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Blog log from R8 of 2016: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Blog log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R8 of 2016

Treloar takes it out of traffic on the half forward flank and whacks it goalward. His attempt hit the far side post. (Q1 2:41)
Howe sends it long to the Moore/Harwood contest, and Darcy takes the probable contested mark against his undersized opponent. From 45 on the sharp angle, he misses. (Q1 4:17)
Sinclair receives through the corridor, running his full measure before he goes for home, with Lester chasing unsuccessfully behind. From 50, his shot misses to the right. (Q1 6:03)
Howe wobbles one inside 50, and it lands into the gleeful arms of Jesse White. With luck playing a large part in that play, Jesse trundles in and misses from 50 to the left. (Q1 6:58)
Maynard misses another chance that really should have been made the most of. Brandon found the loose ball via a Lions fist, but his shot from 40 hit the post. (Q1 8:50)
Grundy finds Cox unopposed in the goal square, and Mason finally sends through the first of the game! Relentless pressure led to the chance, and Mason made them pay! (Q1 9:17)
Treloar to Smith to White, all by hand before Jesse slammed it on the boot from the arc, with little pressure on the kick. He sends it post high, but it thuds into the woodwork. (Q1 13:31)
The Pies continue to extend their advantage! Treloar marks on the paint of 50, and the former Giant goes back and sends it home from the flank region! (Q1 14:32)
Blair to Pendlebury who detects the correct option and finds Moore on the lead. The Pies had little pressure to deal with there, and Darcy slots it from 45 on the slight! (Q1 16:34)
Treloar out of the congestion to De Goey on the fly. Jordan goes over the top to Crocker, who finds it off the deck and snaps truly from 30! (Q1 22:36)
Pendlebury started the chain off the half back flank with brilliant ball use. Through the corridor, Blair moves it wide to Fasolo. Alex shoots from outside 50, but misses. (Q1 24:50)
Pendlebury to Smith to Crocker, who takes a mark running into a paddock of unmarked space. From 45 on the flank, Ben hits the post. (Q1 26:01)
Sidebottom found it at ground level and fed it out to the speeding De Goey. Jordan got a minor touch on the kick, affecting his effort, pulling the kick to the far side from 40. (Q2 1:35)
Grundy receives the free kick after Martin gave a free away for an infringement in the marking contest. From 50 on the sharp angle, Brodie misses to the near side. (Q2 2:36)
Howe takes a terrific intercept mark as the Lions attempt to rebound 50, and then Cox takes a huge mark ahead of Merrett. From 35, directly in front, Mason slots another! (Q2 3:08)
The Pies move it by hand through the middle and it allows Treloar to have the running shot at goal from 40 on the slight. His effort misses to the right hand side. (Q2 5:22)
Fasolo to Moore to De Goey, who finds it on the bounce. Jordan settles but misses poorly to the near side from 25 on the slight angle. Horrible attempt. (Q2 6:20)
Bell gives away the free kick to Treloar after just whamming the former Giant in the back. Very poor effort, and Adam slots the major from 40 on the flank! (Q2 7:19)
Blair extends the margin with a maximum once more! White forces it forward, allowing Blair to run through and toe poke it home from close range! (Q2 10:06)
Once more the Pies captain chooses the correct option, with Pendlebury detecting the White lead and the former Swan now has it in his hands as a byproduct. Jesse goals from 50! (Q2 11:01)
Keays booms it in long and Zorko is the one able to hold his position, taking a terrific contested mark in the 6 man strong pack. Dayne goes back and slots it from 25! (Q2 13:21)
The Lions produced their first extended hold of possession, finishing with Zorko being found unattended inside 50. Dayne goes back and slots the major from 45 on the flank! (Q2 17:37)
Grundy finds it off the deck, and has a flying shot at goal from 45, but he misses to the right hand side from the speedy effort. (Q2 19:22)
Merrett deliberately takes it out of bounds, and the decision is paid. Fasolo takes advantage, centring to Greenwood who marks unopposed. From the set shot, 30 out, he misses. (Q2 21:52)
Harwood turns it over coming out of defence, and it enables Smith to mark and immediately find De Goey with a central delivery. Jordan misses from 35, via the set shot. (Q2 23:03)
Grundy taps it down to Crisp who belts it long to the Cox/Paparone contest and Mason takes the terrific mark. He plays on and sends it through for his third from close range! (Q2 24:07)
Adams, Moore, Treloar and then Crocker all by hand as they swing it from defence to the forward 50. Ben receives out the back and the second gamer sends through another! (Q2 27:52)
Bell to Green after Robinson sent the Lions inside 50. Josh attempts the speedy, opportunistic snap within the heat of traffic, but it bounces through from 35! (Q2 28:53)
Varcoe finds it at ground level as the Pies move it through the forward 50 with a central effort. Off hands, the former Cat gathers and snaps truly in one swift movement from 30! (Q2 31:08)
Beams, Keays, Lester and then Bewick finishes off the play, as the Lions speed it from coast to coast. A rare moment in which the Lions managed to beat the Pies press. (Q3 2:02)
Hanley to Zorko, who launches it long to Schache, allowing Josh to mark in space. From 40 metres out directly in front, Josh clearly hit the post but the umpire missed it… (Q3 4:17)
On review, the behind is paid. (Q3 4:47)
The Pies then speed it from coast to coast, and the play ends with Treloar launching from outside 50. He bounces it through for a minor score. (Q3 5:11)
TAYLOR ADAMS kicks goal of the night, perhaps of the round! Literally kicking from the boundary line, he manages to send it under the arms and through from 45! (Q3 6:17)
White marks on the lead as the Pies again win it at the coalface. Jesse trots in and pulls it to the right hand side from 50 metres out, directly in front. (Q3 6:46)
Blair spots Oxley in space, very poor marking given the Lions had more than thirty seconds to setup their defensive zone. From 40 on the flank, Adam misses to the far side. (Q3 9:04)
The Pies launch it long through De Goey, and Merrett holds Cox in the marking contest, giving away an obvious free kick to the American. From 35 on the slight, he misses. (Q3 9:29)
Zorko has his third of the night! Howe spoiled into the corridor, enabling the Lions to get out the back through Keays. He dribbles it centrally to Dayne, who finishes with ease! (Q3 11:49)
Walker takes a terrific grab in the one on one contest opposed to Frost, via the Lester inside 50 entry. Josh trots in and slams it home from 40 on the flank! (Q3 12:16)
White gets out the back and the Pies have another! Maynard launched it to the contest, Jesse shoved his opponent out the way and soccered it through from point blank! (Q3 17:18)
Zorko receives the free kick for in the back paid against the in-form Treloar. Dayne goes back and slots his fourth of the day from 35, directly in front! (Q3 18:48)
Pendlebury receives the free kick from a Zorko infringement, and duly darts in a delivery to the leading White. Boundary side, 50 out, Jesse goes back and hammers it home! (Q3 21:33)
Green has an attempt from 40 on the acute angle, but he manages to pick out the post from the open play shot. (Q3 25:49)
Cox receives another free kick, this time Mayes giving it away for hands in the back. Mason lines up from 25 on the slight, and the American sends through his fourth! (Q3 27:34)
Greenwood goes to the Crocker/Gardiner contest and Darcy gives away the free kick for holding as he attempted to battle for front position. From 35 on the slight, Ben misses. (Q3 29:49)
White finds it at the coalface and manages to work it to Crocker, who marks due to his front positioning. Ben lines up from 45 on the flank, and sends through his third! (Q4 0:45)
Oxley darts it into Varcoe on the lead, as Pendlebury begun the play from the wing. Travis loads up from well outside 50, and misses to the right hand side. (Q4 4:47)
Grundy with a horrendous turnover directly in front of his defensive goal, managing to pick out Lester. Ryan finished with ease from 20! (Q4 8:31)
Rich finds it through the corridor, and does not need much more of a chance to take hold of the situation. He launches it from inside the centre square, and through it flies! (Q4 12:41)
Lester to Mayes, who finds Walker on the lead ahead of Howe. The former Lion trots in from 45 on the flank and sends through his second! (Q4 15:29)
Maynard finds De Goey waiting out the back unopposed. Sitting a kick ahead of the play, his chance taking paid off as he received and snapped truly from 35! (Q4 17:17)
Grundy takes a terrific mark in the 6 strong mark. The young ruck trots in and steers home another from 40 on the flank, to further extend the margin! (Q4 20:57)
Zorko booms it long to the one on one contest between Walker and Howe, with the former Cat taking the strong grab. Josh lines up the set shot, and misses to the near side from 30. (Q4 22:27)
Treloar adds another to the scoreline for the Pies! Fasolo knocks it the former Giants way, and Adam steps inside and out before slotting it home from 25! (Q4 24:42)
Schache takes the mark inside after the Lions moved it centrally to the young forward. From 40 on the slight angle, Josh misses to the near side. (Q4 27:13)
Oxley moves it through the corridor to Fasolo, who takes the simple chest mark.Alex lines up from 50 out directly in front and slots his first of the night with 17 seconds to play! (Q4 28:54)

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