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Blog log from R12 of 2016: Geelong vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Geelong vs North Melbourne, R12 of 2016

The Roos win it at the coalface and move it through Gibson. Sam’s darting effort finds Petrie on the lead, and Drew goals from 40 on the slight angle to open the scoring! (Q1 2:58)
Caddy finds the loose pill inside 50 and flicks back to the eagerly awaiting Bartel. Jimmy sidesteps Wells, straightens up and slots the major from 35! (Q1 6:43)
Duncan receives the dubious free kick after copping some high contact, before drilling in the pass to the leading Menzel. Daniel takes the easy mark and whacks it through from 40! (Q1 10:30)
Murdoch receives out the back and bounds past the arc as the Cats broke the Roos defensive press. Jordan fires for home, but misses poorly to the right hand side. (Q1 13:57)
Blicavs produces a terrible turnover through the middle of the ground by hand. The defence were opened up as a byproduct, with Thomas finding Harvey. Brent goals from 25! (Q1 15:29)
Smith wins the hit out and then receives as he involves himself once it hits ground level. He kicks for goal but the hooking effort from 40 misses to the near side. (Q1 17:38)
Dangerfield takes a terrific contested mark on the arc and then sends it short to Lang who marks unopposed. Darcy lines up the set shot and hammers it through from 30! (Q1 18:06)
Patrick Dangerfield lines up the set shot after Firrito gets the former Crow high whilst leading. The attempt misses to the far side from 45 on the flank. (Q1 20:56)
ZIEBELL kicks a herculean goal from well outside 60! Receiving out of the pack, Jack leaned back and sent it goalward. Petrie holds off Lonergan and through it bounces! (Q1 23:40)
Dangerfield wins it off the deck as the Cats move forward once more. Patrick immediately launches off a step from well outside 50, and somewhat predictably, through it goes! (Q1 27:40)
Ziebell receives a free kick directly in front of goal after Selwood got him high in the tackle. 5 seconds before quarter time, Jack trots in and sends it through! (Q1 28:50)
The Cats get the fast start to the term. Dangerfield wins it from the centre stoppage and it is sent long through Taylor. Menzel finds it at ground level and finishes from 25! (Q2 1:11)
Gibson finds Harvey unopposed inside 50 after the Roos managed to work it to the fat side with precision. Brent lines up the set shot and nabs another from 40 on the slight! (Q2 2:26)
Menzel hits up Caddy unmarked inside 50 as Selwood and Dangerfield continue to stamp themselves on this one. The former Sun misses the set shot from 50 on the flank. (Q2 5:55)
Thomas centres it from the boundary and picks out a hard running McDonald, who manages to push inside 50 and take the simple mark. Luke goes back and sends it through! (Q2 6:57)
Mullett launches for home as the Roos again provide real drive from the wing region. Aaron’s long effort just goes the wrong side of the post. (Q2 8:45)
Wells brings it to ground in the one on one against Smith, before Wood managed clean hands at ground level and fed it out to Cunnington. Ben’s dab pass finds Harvey, who goals! (Q2 9:15)
The Roos transition from end to end, beating the Cats offensive press. Brent receives out the back and wastes little time by sending it through from 45 on the flank! (Q2 13:24)
Tarrant gets Selwood high in the attempted tackle, somewhat predictably, and Joel is in scoring range. Kicking from 45 on the acute angle, Joel misses poorly to the near side. (Q2 20:57)
Firrito turns it over moving centrally, with Enright taking the intercept grab. He moves it on quickly, with Kersten picking out Motlop running back into space. Steven misses. (Q2 22:42)
Kersten again plays the role of delivery man, after Dangerfield won the contested footy in the 50/50 situation. Shane found McCarthy, and Lincoln misses from 40. (Q2 23:39)
From the forward half stoppage, Dal Santo knocks it forward for territory, straight into the path of Bartel. Jimmy gathers and sends it through with a simple punt effort from 35! (Q3 1:37)
The Cats immediately win it from the centre bounce, moving it forward with a clearing kick through Smith. Kersten waits front and centre and marks ahead of Thompson. He goals! (Q3 2:52)
Thomas marks 45 out on the acute angle as the end to end action appears to continue. Lindsay’s set shot misses to the near side as he pulls it searching for extra distance. (Q3 5:07)
The Cats then blast through the middle of the ground, with Enright flicking out the back to an unattended Kersten. Shane has time on his side but doesn’t use it, missing from 50. (Q3 6:07)
Kersten has another chance to send it through the middle, this time via the 50 metre set shot. Shane lines it up and sends it through to the right the wrongs! (Q3 8:10)
Duncan finds Menzel on the lead, out ahead of Firrito as the Cats win another centre stoppage.Daniel lines up from the sharp angle, 30 out and he produces the picture perfect snap! (Q3 9:09)
Dangerfield, Duncan and Mitch manages to pick out Kersten by foot. Shane marks on the lead and has his third from the ten minute long third term! (Q3 15:52)
The Roos have a rare foray forward, moving through Wood who finds Petrie, trailed by the slipping Lonergan. Drew lines up the set shot and makes no mistake from 45! (Q3 20:00)
Atley produces a powerful run out of defence and darts in an effort to Thomas who found some space out the back. From 35 on the sharp angle, Lindsay slots another! (Q3 22:01)
Kersten manages a picture perfect tap into Menzel’s line of stride. Daniel manages to gather at full pace and does not need to be asked twice as he sends it through from 35! (Q3 23:45)
The Cats continue to round out one of their best quarters of the season. Duncan moved it off the deck to the unmarked Caddy by hand. Josh received and bounced it through! (Q3 28:56)
Gibson sends the high up and under to the hot spot and Wood took a huge contested grab with a fly to remember. Mason kicks after the siren and goals from the acute angle! (Q3 30:21)
Menzel produces an excellent pass after finding a modicum of space to dab a pass to the hardworking Duncan. Mitch kicks from 35 directly in front and goals! (Q4 2:12)
Atley is caught unawares in his defensive 50, with Guthrie providing the quality tackle. The Cats number 29 trots in and misses everything from 40 on the flank. (Q4 5:29)
The young star Menzel provides a potentially game-splitting play! He read the Mullett pass early, forced the turnover and kicked it through the big sticks… Review time. (Q4 8:04)
On further inspection the vision is conclusive and the touched behind is paid. Big moments for the Roos as they still remain a chance in this contest. (Q4 8:42)
Dangerfield appears to be involved in the beginning, middle and end of this play. He wins it through the middle, feeds it off and then marks the Motlop inside 50. He goals from 40! (Q4 12:43)
Duncan receives out of congestion and immediately hammers goalward. Mitch’s hooking effort from 45 misses to the far side. (Q4 16:58)
Duncan to Kersten and back again, with Mackenzie giving away the dubious free kick for in the back. Lining up from 45 on the flank, Mitch pulls it to the near side. (Q4 18:42)
McCarthy to Duncan who manages to just flick it off whilst copping the Thompson tackle. The pill falls straight into Motlop’s pass, who brilliantly soccers it through! (Q4 25:58)
Long bomb into the Roos starved forward line, with Wood managing to out-body Enright and take a strong mark. From 40 on the slight angle, Mason sends it through! (Q4 28:19)

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