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Blog log from R10 of 2016: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, R10 of 2016

Cunningham gets a free on the HFF, just outside his range so he waits for Franklin to lead to just outside 50m on the flank, but Buddy misses. (Q1 1:47)
The kick in to CHB for North bounces past Petrie and to McVeigh, who breaks Petrie’s tackle and lets fly from 55m… over the pack in the square for the first goal! (Q1 2:40)
Thomas chases the crumb from his own contest to a Wells centre clearance 40m out in front, he draws a Grundy high tackle free, it was there. LT goals. (Q1 3:59)
Kennedy wins a free for HTB on Gibson in heavy traffic 40m out on a slight angle. JPK kicks a rare goal for him. (Q1 7:59)
More broken play in a greasy, rough game… Hewett drops the knees to draw a high contact free on Petrie at the hotspot. He goals. (Q1 14:30)
Long ball from the Swans HFF to the hotspot, Henney flies but the crumb falls for Franklin who baulks, is almost claimed but gets a wobbly snap off from 20m that floats through! (Q1 17:53)
Franklin marks 50m out on a slight angle after the next centre bounce and sails through his second goal in a minute! Sydney officially have the jump in a wet game. (Q1 19:45)
Heeney marks 15m out on a slight angle after a flowing move from halfback by the rampaging Bloods. He almost misses it, but doesn’t. (Q1 22:00)
Macmillan misses a very tough snap from the boundary 20m out. (Q1 25:10)
Lloyd kicks into Thompson on the mark at CHB for Sydney, Thomas roves and lets fly from 50m for a big turnover goal! (Q1 26:01)
Thomas takes a very difficult contested mark behind McVeigh from a Ziebell ball to 20m on a slight angle. But LT shanks it for a behind, the Swans crowd roars! (Q1 29:16)
Laidler’s pressured handball after spoiling Waite goes to ground, Thomas picks up and draws a high contact free on Smith with an uppercut action. He goals from 20m on the flank. (Q2 5:49)
Mitchell passes to Hannebery running forward to 40m on the flank on a fast break. Hanners strokes through his first goal of the evening. (Q2 8:04)
Tippett wins a hard footy at a stoppage on the wing, Hannebery delivers a lovely handball inside to McVeigh to send him racing off to CHF, he bombs from 55m… bounces through! (Q2 10:44)
Thompson intercepts a Jones rebound kick over Heeney and passes to the quick lead of Brown at 35m on the flank. Brown misses, just. (Q2 14:17)
Brown gets a rather soft ruck free on Tippett 35m out near the boundary, and steers through a goal to the boos of the Sydney crowd. (Q2 21:47)
Franklin is pinged for HTB on the wing, the Roos play on to advantage, Dal Santo’s inside 50 is pounced on by Dumont who slams through a big goal from 35m on a slight angle! (Q2 24:20)
It was Dumont who laid the tackle on Buddy in the first place, what a play! (Q2 26:03)
Harvey marks on the HFF 50m out and decides to pass to Wells near the boundary 40m out. Wells misses. (Q2 27:36)
Long ball to a big pack at the North hotspot, the crumb falls towards the pocket where Goldstein chases, gathers and threads the needle off the left boot! Fabulous finish! (Q2 27:36)
Lloyd hits Franklin on a lead to 35m on the flank on the end of a fast break. Buddy misses as the HT siren sounds. (Q2 30:01)
Thompson roves a Heeney contest on the HFF and misses from 50m. (Q3 0:57)
Franklin can’t mark a quick Hannebery ball to the top of the square, McGlynn roves but his snap bounces wide. (Q3 2:55)
Cunningham snaps truly from a ball in 20m out in front. (Q3 3:39)
Tarrant spoils Franklin 40m out on a slight angle but the crumb falls for McGlynn, he baulks two Roos off it and screws through another one! (Q3 4:45)
Macmillan hits back for North with a long snap from 50m on a slight angle after the next centre bounce, his man Lloyd trailing five steps behind! (Q3 6:09)
Atley gets caught HTB by Mitchell 40m out on the flank trying to run out of defence. Titch steers through a big goal. (Q3 11:39)
Mitchell flies for a centring McGlynn ball to the hotspot, plenty of Roos about but it’s only Mills to contend with, he marks but hits the post. (Q3 15:10)
Rohan picks up a loose footy, baulks two Roos at half forward and sails through another one from 40m on a slight angle. (Q3 26:10)
Harvey gives to Thomas who hits the post from the HFF just before the 3QT siren. (Q3 30:25)
Rohan marks at half forward and gives to Franklin for a miss from 55m on a slight angle. (Q4 2:31)
McKenzie roves a Brown contest on the HFF, turns and hits Harvey down the line 30m out. Boomer misses, the crowd cheers. (Q4 4:07)
Nahas plays on to advantage from a free against Rampe on the HFF, he runs around the boundary to baulk and goal in the square. (Q4 6:24)
Brown takes a contested grab from the next centre clearance by Goldstein near the hotspot, but misses, disappointingly. (Q4 7:03)
Hannebery gives outside a stoppage on the point of the centre square to Lloyd whose long snap from 55m bounces wide. (Q4 10:10)
Rampe passes to the lead of Heeney at 45m on a slight angle. Heeney misses everything. (Q4 12:32)
North hasn’t been able to break the arm’s length that Sydney have had them at since Q1. That four goal lead or thereabouts is holding, so far. (Q4 13:06)
Hewett gives from a stoppage in the pocket to Jones on his own at the hotspot, he tries a right foot checkside because he hasn’t got a good left boot… and makes it work! (Q4 13:58)
And yep, there’s four kicks in it once again. (Q4 13:58)
After a Waite kick clanger on the wing to kill off a Roo surge, Mitchell passes to Franklin leading up the guts to 45m. Buddy settles the argument with his third goal. (Q4 16:03)
Wells is pinged for taking the legs of Jack out on the HFF, Jack gives to Franklin who misses from 55m. (Q4 20:18)
Petrie intercepts on the wing and gives to Gibson who kicks weakly from the HFF for a behind, and drops his head. (Q4 21:03)
Hewett is over the back for a Kennedy ball to 20m on a slight angle, but misses. (Q4 25:38)
Wells kicks a junk time special with a snap from congestion near the hotspot after a feed from Cunnington. (Q4 27:04)

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