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Blog log from R16 of 2016: Geelong vs Sydney

Blog log for Geelong vs Sydney, R16 of 2016

Jack snaps truly from a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle for the first goal, almost the entire Swans team gets around him! (Q1 0:50)
In his 200th game and with his girlfriend splashed across the papers all week, that was a big moment for Jack. (Q1 1:23)
Franklin marks in front of Lonergan 40m out on the flank from a quick Papley ball. Buddy goals, Swans have the jump! (Q1 3:52)
Dangerfield gets pinged for encroachment to bring Towers from the wing to the top of the square. Towers goals as well, Sydney are rolling! (Q1 7:11)
Cockatoo is luckily paid a mark in the pocket from a ball that looked to come off the hands of Aliir first. He goals from 20m. (Q1 9:20)
Rohan gives to Richards who misses on the turn from 15m out on the flank. (Q1 10:08)
Mills picked up a loose ball 45m out on a slight angle, breaks a Cockatoo tackle and kicks ugly but straight to an empty square… bunces behind Taylor and through! (Q1 12:09)
The goal assist give from a pack came from Hannebery. (Q1 12:24)
Smith catches Cockatoo HTB in defence, Mitchell plays on to advantage but Menzel mows him down too, HTB 50m out on a slight angle! Menzel goals, just. (Q1 18:09)
Hawkins gets a free for contact before the ball arrives by Grundy, a push in the sternum too early. The Tomahawk lines up from 20m on the flank, and goals. (Q1 21:20)
Rose passes to Hannebery wide on the flank 40m out. Hanners misses the lot, OOTF. (Q1 24:55)
Enright marks unopposed 40m out in front from a clever Selwood ball from congestion on the HFF. Boris misses as the QT siren blows. (Q1 29:25)
It’s frenetic, it’s a bit dewy so the ball control is not quite there but the quality of the two sides is apparent. Sydney probably should be a goal or two further in front. (Qtr Time)
Dangerfield catches Rohan HTB after the first centre bounce of Q2, runs away and goes to Blicavs spreading from the centre to the flank 45m out. Blicavs kicks OOTF. (Q2 0:45)
Smith pushes Naismith in the back with his elbow and marks a high ball 20m out in front. He goals. (Q2 2:01)
Menzel leaps over McVeigh to take a screamer in the square after the Cats force multiple repeat inside 50s since Sydney’s structures have evaporated. He goals. (Q2 8:24)
The Swans’ lack of a strong CHF to provide a contest on the way out means Geelong are pumping the ball back in time and time again. (Q2 9:31)
Bartel is pinged for encroachment on the wing to bring Jones to 30m on the flank. He goals. (Q2 10:44)
That was a massive bonus goal for Sydney. (Q2 11:17)
Papley marks in space outside CHF, runs to 55m and goes long to an empty square…. bounces through! (Q2 18:44)
Towers set that goal up from midfield. (Q2 19:27)
Cockatoo catches Hewett high at a stoppage near the hotspot. Hewett carefully pokes the set shot inside the right post for another one for Sydney! (Q2 21:00)
Bartel turns the ball over at halfback to Mitchell who gives to Parker, his long ball is marked by Richards next to the behind post. The set shot is narrow. (Q2 26:31)
Kennedy shoots on the run from 60m on a slight angle, Taylor watches it pitch behind him and wide. (Q3 1:56)
Richards gives to Mitchell at CHF, he baulks two Cats and bounces through another behind. (Q3 2:48)
Lloyd is on his own at half forward for a short Kennedy ball that is smothered but gets to him, he turns and shoots from 45m on a slight angle before Dangerfield closes… goal! (Q3 4:09)
Enright is behind a pack on the HFF to gather a blind kick from behind a stoppage by Towers, he shoots immediately… and sails it through from 45m! (Q3 8:34)
Jack hits the crumb to a Franklin contest from a Lloyd ball at full speed, measures a grubbing checkside off his left boot and squeezes it home from 20m! (Q3 10:05)
Jack had to run around Lonergan to get clear for that attempt and did it easily. (Q3 10:39)
Dangerfield runs away from the next centre bounce but misses from true CHF just before the cavalry arrives. (Q3 11:11)
Franklin marks a short ball on the boundary 45m out. The home Geelong fans boo lustily, but Buddy misses. (Q3 13:24)
Franklin marks on the wing, swings around and hits Richards on a quick lead up the corridor at 45m. Richards goals, that was a big one! (Q3 16:23)
Towers turns the ball over to Duncan from the HBF, Duncan goes back towards Towers but Bartel marks over him 40m out on the flank. Jimmy hits the post. (Q3 19:10)
Parker gets a high contact free on Duncan in the square off the fall of the ball in a marking contest for a charity goal that quietens the home Cat fans. (Q3 20:36)
That is just about the sealer already. Dangerfield can’t do much more. (Q3 20:55)
Murdoch just manages to roost a set shot from the HFF over the goal line for a much-needed goal for Geelong nearing 3QT. (Q3 25:10)
McVeigh spoils a Cockatoo attack from the wing to start a rebound, Aliir goes long to the HFF, eventually Kennedy snaps truly from 30m! (Q4 1:46)
Dangerfield marks the Selwood clearance from the next centre bounce in front of Rampe 45m out on the flank, but misses. (Q4 2:16)
Mitchell gets a lucky bounce from a Jones rebound kick to the wing, he bounces twice and has Franklin on the HFF, he goes down the line for Rose 15m out, who kicks OOTF. (Q4 5:16)
Mills comes off his man and spoils on the wing to force a turnover, Kennedy goes to Towers 50m out on a slight angle. Towers roosts a big goal, that is officially the sealer! (Q4 7:16)
Dangerfield answers after the next centre bounce with a snap from near CHF, did it shave the goalpost? Video review confirms a goal. (Q4 8:31)
Selwood marks near the boundary 35m out, but misses. (Q4 13:57)
Papley outmarks Ruggles in the square sitting under a very long Rohan ball from the HFF for a junk time goal. (Q4 16:57)
Duncan passes to the lead of Hawkins at 45m on the flank. The Tomahawk goals, belatedly. (Q4 19:47)
Jack marks a Jones ball to the HFF 50m out, no one near him but he goes back for the set shot anyway to burn the clock. He kicks OOTF. (Q4 23:27)
Jack kicks his third goal from a set shot from CHF, again his teammates swamp him in his 200th game. (Q4 26:27)

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