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Blog log from R16 of 2016: West Coast vs North Melbourne

Blog log for West Coast vs North Melbourne, R16 of 2016

Early goals to Darling and Kennedy got the Eagles off to a flier, but the Roos have hit back with Goldstein and Wood dragging the scoreboard back. (Q1 19:09)
Clarke passes to Wood in front of Schofield 45m out on the flank, who misses. (Q1 22:47)
Kennedy marks a Cripps ball 40m out in front and goals. (Q1 23:24)
Petrie roves a Brown contest and measures a left foot snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle… screws into the post. (Q2 5:04)
Cripps marks at 45m on a slight angle on a fast break, plays on and snaps truly to an empty square. (Q2 7:43)
Hurn roves a spoiled ball to the pocket 30m out and snaps a nice opportunist goal. (Q2 9:47)
Shuey bounces through a behind from half forward. (Q2 11:17)
Brown rolls through a snap from fully 60m out on a slight angle, taking a nice swerving roll from left to right past the goalpost! (Q2 12:48)
Cripps marks on the boundary 25m out and squeezes through a nice set shot for his second goal. (Q2 14:32)
McGinnity pushes Gibson into the fence to give away a free on the boundary 35m out, Gibson threads the needle for a fine goal in his 100th game! (Q2 16:54)
Brown gives away a ruck free to Lycett on the HFF, Dumont is pinged 50m for timewasting, Lycett gets the easy goal from the square. (Q2 21:18)
Harvey gets a high contact free on Butler at a throw in to the hotspot. Boomer hits the post, much to the delight of the rollicking home crowd. (Q2 24:14)
North locks in the kick in, Harvey passes to Anderson at the hotspot. He kicks truly. (Q2 24:35)
Kennedy marks a McGinnity ball 35m out and decides to give to LeCras running past, but LeCras burns it horribly for a disappointing behind under no pressure. (Q2 27:05)
Ray sets up Gibson for a snap off a step from 30m on the flank after a stoppage… just wide. (Q2 29:35)
Brown marks a Harvey ball behind Schofield near the hotspot with skill, flying backwards into a pack. He boots goal number two. (Q2 31:20)
Kennedy beats an outpositioned Thompson to marks 40m out on the flank, and navigates a tricky breeze to slide through his third goal. (Q2 33:33)
Yeo marks near the hotspot, Ziebell smashes him late to concede 50 and ensure the goal. (Q2 35:05)
Red time goals to West Coast just before HT have undone a lot of good earlier work by the Kangaroos. (Q2 35:35)
Shuey passes to McGinnity 20m out on a slight angle to mark in front of McKenzie, who was lucky not to give away 50 with a late push. McGinnity goals anyway. (Q3 4:00)
Gaff marks just outside 50m on a slight angle, yet another 50m penalty against North puts him in the square for another easy goal. (Q3 6:55)
Ziebell it was who was pinged for encroachment. (Q3 6:55)
LeCras marks a quick Gaff clearance kick from a stoppage on the wing to 40m on a slight angle, in front of Macmillan. The Frenchman goals. (Q3 9:40)
Kennedy gets a free for a hold on Tarrant in the pocket 20m out. He misses. (Q3 12:30)
Gaff is on an acre of space on the wing on a fast break, he goes to Kennedy over the back of Tarrant near the hotspot, but JJK misses again. (Q3 15:56)
Dumont converts a set shot from deep in the pocket, but by this stage it’s too late and the Eagles look to have things in control. (Q3 20:41)
Brown marks a Thomas ball from the HFF near the behind line, Schofield not doing enough to spoil. He boots his third goal. (Q3 22:21)
Shuey clears from a stoppage on the wing to Kennedy on the flank 35m out, yet another 50m penalty for an incident off the ball involving Macmillan results in yet another easy goal. (Q3 29:07)
Darling marks and misses from 40m on a slight angle to kick off Q4 junk time. (Q4 0:43)
LeCras roves a long Yeo ball to a pack 20m out and kicks a trademark garbage time goal. (Q4 3:43)
Masten marks a hurried Swallow clearance from the BP to 40m on the flank. He goals. (Q4 7:04)
Ben Brown snaps an unlikely goal under McGovern pressure from the boundary 20m out. (Q4 10:34)
harvey baulks away from Barrass and misses from 40m out in the vortex pocket. (Q4 13:45)
Wellingham falls over to allow Thomas to gather a bouncing ball near the hotspot and goal. (Q4 14:22)
Mullett passes to Petrie 40m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q4 16:11)
Thomas roves a Ziebell contest at the top of the square and kicks his second goal. (Q4 17:09)
Mitch Brown passes to Cripps at 45m on the flank who kicks his third goal. (Q4 27:31)

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