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Blog log from R10 of 2016: Brisbane vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Brisbane vs Hawthorn, R10 of 2016

Lions get the first score of the game through a scrappy rushed behind after Lewis Taylor’s set shot from 45 fails to make the distance. Even game around the ground so far. (Q1 7:21)
Zorko gets held after a boundary contest close to the Lions’ 50 and Jordan Lewis bots it away to give him the 50m penalty. Easy first goal for Brisbane. (Q1 10:04)
Sicily quickly evens up the goals after young Rhys Mathieson gets him a little high fumbling through the crumbs of a contest 20 out from the hawks goal. (Q1 11:33)
Schache nabs the second goal for the Lions after a good key forward style mark bursting away from his man 15 out from goal. (Q1 18:34)
Hawks rebound immediately with a clearance to CHF that gets scrambled to Gunston for some quick hands to Rioli for a snap from the pocket. (Q1 20:21)
Good pressure from Lewis Taylor makes Frawley’s clearing kick out of defense go out on the full, leading to a Mayes kick into the 50, a Schache mark on the point line and a miss. (Q1 22:19)
Rich decides to one-up Schache’s missed banana as he wastes a gifted opportunity after a cut off Hawks kick 25 out directly in front. Lions showing a lot of promise this 1st Q. (Q1 23:21)
Puopolo milks a high tackle at half forward and gives some quick hand to the running Birchall for a long kick to the dangerzone which allows Hill to crumb a running goal. (Q1 26:04)
Hanley tries to take Breust on running out of defense but gets caught, allowing Breust to pop it up to McEvoy for a contested grab in the goalsquare and an easy goal. (Q1 28:11)
Lions get the first score of the second quarter through a booming clearance that gets roved by Lester around 40 out from goal but his running shot slides to the right. (Q2 1:21)
Bell runs into an open goal after the Lions get a little lucky with hacked bombs out of their defensive 50 as they eventually get a handball chain over the Hakws zone. (Q2 3:37)
Bell gets another goal after some good Lions ball movement lands it in his hand on the 50 arc allowing him to just wheel around and launch it through the big sticks. (Q2 5:52)
Hawks attempt an immediate rebound but Rioli’s quick dribbler only finds a behind. (Q2 6:32)
Bell kicks three in a row! Lewis Taylor roves excellently at the front of a big contest at CHF and just hands it to the big man for another whack at it from 40 out. (Q2 9:12)
Spangher hasn’t come out of the rooms since the 5 minute mark of the first quarter. Looking like bad news for the cult hero’s hamstring. (Q2 10:19)
Gunston uses the height advantage over Harwood to mark in the 50, but spears a pass to Breust in a better position who kicks truly from 30 out. (Q2 12:36)
Zorko explodes out of absolutely nowhere to steal a Stratton handball to Gibson in defense and just sprint right to the goal line for a goal. (Q2 18:08)
The Lions seem to be sparked by Zorko’s superhuman antics as the clearance goes their way to Freeman of all people who takes his turn to rove a pack and slot one through (Q2 19:03)
Hawks scramble a goal to Burgoyne running into goal, but it lacks the class you expect from the reigning premiers as you get the feeling they’re a little shocked by the lions (Q2 20:53)
Hawks bring it back to a point difference after a scrambled clearance from Mitchell gets mopped up by his mosquito fleet in the 50 for some hands to Gunston and a goal from 35. (Q2 23:07)
Hartung lets loose a big kick from the boundary line 55 out the gets marked on the line by Breust for the banana goal to give Hawthorn the lead. (Q2 24:48)
Mathieson steals a free kick in the forward 50 by sliding down into a high tackle, but his sneaky efforts aren’t converted as he misses the shot on goal. (Q2 26:36)
Rioli runs around the back of a throw in inside 50 and treats the situation as a training drill as he just gets a lazy handball, runs his 5 metres and slots it. (Q2 31:06)
Lewis Taylor gets a goal after a 50m penalty against Puopolo opens up the field for Christensen to kcik inside 50 and let the little man rove it. (Half Time)
Will Langford manages to miss everything from a relatively simple shot 35 out from goal, but the Hawks steal back the rebound and kick to McEvoy who marks contested and goals. (Q3 3:27)
Hawks get back to back goals as they work it out of the centre bounce to CHF before giving to Smith for a long long bomb through the big sticks. (Q3 5:12)
Hawks run the ground in classic Hawthorn style before delivering to Gunston 40 out from goal for the set shot. With a slight angle he misses to the right hand side. (Q3 7:24)
Lewis gets a free for holding the man inside 50 and after his team mates attempt to run advantage a few times, the ball is brought back to him for a set shot that misses. (Q3 9:43)
Bell gets his fourth after the Lions run as a pack (a pride?) through the entire ground before kicking to Lester who provides a good contest at full forward and gets it to Tom. (Q3 15:28)
Hawks trap it in their forward half after the bounce but Hill’s eventual shot of a step misses. (Q3 16:59)
Puopolo gets the ball on the 50 arc and chips a ball over to Rioli 30 out from goal directly in front. Rioli makes no mistake and stretches the lead to 19 (Q3 22:33)
Lions get the quick clearance out to Freeman who marks inside 50, but his shot misses to the left of goal. (Q3 24:34)
Lewis Taylor slots a goal after a set shot 40 out from goal to make the margin 2 goals and keep this game a lot more exciting than anyone thought it would be. (Q3 27:49)
Schache bangs a quick goal after the Lions get the first clearance of the 4th, but the Hawks and Puopolo rebound just as quick! This game is getting tense! (Q4 1:15)
Boundary throw in deep in the Lions’ 50 lands with Robinson who gets it over to Robertson through a scrummy kick for a soccer goal from the square. (Q4 3:35)
Breust misses a rare set shot, but he gets forgiven since it’s on the boundary from 40 out. Crucial point bringing it back to an even 2 goals. (Q4 7:45)
Puopolo slots a goal after Lewis continues to rack up the possessions and chips it over to the little man just outside goal for a sneaky one. (Q4 9:41)
Rioli extends the lead out to 20 points as Hawthorn seem to just be running away with it out of the middle, allowing for quick kicks to scramble the Lions defense. (Q4 10:21)
Rioli catches Zorko and makes him fumble the ball while tackled inside 50 to give Cyril a free and a set shot 25 out from goal directly in front for his 5th goal. (Q4 13:31)
Lewis Taylor sells the dummy, drops the ball, then gathers it again and kicks off a step from 40 out and it goes through for a goal. (Q4 19:07)
Christensen gets crunched by Rioli in the middle, allowing Burgoyne to gather and deliver it to the big boy himself McEvoy who beats Merret in a wrestle, marks and goals. (Q4 21:13)
McStay makes the rookie mistake of kicking across goal in defense and Ceglar chops it off before chipping to Hill 40 out. With a 45 degree angle Hill slots it. (Q4 23:02)
Schache grabs a great contested mark 35 out from goal after a Lions clearance, but he hooks the kick a bit too much so it hangs to the right of goal for a behind. (Q4 24:56)
Jordan Lewis breaks the record for most possessions in a 250th with a bomb to the goalsquare that goes to ground where O’Brien squeezes a goal. (Q4 27:20)
Hawks are just raining the hurt on the Lions at the moment as Puopolo marks after another clearance and goals to stretch the lead to 42. (Q4 27:42)
Gunston stretches the lead to 8 goals as the Lions have completely given up on the game after a very competitive first three quarters. (Q4 29:47)

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