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Blog log from R16 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Collingwood

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Collingwood, R16 of 2016

Cloke roves a Moore contest at the hotspot and rides a tackle to give to Varcoe for the first goal with a snap across the body. (Q1 1:11)
Kelly misses a running snap from 40m on the flank. (Q1 1:57)
Cameron beats Brown one on one to mark a high centring Steele ball to the hotspot. He goals. (Q1 3:45)
Patton fights at the hotspot with Reid to give out to Ward who has Kelly outside for another snap from space 30m out on a slight angle, this time he kicks truly. (Q1 5:19)
Williams receives and bombs long from the next centre bounce to Patton to mark easily 25m out on the flank. But the General shanks it way right. (Q1 6:30)
Pendlebury baulks on the wing and centres to Reid on a switch, he goes to Moore to mark in front of Tomlinson 40m out on the flank. Moore misses. (Q1 8:01)
Kelly hits the crumb from a big pack on the HFF at pace and starts a chain of handballs: Greene, Johnson, back to Kelly then Ward to run into the open goal! Fine play! (Q1 11:01)
Crisp runs onto a bouncing handball from De Goey and has a ping from 40m in the corridor after the next centre bounce… wide. (Q1 11:30)
Big pack under a long Whitfield ball from the HFF, Patton stands tall in the middle of it to mark and goal. That’s what he’s there for! (Q1 12:59)
Fasolo mops up a bouncing Varcoe ball at the hotspot and gives to Aish who measures a right foot snap across the body… just inside the left post for a goal. (Q1 14:53)
Moore does a one-two with Blair after marking on the wing and goes long to the top of the square where Cloke stands strong in front of Williams to mark and goal. That’s his go! (Q1 20:17)
Shiel plays on to advantage from a HTB free against Crisp in the centre, runs to 55m in front and bounces through a goal to an empty square. (Q1 21:45)
Patfull marks a quick clearance by Greene from a stoppage on the HFF to the corridor 40m out, with Reid playing from behind. The General goals again. (Q1 24:23)
Q1 has been a shootout, and it’s partly because Buckley has decided to tag Shaw and do without a seventh defender. Good for footy, if not good for Shaw’s fantasy owners. (Q1 25:22)
Reid spoils a long ball to Cameron in the pocket, Palmer can’t crumb but Reid goes to ground to allow Cameron to mop up and goal from point blank range. (Q1 28:43)
The tag on Shaw is the right move, but Collingwood’s defence is being exposed up the other end, with Patton too big and strong for Marsh. (Qtr Time)
Buckley’s gamestyle today is reminiscent of Melbourne’s recent developmental mode where they concentrated on their own scoreboard to the detriment of the result. (Qtr Time)
Crisp passes to the lead of Cloke in front of Davis just inside 50m on a slight angle. The range will test the old feller… he shanks it, Giants clear. (Q2 0:16)
But Haynes’ rebound kick from the BP is intercepted by Howe at 45m on the flank, leaping in front of Johnson. But he doesn’t score either, Haynes marks in relief. (Q2 1:32)
Sidebottom passes to White leading up in front of Haynes to 40m on a slight angle. White kicks truly. (Q2 3:42)
Adams sails through a goal from 30m on the flank after roving the Grundy tap from a throw in. (Q2 6:21)
Shiel gives a hospital handball on the wing to cause a turnover, Howe accelerates away and has White over the back to mark in stride and run into the open goal! (Q2 8:15)
Devon Smith roves on the wing, baulks a man and passes to Lobb at 30m wide on the flank. Lobb kicks truly to stop the run of Pie scores. (Q2 9:17)
Mumford bullocks his way through traffic in the centre and gives to Williams who kicks quickly to Johnson just outside the hotspot. Stevie J goals. (Q2 12:20)
Palmer roves a big pack in the pocket but grubbers across the face for no score from near the behind post. (Q2 14:32)
Johnson misses from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q2 15:33)
Josh Smith intercepts a hurried Shaw clearance from the Pie hotspot to CHF. He kicks long and strong for a fine goal! (Q2 18:48)
Blair marks a Treloar on the HFF 40m out and sails through another one for the Pies! (Q2 20:48)
Macaffer follow sup the crumb from his own contest 20m out, his man Shaw nowhere to be seen so he’s able to screw over his left shoulder for another goal! Pies within a kick! (Q2 21:44)
Fasolo marks an Adams stoppage clearance to the hotspot from half forward. But he misses, disappointingly. (Q2 25:18)
Reid goes long to a three-on-one with Moore the one 20m out, but Haynes drops it and Fasolo crumbs and goals! Pies hit the lead! (Q2 26:19)
Fasolo beats Haynes one on one to mark one handed at the top of the square, he goals again, Pies kicking away now! (Q2 28:28)
Blair picks up a bouncing Varcoe kick on the boundary 25m out and tries an outrageously difficult snap across the body… and it goes through! Amazing! Pies on FIYAH! (Q2 30:19)
Mumford gets caught HTB at a ball up 15m out just before the HT siren. Grundy takes the free, and sprays a very easy one. (Q2 32:29)
After goals to start Q3 by White and Sinclair, the Giants get one back with a Cameron snap from 40m on the flank. (Q3 7:14)
White roves a long Treloar clearance from the centre and tries a screwing ball from the pocket, but hits the post. (Q3 7:44)
White goes from the HFF to the top of the square, Cloke marks strongly in front of Davis 20m out… but shanks a very easy one, as Travis is wont to do. (Q3 10:40)
Ward gets caught HTB after a stoppage in the pocket. Sidebottom plays on and screws through the goal from 20m! (Q3 15:05)
Devon Smith receives from Coniglio, baulks and shoots off the left from 40m on a slight angle… falls in the square for Marsh to rush. (Q3 17:02)
De Goey sprays a rather easy snap from the hotspot with Haynes chasing, on the end of a fast break that really should have resulted in a goal. (Q3 18:30)
Shiel goes short to Kelly on the HFF, he has space and time to play on and snap a much-needed goal from 30m. (Q3 19:49)
Howe intercepts Whitfield on the wing, sprints away from his man and goes long to Cloke to mark 30m out on the flank. Cloke makes no mistake, Pies maintain their lead! (Q3 23:46)
One might have expected Leon Cameron to give his side a bake at half time and change things up, but there is no sign of that, and Collingwood is looking good. (Q3 24:16)
Mumford gives away a ruck free at the next centre bounce, Devon Smith encroaches to give away 50, Grundy lines up from the hotspot… it’s good! (Q3 25:16)
Cloke stands in front of Shaw and takes an amazingly easy chest mark 20m out in front from a long Moore ball. He doesn’t miss this one, the 3QT siren sounds, Pies in control! (Q3 29:01)
Patton marks a Scully ball from the wing to a pack near the hotspot after the first centre bounce of Q4. He kicks truly. (Q4 0:16)
Moore drops a mark on the HFF he should have clunked, but is able to mop up and find Treloar 45m out on a slight angle. Treloar misses. (Q4 3:20)
White beats Patfull one on one to juggle a mark 45m out from a speculative long ball by Cloke from the wing. But he misses too. (Q4 6:05)
Still 15 minutes of play left but the Pies are already playing a bit of tempo. (Q4 7:35)
Cameron gives outside congestion to Scully near the hotspot, but he snaps wide under pressure off the left boot. (Q4 16:23)
Cameron marks a Patton ball 40m out on a slight angle. He goals, but the clock ticks under 6:00 so it’s too late. (Q4 18:16)
Shiel hits Cameron 35m out on a slight angle. Cameron hurries the set shot as the clock ticks under 5:00, and misses. (Q4 20:24)
Cameron marks behind Marsh 30m out on the flank, hurries the set shot again and this time steers it through. 1:30 left, it’s over. (Q4 25:17)
CLoke busts a pack open to take a big grab in trademark style 30m out on a slight angle from an Adams clearance. He boots goal number four, the Pie fans love it! (Q4 26:47)

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