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Blog log from R10 of 2016: Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R10 of 2016

Howard marks near the hotspot but misses the first set shot of the afternoon. (Q1 0:58)
Oscar McDonald goes long to the square where Watts beats Westhoff one on one to mark and kick the first goal. (Q1 3:32)
After Trengove clears from the next centre bounce, Wingard gives to Impey who snaps truly from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 4:52)
Stretch misses Garlett on a fast break up one end, rushed behind, Port goes coast to coast from the kick in ending with Wingard marks 20m out, but Chad misses too. (Q1 7:37)
Petracca catches Robbie Gray trying to baulk out of traffic at 50m on the flank, HTB free. He goes back for the set shot, but it’s rushed on the behind line. (Q1 16:36)
Dixon marks a Hombsch ball on the lead in front of Tom McDonald at 25m on the flank. He kicks his first goal with no problem. (Q1 18:08)
Robbie Gray passes to Wingard over the back of the Dee zone in the pocket 20m out. He misses. (Q1 21:03)
Hogan gathers a bouncing Bugg ball near CHF and gives to Tyson who snaps off the left from 40m… wide. (Q1 23:04)
Wagner passes to a short lead from Hogan to 40m on a slight angle. Hogan runs right to get extra length, and manages to navigate the breeze for his first goal! (Q1 24:14)
Bit of a scrappy game at QT. Port’s fast breaks haven’t resulted in enough goals because their forwards lurk too far to the pockets, while the Dees’ inside 50s are poor quality. (Qtr Time)
The major stat discrepancy is uncontested possessions, which Port is leading comfortably. As the game goes on, the Power’s superior disposal on the outside should become telling. (Qtr Time)
Vince kicks high from a big pack on the HFF to the hotspot where Hogan storms up from the square and takes a big grab over Krakouer. Hogan shanks it for a disappointing behind. (Q2 0:54)
Long ball from the HFF to the Port hotspot, a number of Dee defenders can’t kill it, Robbie Gray taps to Howard who has Wingard for a goal from 15m. (Q2 4:09)
Wagner is pinged for a throw on the HBF, the quick inside 50 by Westhoff is juggled adn marked by Dixon over Jetta near the hotspot. Charlie goals. (Q2 6:39)
Gawn takes a contested grab from a centring Stretch ball in a big pack at the hotspot in between two Port defenders. He goals. (Q2 9:23)
Amon centres to Dixon who has position on two Dee defenders and draws an obvious arm chop free on Oscar McDonald at the hotspot. He kick his second goal in a few minutes. (Q2 10:47)
That goal was set up on a fast break from halfback started by a spoil and long bomb by Hombsch. (Q2 11:40)
Wingard roves a long Howard ball to the hotspot but misses a relatively easy one off the left boot under not much pressure. (Q2 14:25)
Petracca kicks to no one under heavy pressure in the BP, Stewart roves on the HFF and gives to Hartlett who baulks and lets fly from 50m… over everyone for a goal! (Q2 16:37)
Howard roves a pack on the HFF, goes over the top by hand to Wingard on his own in the pocket, he centres to Boak near the hotspot. The captain makes no mistake. (Q2 22:15)
Young misses from a ball up at the hotspot. (Q2 25:06)
Garlett gets a holding free on Pittard sitting under a long ball to CHF, his set shot falls on the line… Hogan clunks it over Hombsch and goals! (Q2 26:08)
Kent roves a Watts contest 40m out in the corridor but misses a sanp across the body off the left boot. (Q2 28:07)
The Power go coast to coast from the kick in, Young goes long from the HFF, Dixon marks on the behind line and kicks his fourth major! (Q2 29:14)
Long ball from the wing to half forward for Port, Jetta flies but Port boss the crumb, Wines gives to Howard for a snap goal from 15m out on the flank. (Q3 2:42)
Ebert misses a long snap from half forward off a step. (Q3 3:19)
Wagner drops a mark on the HBF, Port have numbers, O’Shea kicks low and ugly from the HFF to the hotspot where Robbie Gray marks unopposed. Gray goals. (Q3 4:27)
As predicted, Port’s disposal quality hasn’t been great but Melbourne’s has been significantly worse, and now it’s hurting them on the scoreboard. (Q3 5:27)
Young crumbs his own contest to a Sam Gray pass 35m out on the flank, but misses around the corner. (Q3 7:10)
It has been all Port this quarter, Melbourne struggling to get the ball past halfway. (Q3 7:33)
Finally the Demons get a few inside 50s, Kent passes to Watts leading up to 35m on the flank. Watts swings it right to left and through for a goal. (Q3 9:24)
Hogan roves his own contest 20m out on the flank, baulks and shoots over his left shoulder… bounces well wide. (Q3 11:22)
Wagner mows down Amon on the wing to cause a counter attack, eventually Petracca roves a big pack at the hotspot and misses. (Q3 12:07)
Kent forces a turnover against two Port players on the wing, Watts passes short to Hogan near the boundary 30m out. Hogan misses. (Q3 14:58)
Port again goes coast to coast from the kick in, but Hunt just manages to rush a behind from the last line. (Q3 16:12)
Petracca launches from the HFF on a rare fast break for the Demons, Neal-Bullen marks on the line and goals. (Q3 17:18)
Gawn is pinged for encroachment in the centre to bring Byrne-Jones to the hotspot with a 50m penalty. DBJ goals to break a Demon run of scores. (Q3 19:28)
Correction, it was Kennedy whom the 50m was against. (Q3 19:28)
On a fast break, Garlett roves a Watts contest at half forward and has time and space to run ahead of Byrne-Jones to 45m on a slight angle and kick his first goal. (Q3 22:28)
After Garland fumbles on the HBF to allow Sam Gray in, Amon gathers a bouncing Dixon handball at the hotspot and gives to Young who baulks and snaps truly. (Q3 23:48)
Long Viney centre clearance to the Demon hotspot, crumb to Garlett who gives to Stretch for a quick snap from 20m which just evades the diving Krakouer to go through for a goal. (Q3 24:48)
Howard runs down the flank on the end of yet another fast break by Port, he tries a checkside grubber from 20m but it rolls into the goalpost. (Q3 27:23)
This time it’s Melbourne who go coast to coast from the kick in, long ball to the square where Gawn marks strongly over Trengove and Westhoff, and goals! (Q3 27:59)
The Demons lifted all over the ground in that quarter and now lead most stat categories. Funnier things have happened in footy than a Q4 Demon comeback. (Q3 30:04)
Young kicks the first goal of Q4 to make it very difficult for Melbourne from here. (Q4 2:38)
Jones goes long from the HFF but it’s over Hogan’s head in the square for a bounced behind. (Q4 3:51)
Sam Gray marks on the HFF, dithers and eventually passes short to Polec at 50m on a slight angle. Polec misses (Q4 5:32)
Krakouer turns the ball over at CHB to Stretch, he gives to Vince who misses. (Q4 9:07)
Boak turns the ball over on the HFF on a fast break, resulting in a quick ball to Hogan at 35m on the flank. Hogan misses. (Q4 10:28)
Port works the ball by hand through the Dee defence after a stoppage on the HFF, Wingard does a one-two with Dixon and runs into the open goal! That’s the sealer. (Q4 12:51)
Yet another ball over the back for Port, this time Boak to Impey to run into the open goal once again. (Q4 14:52)
Hogan marks 20m out on the flank in front of Hombsch, plays on for some reason and misses around the corner off the left. (Q4 17:26)
Port go coast to coast from the kick in, of course, but Impey doesn’t score from the HFF. (Q4 17:53)
Krakouer receives from Robbie Gray sails through a junk time goal from half forward after Melbourne fail to clear 50 on the kick in. (Q4 18:49)
Yep, it’s another Port fast break, Pittard gives a Joe the Goose special to Neade. Way too easy all day on that play. (Q4 22:42)
Hogan beats Paul Stewart one on one in the square sitting under a long ball to mark and kicks his third goal. Deep in junk time now, though. (Q4 26:56)
Harmes it was with the goal assist pass. (Q4 27:25)
Pittard kicks to the lead of Dixon at 35m on a slight angle, with Tom McDonald trailing four steps behind. Dixon gets his bag of five goals. (Q4 27:58)

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