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Blog log from W3 of 2017: Port Adelaide vs Richmond

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Richmond, W3 of 2017

Grigg runs through an empty CHF area but misses from 40m before the cavalry arrive.s (Q1 2:55)
Nankervis takes a contested grab near the hotspot but misses. (Q1 4:33)
Impey snaps the first goal from a stoppage near the hotspot after inside work by Powell-Pepper. (Q1 7:29)
Polec sharks a Hunt handball deep in the Power forward line, but he hits the post. (Q1 9:54)
Castagna marks a long Cotchin ball on the HFF and sails through a nice finish from 30m. (Q1 11:57)
Riewoldt marks in front of a pack 30m out on the flank, Cotchin again involved in the build up. But he shanks the set shot, not even a score. (Q1 13:39)
Lloyd gets a free on Wines in a pack 35m out on a slight angle, and steers through his first goal of the afternoon. (Q1 15:04)
Wingard passes to Dixon near the boundary 20m out, he judged the ball in the fluky breeze better than Astbury. Dixon kicks truly. (Q1 17:39)
Robbie Gray clears from the next centre bounce, it falls for Sam Gray who bounces through a snap from 35m wide on the flank. (Q1 19:10)
Eddy marks just inside CHF but his set shot is blown off course by a big wind. (Q1 20:25)
Clurey gives away a free for interference on Riewoldt as they sit under a high ball 20m out in front. Riewoldt finishes with no problem. (Q2 3:27)
Rioli gives to Miles who snaps across the body under pressure from near the hotspot, but it’s well wide. (Q2 5:59)
Lennon sends a hopeful ball down the flank to a big pack 30m out, but Riewoldt makes it look good with another big contested grab. Riewoldt goals. (Q2 8:18)
Caddy beats Polec to mark a quick kick to the hotspot, but he misses. (Q2 10:09)
Bonner slips after playing on at the kick in, Vlaustin pounces to catch him HTB next to the square and the turnover goal. (Q2 11:07)
Miles feeds Riewoldt for a miss from half forward. (Q2 12:27)
Hartlett is pinged for a hold on Martin 10m out, another easy goal from a free for Richmond. (Q2 14:33)
Markov bombs to another big pack at the hotspot, Lloyd jumps early but manages to mark without giving away a free. He goals. (Q2 16:27)
Caddy clears after the next centre bounce, again it’s Riewoldt who marks near CHF. He gives to Martin whose snap falls in the square, mad scramble, eventually Rioli goals. (Q2 18:04)
Powell-Pepper catches Butler HTB on the HFF, he gives to Pittard who has Polec near the hotspot for a goal against the tide. (Q2 22:12)
Powell-Pepper passes to the lead of Eddy 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q2 24:09)
Atley gets a free at a stoppage at CHF just before the HT siren. He shanks it, no score. (Q2 26:57)
Westhoff gets a bit of a lucky free on Astbury in the square for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 0:51)
Correction, the FA was on Grimes. (Q3 1:17)
Martin gets a free for an arm chop by Jonas waiting under a Butler ball to 45m on the flank. Dusty’s set shot swerves wickedly in the wind for a behind. (Q3 5:50)
Butler intercepts on the wing, no one in front of him with two Port chasers, he fumbles and soccers, and wins the foot race to volley Home from the square. (Q3 10:27)
Dixon marks just inside 50m on a slight angle and misses. (Q3 14:58)
Eddy marks near the boundary 35m out, he finally lives up to his dead-eye reputation with a fabulous set shot in swirly wind that sails straight through. (Q3 16:29)
Ryder taps down at a stoppage on the HFF, Powell-Pepper feeds Atley for a nice goal on the run from 25m. (Q3 18:28)
Nankervis feeds Grigg for a miss from deep in the pocket. (Q3 19:14)
Butler plays on to advantage after a free in a pack at the hotspot, but he misses from 15m after encountering traffic. (Q3 22:50)
Vlaustin marks a Riewoldt ball at CHF, his man goes to ground so he plays on but misses from 40m. (Q3 24:37)
Wines hits the post with a mid range snap. (Q4 3:01)
Dixon gets a free on Astbury near the boundary 40m out and misses again. (Q4 5:31)
Butler shanks a set shot from the hotspot for another behind. (Q4 10:12)
Atley misses a long range snap. (Q4 11:03)
Trengove is called to play on from a set shot at the hotspot and misses, inexplicably. (Q4 13:46)
Lloyd roves a pack at the hotspot and puts the result beyond doubt with a snap goal. (Q4 14:49)
Polec misses a snap on the run from CHF. (Q4 15:28)
Lloyd breaks a tackle in the centre and finds Lennon at the hotspot, but he also can’t manage to kick straight in the fluky wind. (Q4 16:46)
Grigg roves and hits the post from the flank 25m out. (Q4 17:40)
Ryder is pinged for a push in the back on Nankervis in ruck near the hotspot. Nankervis completes a pretty good day with a goal. (Q4 21:38)

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