Blog log from R16 of 2016: Essendon vs St Kilda

Merrett kicks centrally where Daniher marks over Savage. He lines up from 45m out and misses to the right. (Q1 2:57)
Laverde wins a fairly soft free for in the back against Savage. Laverde lines up from the pocket and slots a nice goal. (Q1 9:18)
Roberton chips inside 50 to Bruce who got away from Gwilt. Bruce lines up from 45m out and misses to the right. (Q1 11:26)
Ross breaks away from a stoppage on the wing and finds Riewoldt on the lead 35m out on a slight angle. Riewoldt misses to the right. (Q1 13:16)
Long ball into the Saints’ forward line and Riewoldt opts not to fly, instead roving at the back of the pack and he runs into an open goal. (Q1 15:16)
Roberton marks on the wing and Michael gives away a 50m penalty for encroaching on the mark. Roberton from 40m out kicks the goal. (Q1 16:34)
Armitage kicks centrally inside 50 and hits Gresham on the chest 45m from goal. He misses to the right. (Q1 18:20)
Tipungwuti hands to Dempsey 45m from goal and Dempsey slots it off one step! Classy finish. (Q1 21:02)
McDonald-Tipungwuti hands to Parish who has a running shot at goal from 45m but it fades to the right. (Q1 22:55)
St Kilda go coast to coast as it comes to Membrey in the pocket who releases Minchington to run into an open goal. (Q1 24:09)
Newnes roves a forward 50 contest, bursts through a tackle and snaps a nice goal 25m out. (Q1 27:57)
Long ball into forward 50 from Tipungwuti and it somehow falls in the arms of Hams uncontested. He goes back and goals from 20m out. (Q2 3:16)
Goddard with time and space in the middle of the ground hits up Fantasia 35m from goal directly in front. Set shot misses to the right. (Q2 4:32)
50m penalty awarded in the middle of the ground for late contact on McDonald-Tipungwuti from Ross. McDonald-Tipungwuti has a set shot from 40m out an goals. (Q2 8:52)
Riewoldt in the pocket centres to Ross who marks 20m from goal, plays on and goals. (Q2 10:37)
Merrett marks 75m from goal and hits up Fantasia on the lead 40m from goal directly in front. He goes back and goals. (Q2 14:07)
Fantasia streams through the middle of the ground, hands over the top to Tipungwuti who misses a relatively simple shot on the run from 35m out. (Q2 16:01)
McKernan inexplicably handballs to Newnes in the middle of the ground. Newnes runs and kicks to Membrey who wins a one on one with Hartley. Membrey goals from 30m out. (Q2 18:42)
Minchington improves the angle with a pass to Dunstan 45m from goal directly in front. Dunstan goals. (Q2 25:31)
Parish pounces on a pressured Savage handball and snaps a nice goal from 25m out. (Q2 28:51)
Daniher forcefully fends off a tackle and hands to Fantasia who runs to 35 and slots the goal. (Q3 6:06)
Long ball in from Ambrose and Daniher flies high to take a big pack mark. Set shot from 25m out on a tight angle is no good. (Q3 8:47)
Savage running from the backline is run down by Laverde! Set shot from the top of the goalsquare is good! (Q3 8:47)
Fantasia off one step rushes his kick and misses a shot for goal to the left. (Q3 13:54)
Hickey shows some composure and hits Gresham on the lead 30m from goal on a 45 degree angle. Gresham goals. (Q3 15:15)
Long ball into the Saints’ forward line gets out the back and Bruce reacts best to run into an open goal. (Q3 17:00)
Lovely pickup from Weller just outside 50, he turns and hits Membrey lace out 35m from goal directly in front. Goal. (Q3 23:55)
Daniher dances around a couple of opponents, hands to Tipungwuti who steps Montagna and snaps the goal. (Q3 25:51)
Poor switch from Parish as he turns it over to Membrey who snaps a fantastic goal. (Q3 27:45)
Tipungwuti marks 60m from goal and pumps a long kick to Daniher’s advantage. Daniher marks and runs into an open goal. (Q3 29:16)
Tipungwuti finds Fantasia on the lead 45m from goal. Fantasia launches at goal and flushes it! Great goal. (Q4 7:58)
Brown marks 30m from goal but sprays his set shot to the left. Bad miss. (Q4 9:13)
The ball falls to Dempsey at the back of the stoppage 50m from goal, he kicks at goal off one step but misses to the right. (Q4 12:42)
Brown roves his own contest, snaps at goal and slots it! Scores level. (Q4 14:00)
Merrett quickly out of the middle and Daniher flies high and takes another big grab! Set shot 40m from goal, directly in front misses badly to the left. (Q4 15:28)
The long kickout from Montagna is punched back into the forward 50 where Merrett pounces and slots a goal. (Q4 16:29)
Holding free called on Hartley goes to Membrey 40m out directly in front. He goals. (Q4 17:40)
St Kilda win a big contest on the wing, it comes to Membrey who finds Weller out the back and he snaps a goal. 11 point lead for St Kilda, 3 minutes remaining. (Q4 26:58)
Essendon turn it over in defence and Steven gets on the end of it to kick a running goal from 25m out on a tight angle. (Q4 28:05)
Goddard running through the middle finds Daniher on a strong lead 40m from goal directly in front. He goals but it’s too late for the Bombers. (Q4 31:43)

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