Blog log from R10 of 2016: St Kilda vs Fremantle

Geary chips inside 50 to Newnes. He lines up for goal 35m out directly in front and goals. (Q1 1:44)
Ibbotson tries to take on Armitage coming out of defence but is caught holding the ball. Armitage lines up from 25m out on a tight angle and goals. (Q1 5:43)
Sutcliffe gives away a holding free on Membrey 40m out directly in front. Membrey goals. (Q1 6:43)
High ball in from Geary and McCartin takes a big mark against two opponents. His set shot from 40m out directly in front is good. (Q1 10:23)
Quick snap from Dunstan out of the stoppage misses to the left. (Q1 13:24)
Riewoldt catches Hill holding the ball 40m from goal. The set shot from directly in front misses badly to the right. (Q1 14:22)
St Kilda turnover in the defensive 50 ends with Taberner as he snaps a goal on the run from 35m out. (Q1 17:42)
Geary marks at 50, opts to hand to Murdoch on the run who loads up from 55m and kicks a good long goal. (Q1 22:35)
Hughes releases Weller with a handball, Weller runs to 50 and kicks a nice goal. (Q1 26:25)
Savage clumsily runs into Walters back and gives away the free. Walters lines up from 40m out and goals. (Q1 29:56)
Ball in deep to Pavlich in the pocket and Fisher gives away a holding free. Pav improves the angle, kicks around the body and goals. (Q2 5:13)
Steven catches Spurr holding the ball deep in the forward line. His set shot from 25m out is good. (Q2 15:02)
Suban hands to Weller who steps around a couple and kicks a nice goal on the run from 45m out. (Q2 24:03)
DeBoer kicks at goal, it doesn’t make the distance but Langdon runs onto it and kicks a simple goal. (Q2 25:48)
Barlow hacks a kick forward, Langdon reads it best and marks 40m out on a 45 degree angle. He goes back and goals. (Q2 28:33)
Mayne marks 60m from goal, hands to Sheridan on the run who goals from 50m out. (Q3 12:33)
Long ball into McCartin, it falls to ground and McCartin manages to get a boot to it and goals. (Q3 25:19)
Steven in the pocket kicks centrally and finds Membrey 25m from goal on a slight angle. Goal. (Q4 3:32)
Weller kicks long, Bruce keeps it alive and it falls to Riewoldt who soccers through a goal. (Q4 5:31)
Savage hands to Armitage who lowers the eye and finds Weller on the lead. Weller kicks for goal from 30m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q4 10:58)
Well weighted kick from Dunstan as he finds Membrey on a hard lead 30m from goal directly in front. Goal. (Q4 16:04)
Bruce roves a McCartin contest, gathers cleanly and runs into an open goal. (Q4 21:50)
Taberner marks at the top of the goalsquare. Rushes the set shot and hits the post! Bad miss. (Q4 22:50)
McCartin with time and space at the 50m mark finds Bruce 25m out on a slight angle. Goal. (Q4 24:20)
Dunstan gets a quick kick around the body and Riewoldt’s got out the back to mark in the goalsquare. He goals. (Q4 26:50)
Good contest at the hotspot from Bruce as Gresham roves and runs into an open goal. (Q4 30:49)
Siren sounds as St Kilda win by 34 points after a big Q4. (Full Time)

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