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Blog log from R8 of 2016: Richmond vs Sydney

Blog log for Richmond vs Sydney, R8 of 2016

Parker hits the post from a ball in on the HFF. (Q1 1:33)
Rance is pinged for front on contact on Franklin at 40m on the flank. Buddy is on the left flank so he uses his unique set shot style to perfection. First goal Sydney! (Q1 3:25)
Towers gives to Heeney who goals from the hotspot, a bit too easily. (Q1 4:52)
Vickery marks an intelligent Miles ball on the lead in front of Grundy near the hotspot. Tyrone hits the post. (Q1 7:02)
Franklin receives from Tower in the centre and roosts a massive snap from 60m, Chaplin goes up on the line but it’s over the line before he touches it, Buddy on FIYAH already! (Q1 9:12)
Richmond wins the next centre clearance through Deledio to the hotspot, Riewoldt receives a handball from Rioli and snaps around the corner for a quick answer. (Q1 10:17)
Jack wins a free for front on contact by Menadue, who wasn’t looking at the ball, 45m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 13:02)
Riewoldt passes to Rioli at the hotspot, who also misses badly. (Q1 16:50)
Towers runs back behind the Tiger zone and marks a long Hannebery ball next to the behind post. He screws through the set shot for his first goal of the evening. (Q1 17:47)
Martin rises in front of three Swans to mark a long Riewoldt ball 20m out on a slight angle. Dusty delivers a class finish as you knew he would. (Q1 22:01)
Franklin catches Morris high on the wing and then holds on to concede an obvious 50m penalty to put him 50m out on the flank. Morris tries a pass, it bounces for a behind. (Q1 24:57)
The Swans try a kick in to the pocket but the Tigers swarm, Grigg gives to Miles who snaps a goal from 25m on the flank! (Q1 25:21)
Franklin handballs forward of a pack on the wing to Heeney who turns and sprints to the HFF 50m out for a snap… wobbles the wrong side of the far goalpost. (Q1 27:03)
Hannebery is on his own behind a pack in the pocket for a give by Heeney, he shoots off a step from the left boot… that’s good. (Q1 28:03)
Riewoldt marks 45m out wide on the flank but his set shot swerves right. (Q1 29:19)
Martin misses a long range snap around the corner from a slight angle. (Q2 1:27)
Heeney catches Rance HTB on the wing and immediately goes to Rance’s man Franklin at 50m on the left flank. Buddy swings it through for his third major in trademark style! (Q2 2:25)
Franklin has two on him for a long ball to the top of the square, he spoils Chaplin and it’s Mitchell who is front and centre, but he misses. (Q2 6:47)
Mitchell releases Jake Lloyd for a gallop down the outer wing and a pass to Mills, who misses a mid range set shot. (Q2 15:28)
The Tigers go coast to coast from the kick in, Edwards runs through the centre and passes to Sam Lloyd at 45m on a slight angle. Lloyd misses. (Q2 15:52)
Laidler roves on the last line but kicks too quickly and straight to Corey Ellis 40m out on the flank. Ellis misses. (Q2 19:13)
Short goes up the guts from the centre, Grundy bumps Griffiths in the side 20m out and the ump pays a rather soft free kick. Griffiths kicks truly. (Q2 20:12)
Miles turns at CHF after a chain of Tiger handballs and finds Brandon Ellis to mark in front of Mills at 40m on a slight angle. Ellis goals too, red time scores for Richmond! (Q2 21:57)
Two Swans fly for the next Richmond inside 50 but Griffiths gets another very soft free off the fall against Grundy 25m out on the flank. Griffiths goals again! (Q2 23:29)
Grigg passes to the lead of Griffiths at 50m on the flank. This for his third goal in five minutes… just wide. (Q2 25:00)
Deledio marks a Sam Lloyd ball to 45m on a slight angle, but misses. (Q3 1:25)
Short marks just inside CHF, turns and goes to Sam Lloyd 15m out on the flank. Lloyd slams it into the post. (Q3 2:40)
Short is the next Tiger to miss a gettable opportunity, this time a mid range snap. (Q3 3:09)
Sam Lloyd roves a Griffiths ball to the hotspot, baulks a tackle and snaps across his body to finally get the goal Richmond have been striving for! (Q3 3:41)
Hannebery kicks inside 50 after the next centre bounce, Rance drags Franklin down 25m out on a slight angle, Buddy boots goal number four for him. (Q3 5:08)
McVeigh goes long from the HFF to the square but it bounces behind Parker and Grimes and through for a behind. (Q3 6:57)
McVeigh gets another chance and this time hits Mitchell near the boundary 45m out. He hits the far goalpost. (Q3 7:23)
Franklin is caught in possession at half forward causing a fast break to Richmond, eventually Vlaustin misses under a tackle from the hotspot. (Q3 8:58)
The Swans go coast to coast from the kick in, Hiscox marks in the centre and runs his full measure to true CHF but misses the running snap. (Q3 9:32)
Rioli smothers Franklin at half forward for Richmond, Corey Ellis receives outside CHF and passes to Martin 15m out on a slight angle. And Dusty misses a soda too! (Q3 10:41)
Grigg marks the kick in on the HFF and passes to Vickery at 40m on a slight angle. Tyrone sprays it as well, nowhere near. (Q3 11:41)
Hewett roves a ground ball 40m out on a slight angle and draws a high tackle free on Chaplin for a sling around the neck. He kicks straight, scores level! (Q3 13:11)
Franklin marks at half forward and goes short to the lead of Tippett at 45m on a slight angle. Tippett sneaks it inside the right goalpost, Swans hit the front. (Q3 17:39)
Franklin juggles and marks on a hard lead to true CHF with Rance right on his ginger. Buddy boots his fifth goal to put his stamp on the contest! (Q3 20:55)
Tippett gives to Jake Lloyd on the wing who runs over the 50m paint and slams through another one from 45m on a slight angle! (Q3 23:42)
Papley kicks OOTF from a set shot from the HFF. (Q3 26:22)
Sam Lloyd marks 50m out on a slight angle, plays on and bangs through a long goal before McVeigh can get back in time! (Q4 0:25)
Franklin gets caught HTB on the wing, fast break, Deledio hits Griffiths 45m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly as well, Richmond suddenly right back in it! (Q4 2:09)
Morris worries Papley enough as they chase a ground ball in the pocket to force him to kick it OOTF. (Q4 3:51)
The Tigers rebound up member’s wing, Riewoldt releases Rioli on the wing to run down the flank with three bounces and goal from 20m! Tigers draw level once more! (Q4 4:20)
Hampson to Martin at the next centre bounce, long ball to the hotspot where Griffiths holds Grundy off long enough to juggle the mark with the other arm, he boots his fourth! (Q4 5:47)
Miles kicks high to CHF, no Tigers there but Richards drops and fumbles, the Tigers work through very heavy traffic with Rioli grubbering home from 20m! (Q4 8:02)
The Tigers have pulled this game from nowhere with five goals in less than five minutes of game time! (Q4 8:02)
The Tiger small forwards swarm a ground ball in the pocket, Grundy kicks high and blind to the HFF 45m out where Riewoldt marks. Li’l Rooey misses. (Q4 9:47)
Jack snaps a big goal from a ball in 25m out in the pocket. (Q4 10:52)
Riewoldt misses a pressured snap from 25m on the flank. (Q4 12:06)
Tippett marks a Hannebery ball in front of Vickery on the HFF goes short back to Hannebery near the boundary 35m out. Hanners threads the needle, back to a kick in it! (Q4 14:33)
Papley gets a free at a stoppage 35m out on the flank on Morris by putting his head over the footy. Papley makes no mistake, Swans wrest back the lead! (Q4 18:33)
Tippett marks a long Parker ball from the wing to the hotspot over Rance, with Hampson not impacting the contest. Tippett kicks straight, 6:44 to go. (Q4 21:03)
A long ball to CHF for Sydney falls perfectly for Parker who baulks and shoots from 45m… dies late and hits the post. (Q4 22:51)
Riewoldt has one pair between him and the goals in the centre, he kicks to space inside forward 50 for Griffiths to lead Richards, gather, bounce and goal from the hotspot! (Q4 24:47)
Edwards puts his head over the footy on the HFF and wins a free, his ball to Riewoldt in the pocket is spoiled, eventually Riewoldt is pinged for HTB under a Cunningham tackle! (Q4 27:04)
Correction, Jake Lloyd not Cunningham. (Q4 27:04)
Series of stoppages on the outer wing, clock ticks towards 2:30. (Q4 27:34)
Rance has made a few big efforts to stop Swan surges in the last few minutes. (Q4 28:05)
Brandon Ellis catches Cunningham HTB as he shoots from the HFF! (Q4 29:05)
Chaplin starts a rebound but Rampe chips in front of Riewoldt to mark on the wing. (Q4 29:45)
Martin is caught HTB on the wing, Towers free, 53 seconds left. (Q4 29:45)
Vlaustin goes long from defensive hotspot, Riewoldt in the centre, Griffiths on the wing, Sam Lloyd 45m out on the flank, siren goes! (Q4 30:51)
Shot after the siren to win the game! (Q4 30:51)
Sam Lloyd kicks truly, Tigers win! (Q4 31:19)

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