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Blog log from R12 of 2016: West Coast vs Adelaide

Blog log for West Coast vs Adelaide, R12 of 2016

Betts runs down the flank with Barrass in hot pursuit, just gets a kick to the square before Barrass harrasses him out of it… bounces through from 45m! (Q1 5:32)
Yeo misses from a pack 20m out after a Darling contest. (Q1 7:49)
After a long period of Eagle attacks, Walker has Jenkins all on his own in the square on a fast break to roost the ball over the grandstand and out of Subiaco entirely! (Q1 10:35)
Cameron spoils Hutchings in the centre and receives the crumb, he has Jenkins over the back again who feeds Betts with a Joe the Gose special. Crows have the jump! (Q1 12:53)
Darling finally gets the first goal for West Coast with a snap under a Cheney tackle at the top of the square, after roving his own contest. (Q1 15:45)
Naitanui baulks Lyons at half forward and goes long to a four-man pack in the square, Kennedy shows best judgement to mark over Talia for his first goal. (Q1 16:51)
Lever handballs OOB 25m out from the Eagle goal under a heavy Naitanui tackle, the ump pays deliberate. Cripps misses the free. (Q1 19:29)
Gaff sails a long set shot from half forward through for another one for the Eagles, they have righted the ship. (Q1 21:35)
Hutchings passes to Darling to take a contested mark on the lead in front of Talia in the pocket 20m out. He screws through a nice set shot for his second goal. (Q1 24:37)
Shuey catches Lever HTB trying to baulk through heavy traffic, Kennedy plays on to snap the goal from the hotspot. (Q1 27:12)
Kennedy snaps from the HFF but it takes a wicked off break into the goalpost just before QT. (Q1 30:11)
Walker chases a ground ball and tries to volley it home in the square, Gaff runs through and toepokes it but did Tex get the last touch? Video review… ruled a behind. (Q2 2:15)
Douglas marks 20m out in the pocket and steers through a goal for the Crows, who needed it desperately. (Q2 8:23)
LeCras feeds Hutchings for a quick snap from 40m out near CHF, it bounces on the line and through! (Q2 10:21)
Atkins misses from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q2 17:14)
Walker strips Hill in a tackle near the hotspot, Lyons roves and gives to Betts who snaps truly! (Q2 23:13)
Eddie got a nice little leg break on the bounce for that one. (Q2 23:41)
Shuey to Priddis for a long clearance to the Eagle hotspot, Lever spoils but straight to Shuey who releases Yeo to run into the open goal! (Q2 24:51)
Darling is the provider after the next centre bounce, with a pass to Kennedy near the hotspot after marking at CHF and turning quickly. JJK goals, three for him. (Q2 25:27)
Jacobs passes short to Walker, who recovers from a wrestle with Schofield a minute before to mark 40m out on the flank. Tex kicks truly. (Q2 28:09)
Hill marks a short Kennedy ball 40m out in the corridor. His set shot falls on the line as the 3QT siren sounds, but did it cross? Video review… confirmed a goal. (Q2 30:41)
Cripps roves at halfback and has two paddocks to run in, he takes five bounces up the wing and shoots from 35m on the flank… wide. Teammates screaming inside, hmm. (Q3 3:06)
The Eagles lock in the kick out, Schofield passes to Duggan 35m out on the flank, he goals. (Q3 3:06)
McGovern snaps a nice goal from outside the hotspot after mopping up a pressured grubber from Lynch inside 50. (Q3 5:41)
Hutchings gives to Masten who misses around the corner from 40m on the flank. (Q3 7:01)
Seedsman marks 55m out on a slight angle and just misses with a big roost. (Q3 11:25)
Yeo drives through a snap from the top of the square after roving a Cripps ball on a fast break. (Q3 14:37)
Smith passes wide to Mackay near the boundary 40m out in the vortex pocket. Mackay misses. (Q3 16:22)
Laird kicks inside 50 off balance under pressure, Betts flies over Barrass to make it look good 25m out on the flank. Eddie goals. (Q3 17:22)
Darling runs back with the flight and marks behind Smith at the top of the square… but hits the post from point blank range! (Q3 20:27)
Cameron takes a screamer over Barrass on the flank 35m out, and more importantly kicks truly to keep Adelaide in the contest. (Q3 24:42)
Atkins goes long from the wing to the flank 35m out where Douglas beats Schofield one on one to mark on his chest. Douglas misses. (Q3 28:32)
Betts misses a quick snap from 30m on the flank. (Q3 29:17)
Ellis slips and falls into the legs of Jenkins 20m out on a slight angle, the ump pays the free, the home crowd boos lustily. Jenkins makes no mistake. (Q4 3:55)
Betts marks a Sloane pass and sails through his fifth goal from a set shot from 40m on the HFF to level the scores! (Q4 6:40)
Walker isn’t paid a mark that was touched off the boot 40m out on the flank, but he has the presence of mind to fire a handball out to Lynch who screws through a goal, Crows lead! (Q4 8:55)
Jenkins marks 50m out on a very slight angle and goes back for the set shot. He starts it right and it stays right. (Q4 9:59)
Lynch marks on the HFF and kicks quick and low between a nest of Eagles to Cameron at the hotspot. Charlie misses badly. (Q4 12:20)
Schofield turns the ball over as the Eagles play a high defensive line across the centre, the Crows have a fast break, Cameron marks at CHF and has Jenkins running back, goal! (Q4 17:43)
Atkins bounces the ball in the centre square then bounces through a 50m snap from a slight angle to an empty goalsquare, 5:43 to go so that’s probably the sealer! (Q4 21:12)
Clock ticks under 3:00, the Eagles haven’t looked like it all through this quarter. (Q4 25:38)
Betts misses a set shot from the HFF to waste some time. (Q4 27:40)
Walker baulks and goals from near the hotspot to put the result beyond any doubt. (Q4 27:57)
Jacobs misses a set shot from the same spot. (Q4 29:56)
As Eddie’s, to be clear. (Q4 29:56)

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