Q4 27:57)
Weller has a shot after the siren from the pocket 20m out after a free against Zorko, he misses. (Q4 30:43)

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