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Blog log from R9 of 2016: St Kilda vs Essendon

Blog log for St Kilda vs Essendon, R9 of 2016

Brown marks 40m out on a slight angle and misses the first shot of the afternoon. (Q1 3:00)
Newnes gives to Montagna outside a stoppage on the HFF, his quick snap from 50m is wide. (Q1 6:22)
Brown baulks a man on the wing and goes long to Daniher who stands tall and marks 40m out on a slight angle, Fisher hanging off him but ineffectual. Daniher goals. (Q1 8:23)
Roberton gathers an aimless Hartley rebound kick to the Saints HFF and goes quickly to Steven at 40m on a slight angle. Steven kicks truly. (Q1 11:01)
Dunstan reefs the ball out of a pack on the wing and gives to Ross who passes to McCartin 25m out on the flank. Paddy misses left. (Q1 12:42)
The Dons can’t clear halfback on the kick in, Newnes passes to Armitage at 40m on the flank. Armitage misses as well. (Q1 13:47)
Long kick in to CHB for Essendon is spoiled down, Armitage goes to the square for Membrey to mark and goal with ease. (Q1 14:17)
Bruce roves his own contest 15m out and misses. (Q1 19:45)
Leuenberger picks up a centring ball to the hotspot by Langford and gives to Zaharakis for a snap off balance… wide. (Q1 22:28)
Gleeson marks in space on the HFF, runs to 45m and misses. (Q1 23:01)
Membrey misses a hurried snap with two Dons on him from 40m on the flank. (Q1 23:47)
Gilbert is pinged for encroachment to bring Langford to CHF after marking in the centre, but he misses badly. (Q1 25:14)
Newnes roves a Membrey contest 35m out on the flank and screws through a quality finish off his right boot. (Q2 1:52)
Cooney goes long from the HFF to the square, big pack but surprisingly it’s Baguley who marks unopposed in the middle of it all. He goals, a rarity. (Q2 7:18)
Cooney just gets back in time to touch a Membrey snap from the HFF for a behind, after a Kelly clanger handball at halfback. (Q2 11:14)
Baguley marks on the HFF and centres to the hotspot for Cooney to mark unopposed and kick his first goal. (Q2 14:06)
Bruce clunks a long McCartin ball near the behind post under heavy pressure from Hartley. He screws through a nice finish for his first goal. (Q2 18:52)
Armitage catches Parish in a red hot HTB decision at half forward, and passes to Weller leading to 35m on the flank. Weller misses badly to the left. (Q2 20:22)
Stevens soccers a loose ball from the pocket to Ross who baulks and screws a snap under pressure from 40m on the flank… shepherded through in the square by McCartin! (Q2 23:20)
Langford marks a long McDonald-Tipungwuti ball near the top of the square for a goal nearing HT. (Q2 25:05)
Membrey just misses a mid range snap from traffic. (Q2 26:05)
Membrey marks a Riewoldt ball in front of Hartley at 40m on the flank. He misses again. (Q2 27:20)
Brown marks a high bomb by McDonald-Tipungwuti to the square for the first goal of the second half. (Q3 1:06)
Fisher rushes another long ball to the square before Brown can reach it. (Q3 2:02)
Newnes to Membrey on the HFF on a fast break, he has Hickey to mark over McDonald-Tipungwuti 20m out, then a Joe the Goose special to Bruce for the goal. (Q3 5:19)
Gleeson is pinged for a throw near the Saint hotspot, Billings takes the free and misses. (Q3 7:03)
Brown gets a Joe the Goose special from Baguley after Leuenberger sets up Redman to clear from the next centre bounce. (Q3 8:33)
McCartin marks a Montagna centre clearance kick just on 50m on a slight angle, and roosts a lovely set shot for his first goal. (Q3 9:49)
Membrey marks a quick Riewoldt ball 45m out in the corridor and swerves through his second goal. (Q3 12:56)
Steven speeds up the guts on a quick rebound from halfback and hits McCartin on a lead near the hotspot. McCartin goals again. Saints putting their stamp on the game, finally! (Q3 14:18)
McCartin has a set shot from the boundary 35m out but centres to Bruce 20m out on a slight angle, a failure of the Don defenders. Bruce goals, three for him. (Q3 21:34)
After the Saints again dominate the next centre bounce, Membrey marks a Steven ball from the wing near the hotspot and sails through his third major. It’s one way traffic now. (Q3 23:49)
Bruce draws a free for an arm chop by Hartley 35m out on a slight angle, leading hard. He kicks his third for Q3, four in total. (Q3 26:04)
Brown takes a contested grab with Dempster all over him at the hotspot and breaks the run of Saint goals with his third. (Q3 27:35)
Brown tries a Daicos special from the boundary 15m out but it doesn’t roll quite right, into the post. (Q3 29:52)
Baguley gets a set shot from 50m on the flank and shoots after the 3QT siren… no score. (Q3 32:20)
Cooney kicks behind the wing but straight to Montagna, he goes long, Riewoldt marks 20m out and gives a Joe the Goose special for Weller to run into the open goal. (Q4 3:42)
Zaharakis forces a turnover by Hickey with a tackle on the wing, Merrett roves and goes to Daniher who roosts a big goal from 50m on a slight angle! (Q4 5:03)
Bruce goes back with the flight and marks at the hotspot, then gets crunched in the back for his trouble. He boots goal number five. (Q4 6:27)
Steven bounces through the centre and passes to Riewoldt at 50m on the flank. Rooey doesn’t have the leg any more, Leuenberger marks in relief. (Q4 11:52)
Billings marks 35m out on a slight angle and misses. (Q4 12:18)
Hickey marks a centring Montagna ball at the hotspot and goals. Deep into junk time now. (Q4 13:57)
Montagna marks on the HFF, saunters to 40m and misses. (Q4 16:16)
Riewoldt passes to McKenzie just inside 50m on a slight angle. The kid misses. (Q4 17:12)
Newnes passes to Armitage 40m out on a slight angle for a junk time special entering the last five minutes of gametime. (Q4 20:32)
Gresham passes to McCartin near the boundary 30m out. He misses the lot. (Q4 24:57)
Brown soccers through a goal from the square in the last few seconds, the ultimate garbage score. (Q4 26:46)

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