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Blog log from GF of 2017: Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Gold Coast vs Western Bulldogs, GF of 2017

Ablett marks a Miller ball 40m out for the first goal after losing his opponent in transition. (Q1 2:41)
Lynch marks on the lead 25m out on the flank and just avoids the near goalpost for the second major. Dogs already second to the ball in early play. (Q1 5:11)
Hall it was with the goal assist pass. (Q1 5:11)
Cloke runs back behind Thompson to mark a Crameri ball 40m out near the boundary. He misses the tough set shot. (Q1 11:07)
Picken dives in front of Joyce and marks a quick Cloke kick from congestion at half forward to 25m on the flank, and steers through the first Bulldog goal. (Q1 13:12)
Cloke marks near the last spot he had a shot from, even harder this one, and kicks across the face for no score. (Q1 17:27)
Lynch has a moment to think in traffic on the HFF and finds Barlow all on his own running through CHF, he plays on to baulk a man and snap the goal from 20m. (Q1 19:12)
Ball up at the Suns hotspot, you know Ablett is dangerous in this situation, the Dog defenders seem flat footed as he roves and steps past Murphy to snap his second major. (Q1 21:43)
Cordy starts a rebound from half back that ends with Johannisen marking a Dahlhaus ball near the hotspot, but JJ misses. (Q1 23:57)
Picken marks near an empty CHF, runs to 45m and misses. (Q1 25:32)
Wright is over the back all on his own in the square to gather a Sexton ball and goal on the end of a long-developing rebound around the wing. (Q1 26:38)
Lynch rises in front of Roberts to mark an Ah Chee ball on the behind line for goal number two. (Q1 27:38)
Stringer screws a snap from a pack near the boundary 35m out for a behind. (Q2 0:27)
Sexton draws a free for a push by Suckling in a marking contest 40m out on the flank, but his set shot is a shank for no score. (Q2 2:47)
From the resulting throw-in, Johannisen coughs the ball up under a tackle to Lynch who snaps his third goal from 20m. (Q2 4:02)
Rosa has time and space on the HFF to hit Martin leading to 40m on a slight angle. He adds to the Doggy pain with a lovely set shot, goal ump is stationary. (Q2 8:31)
Lynch marks on the lead near CHF and hoofs through his fourth goal before HT. Suns are in complete control, Dogs are still in the starting hutches. (Q2 13:38)
Swallow wins a battle of strength against Biggs sitting under a long ball to the hotspot. He goals as well, it’s a procession! (Q2 17:55)
Suckling gets a rare goal for the Bulldogs with a set shot from just inside 50m on the flank, after marking a Smith pass. (Q2 23:09)
Afte rthe next centre bounce, Ah Chee sets up Hanley for a run down the wing, he reaches the HFF and goes to the square where Lynch marks and goals, five for him and three for Q2. (Q2 24:03)
Suckling has another opportunity, this time with a supergoal attempt from 55m on the flank… it’s good! (Q2 26:24)
Sexton misses a set shot on the HFF after a pass by Lynch. (Q2 27:54)
Liberatore snaps truly from 15m after Jong wins a hard footy after a stoppage and gives outside. (Q2 29:25)
Murphy delivers a lovely diagonal ball from the HFF over the hotspot to space on the opposite flank where Picken marks 35m out. But he misses. (Q3 1:50)
Picken leads Joyce to a loose ball near the boundary 40m out but rolls his snap across the face. (Q3 2:57)
Swallow picks up a loose ball at CHF but misses on the run. (Q3 6:51)
Sexton hits the lead of Wright next to the hotspot, who boots his second goal of the evening. (Q3 8:17)
Suckling pokes a pass from the HFF to Jong 45m out on a slight angle. Jong gives back to Suckling who launches another supergoal! (Q3 12:25)
Stringer beats Leslie to mark a very high ball to the hotspot for his first goal. (Q3 14:31)
Ablett passes to Martin deep in the pocket, who misses from 20m. (Q3 17:05)
Ainsworth gets a Joe the Goose special from Barlow as the Suns have massive numbers forward on a fast break from half back. (Q3 18:48)
Jong gets an obvious free on Ablett for front-on contact sitting under a Daniel ball near the hotspot, he goals. (Q3 20:50)
Crameri gives a Joe the Goose special to Hunter despite a man on, after a rebound from half back. (Q3 24:30)
The Suns again dominate the centre bounce, Sexton marks in a pack at the hotspot and kicks his first goal. (Q3 25:34)
Martin screws a snap under heavy pressure from 40m on the flank into the post. (Q4 0:21)
Stringer naps his second goal from a stoppage 45m out on the flank off a step, under a tackle by May. (Q4 1:28)
Miller marks at the hotspot and kicks truly. (Q4 2:49)
Stringer marks a Biggs pass from the wing leading in front of Saad next to the hotspot, and goals again. (Q4 4:34)
Ah Chee marks 30m out wide on the flank and misses. (Q4 5:35)
Picken roves a Witts drop near the hotspot and snaps truly. (Q4 8:49)
Macrae marks 45m out on the flank and sails through his set shot. (Q4 11:19)
Dahlhaus bursts from the next centre bounce and passes to Crameri who draws a free for contact by Kolodjashnij. Crameri lines up from 20m on the flank, and kicks truly. (Q4 12:32)
Crameri misses a set shot from the pocket. (Q4 16:35)
Bontempelli snaps the go-ahead goal after Martin drops a relieving mark at defensive hotspot. (Q4 18:20)
Ainsworth roves a stoppage near the hotspot, has a man in front, feigns a handball then grubbers himself… wide. (Q4 19:08)
Brodie runs up the wing and goes long to Lynch who beats the hapless Roberts to mark at the hotspot and boot his sixth goal with his first touch of the second half. (Q4 20:20)
Stringer has Hunter in the square on a fast break, Hunter lets it bounce through for a supergoal. (Q4 23:05)
Daniel misses from 40m on the flank after a rather soft 50m penalty against Rosa following a mark on the wing. (Q4 25:11)
Suckling intercepts a wobbly rebound kick by May and runs to the 50m paint to deliver another trademark supergoal. This one is over. (Q4 26:35)
Dahlhaus is over the back to run onto a bouncing inside 50 and into another open goal. (Q4 29:06)

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