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Blog log from R17 of 2016: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2016

Franklin passes to Papley at 45m on a slight angle on the end of a rebound from halfback started by Rampe. Papley misses everything, OOTF. (Q1 1:55)
Rohan snaps around the corner with a careful screwing ball from 40m on the flank and rolls through the first goal. (Q1 4:18)
Puopolo forces a turnover on Mills in a tackle on the wing, the Hawks work it to the HFF where Sicily goes long to the square for Gunston to mark over Rampe and goal. (Q1 6:53)
Correction, Hannebery not Mills. (Q1 7:56)
Hewett gives to Kennedy for a snap across the body after a stoppage near the hotspot, but it’s wide off the left boot. (Q1 9:13)
Three Swans spoils Lewis at CHF for Sydney, they have numbers at the fall too, Parker gives to Towers who goals with a snap from 40m in front. (Q1 10:11)
The hospital pass came from Stratton, Parker himself with the key fist. (Q1 10:44)
Richards marks on the lead in front of Brand near the boundary 40m out. He gives to Franklin who misses. (Q1 12:00)
Mills breaks a Burgoyne tackle on the wing and passes to Parker 50m out on a slight angle. Parker’s set shot falls on the line and into the post. (Q1 14:44)
McVeigh gets in trouble on the HBF under Hawk pressure and shanks a kick to a pack, the crumb falls perfectly for Lewis to steam onto and bang through from 40m! (Q1 16:25)
Rioli hits the crumb to a pack on the wing at speed and goes long to the HFF, Smith brings the ball to ground against two Swans, Hill roves and baulks to snap truly from 35m! (Q1 18:07)
Kennedy roves Naismith at a stoppage near the hotspot, holds a man off with strength and drops the ball to foot for a sensational grubbing goal! (Q1 19:27)
Rohan marks a Franklin ball to a pack 30m out on a slight angle, and kicks his second goal. (Q1 22:12)
Papley roves a long ball to a pack at the hotspot and full tilt but is running sideways to goal and misses badly. (Q1 26:46)
Burgoyne gives to Lewis outside a stoppage on the HFF, he snaps off a step from 40m… touched into the goalpost. (Q1 29:24)
Sydney dominated that quarter in nearly every aspect except the scoreboard. The Hawks have had to manufacture scores out of very little. They can’t keep this up all game. (Qtr Time)
The Hawks decided to put Gibson on a man today and have Hodge as seventh defender, which is not working because Gibson’s man Rohan has two goals already. (Qtr Time)
Franklin has moved up the ground and has put on several Sydney goals already with incisive inside 50s. (Qtr Time)
Sydney’s scores from stoppages are worrying for Hawthorn, as are the simple weight of possession and territory. (Qtr Time)
Duryea hits Puopolo on the lead in front of McVeigh in the pocket after the Hawks get a rare switch play to work. Poppy splits the middle from 30m. (Q2 1:18)
Rioli is front and centre for a long Birchall ball up the guts to McEvoy 20m out, Cyril goals to put Hawthorn in the lead, amazingly! (Q2 3:36)
Hill marks on the wing, Hewett encroaches to give away 50m and put him 30m out on a slight angle. Hill shanks it badly, just a behind. (Q2 6:03)
A ricochet off the boot of Rohan from a pack 20m out dribbles wide, unluckily. (Q2 9:03)
Jones tries to muscle out of a Hill tackle on the boundary 40m out but the ump pays HTB. Hill misses. (Q2 14:03)
Gunston marks a floating Duryea right foot kick on the boundary 25m out. Gunston screws through a standing snap on the set shot for another goal out of nothing! (Q2 17:43)
Lewis wins a HTB free on the wing and sails a long ball down the flank for Rioli to plant a knee in the back of young Mills and take a screamer! (Q2 20:05)
Cyril’s set shot is horrid but luckily falls for Whitecross in the opposite pocket, who misses. (Q2 20:35)
The Swans’ new structure this week didn’t work that quarter. Franklin was delivering inside 50 but the Hawks were able to spoil, and rode their luck to keep the Swans goalless. (Half Time)
Kennedy and Parker slowed down that quarter as the Hawks took control with the outside possession game they love so much. (Half Time)
The main feature of the game has been pressure on the ballcarrier, especially frontal pressure, and the best in the comp right now is Puopolo, who has been a terror. (Half Time)
The Hawks’ Achilles heel the last two years has been when teams get hold of them for 15 minutes or so with stoppages and conversions. Sydney needs a period like that. (Half Time)
Burgoyne passes to Breust at 45m on the flank after the ball spends almost the entire first five minutes of Q3 in the Hawthorn forward half. Breust doesn’t score. (Q3 2:32)
Hill centres to Burgoyne at 40m on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 3:12)
Towers gathers a bouncing Hannebery ball at the hotspot and snaps around the corner under pressure, but wide. (Q3 4:28)
Papley roves a Jack clearance ball to Franklin 40m out in front and just squeezes the snap inside the right goalpost! (Q3 10:53)
Sam Mitchell passes to Gunston 50m out near the boundary, who misses. (Q3 14:18)
Tom Mitchell passes to Rohan 40m out on a slight angle on the end of a rebound from the last line, Rohan boots goal number three to level the scores. (Q3 16:34)
Rioli gives to Gunston who snaps wide from 30m on a slight angle off the left boot. (Q3 18:19)
Franklin marks strongly over Frawley on the boundary 45m out, but doesn’t score. (Q3 21:04)
Rohan flies unopposed in front of a pack on the flank 45m out and marks for his fourth goal! Sydney back in front. (Q3 22:49)
Grundy marks a Birchall kick from the last line over Sicily 50m out on the flank. He sits the ball up to the square, Sinclair marks and goals! (Q3 25:34)
O’Rourke marks on the wing, Jack encroaches to give away 50m just before the 3QT siren! JOR lines up from near the hotspot, and goals! (Q3 27:19)
Sydney won the arm wrestle that quarter, it’s a close contest and it will be big moments that decide it. Rohan has got away from Gibson for four big ones, that may be the key. (3 Qtr Time)
Puopolo chases Naismith bustling out of defence to force a turnover, Burgoyne picks up and busts a tackle to goal from 40m! (Q4 1:52)
Hill marks a Duryea ball in the pocket 25m out but kicks OOTF. (Q4 3:42)
Parker receives from Rohan and snaps off a step from a pack at the hotspot and wobbles it through to restore the Swans lead! (Q4 7:53)
Breust gathers a bouncing O’Rourke ball near the hotspot, baulks clear of two Swans but misses. (Q4 8:42)
Litherland gets pinged for deliberate OOB near the behind post, but Papley doesn’t score. (Q4 9:41)
Franklin misses off a step from 35m on the flank. (Q4 10:42)
Sicily snaps from 20m after roving his own contest to a Hodge ball, but it’s touched off the boot and wide. (Q4 13:17)
Jack gives to Hannebery after a stoppage for a quick snap from 40m on a slight angle, but it’s wide. (Q4 14:38)
McGlynn gives away 50m for encroachment after Ceglar marks on the wing. Ceglar lines up from 30m on a slight angle. Ceglar steers through the goal, Hawks back in front. (Q4 17:24)
Papley bullocks Hodge off the fall of a clearance kick by Jack to half forward, he gathers and runs to 45m on a slight angle to slam through a massive goal! (Q4 19:09)
Franklin beats Frawley one on one to mark 40m out on the flank, on the end of a rebound started by Grundy from the BP. Buddy kicks OOTF. (Q4 24:14)
4:30 to go. (Q4 24:14)
Kennedy gives to Hannebery who misses after a stoppage in the pocket. 4:06. (Q4 25:10)
Jack roves near the hotspot but misses. 3:43. (Q4 25:34)
Hill breaks the line with a run from halfback, Lewis bombs long to the HFF, Rioli contests, the crumb falls for Burgoyne who goals from 50m! 3:16 to go. (Q4 26:32)
Burgoyne clears from the next centre bounce but Rohan marks in relief. (Q4 27:25)
Stoppage on the wing after Towers gets pushed OOB, 2:42. (Q4 27:55)
Secondary ball in, 2:34. (Q4 27:55)
Jack clears, Towers marks on the HFF but Frawley spoils near the 50m paint, ball in, 1:58. (Q4 29:10)
Lewis down to Mitchell, Gunston contests, Isaac Smith goes long to the HFF where Rioli marks just inside 50! (Q4 29:43)
Cyril Rioli kicks the goal to put the Hawks in front! 1:17 to go! (Q4 29:55)
Parker to kennedy for the clearance, Hodge spoils, Hawks clear, McVeigh smothered by Hodge trying to pump it back in, ball in on the wing, 49 seconds. (Q4 31:27)
Ceglar to Burgoyne to Isaac Smith for the clearance, ball in on centre wing, 38 seconds. (Q4 31:56)
Hill fumbles, Aliir clears, Lewis roves, Rioli marks on the wing and plays tempo until the final siren, Hawks win! (Q4 32:26)

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