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Blog log from R8 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R8 of 2016

Cameron chips it into the hard working Scully, allowing the former Demon to take the mark unopposed. From 50 on the acute angle, Tom slams home the first of the season! (Q1 3:58)
Dylan Shiel provides a brilliant flick through the middle of the ground, allowing Wilson to receive through the corridor. Nathan belts it from 55 and through it sails! (Q1 7:28)
Johsnon forces the turnover with some quality pressure applied to Leslie. The ball pops out to Cameron, who snaps truly from 20 with the simple snap! (Q1 9:13)
Shaw takes the terrific contested, intercept mark as the Suns move out of defensive 50. Heath moves it centrally to Johnson, but he misses poorly from 45. (Q1 11:28)
Ablett gets one to stem the tide! From the forward stoppage, Gary gets loose of Shiel and hits it through off a step after reading it best off Mumford’s tap! (Q1 16:14)
Johsnon takes the advantage after receiving the free kick for illegal contact in the marking contest against Day. Steve runs on with it and flicks it over the top. Patton goals! (Q1 24:09)
Palmer finds Cameron on the lead, with Jeremy marking out in front under little to no pressure. From 50 on the flank, Jeremy pulls it to the near side from the set shot. (Q1 27:01)
Scully moves to Shiel through the corridor as advantage was paid, in a rather late decision.Dylan eventually whacks it off the trustworthy left peg from 45, but misses to the left. (Q2 1:33)
Palmer roves it off the pack at pace, managing to produce a purists dream of hitting the ball at pace. He attempts the snap running away from goal, but he misses to the near side. (Q2 4:03)
Wilson belts a raking delivery through the corridor as the Giants have little trouble moving it out of defence. Lobb is the one to take the towering mark, and he goals from 40! (Q2 7:48)
Mumford receives the free kick just 30 metres out from goal, after Nicholls pushed him in the back via the ruck contest. From the sharp angled set shot, he misses to the far side. (Q2 10:18)
Cameron manages a tremendous goal as the Giants extend the margin. He roved the pack well, then managed to bounce it through, deep in the pocket whilst receiving a tackle! (Q2 12:18)
From the resultant centre bounce, Kelly paces away from the congestion, going long to Lobb. Palmer finds it from the spillage, and snaps through another from close range! (Q2 13:19)
Steele to Williams with the handball as the Giants stream forward once again with a stoppage win. Zac misses the open play shot from 30 to the near side. (Q2 14:33)
Ah Chee finds Matera in the pocket, as the Suns have a rare foray forward. Brandon is pressed up on the boundary, 35 metres out from goal, but manages to split the middle! (Q2 19:38)
Ablett darts in an effort and picks out Lynch on the lead ahead of Mohr. With just his second touch of the game, Tom slots the goal from 50 out, directly in front! (Q2 21:29)
Palmer finds Shiel on the short lead as the Giants swing it from end to end with consummate ease. From the set shot, Dylan misses poorly from the arc. (Q2 23:55)
From the forward half stoppage, Shaw left his direct opponent in Kelly. The tap predictably gets knocked in Josh’s direction and he slots it from 40! (Q2 28:00)
Hopper goes long to Patton, and whilst Jonathon was unable to pull down the mark, he found it at ground level. He moves it centrally to Cameron via hand, and Jeremy goals! (Q2 28:35)
Day gives away the free kick to Cameron, holding him around the waist as they wrestled for the primary spot. The decision is paid, but Jeremy misses from 45. (Q2 30:47)
Williams spoils the ball, but directly into the path of Matera. Brandon snaffles the loose ball, and sends it through from 20 off his preferred left peg! (Q2 33:00)
Wilson chips it short to Lobb, and Rory marks unopposed within goal scoring range. From 25 on the flank, Rory sends through another for the Giants! (Q3 7:04)
Mumford knocks it directly into the path of Johnson, who was patrolling unmarked around the stoppage. He receives, runs into the pocket and slots another major! (Q3 8:34)
Kelly produces a terrific tackle on Lemmens, denying his counterpart the ability to get fist to ball. Boundary side, 30 out, Josh hit the post. (Q3 11:30)
The laconic Jarrad Grant kicks a tremendous goal from deep in the forward pocket. The Suns forced it forward through terrific pressure, allowing the former Dog to slot it through! (Q3 13:51)
Matera gives away the 50 metre penalty after overstepping the mark, allowing Scully the opportunity to shoot from 50. The former Dee takes it on and slots another! (Q3 15:55)
Kelly to Patton who drills a beautiful pass onto the chest of Steele, with the ball taking roughly a millisecond or two to hit the target. Jack goes back and goals from 30! (Q3 18:25)
Ah Chee receives the free after a Scully infringement, and sets the ball to the hotspot. Lynch flies and takes a huge pack mark. From 35 on the slight, Tom slots another! (Q3 21:05)
The Giants stream forward once more, and this time it’s Ward who finds Cameron on the lead ahead of Day. From 50 on the slight angle, Jeremy slots his fourth of the day! (Q3 24:26)
Hopper goes to the top of the square and Patton twists this way and that, before slotting it ahead of Schade’s desperate reach. The Giants are enjoying the junk time! (Q3 26:39)
Patton finds it at ground level and gave it off to Scully, who again centred to Cameron via hand. Jeremy settled and finished from 25 for his fifth! (Q3 27:31)
Patfull tunnels Grant out of the contest, and allows Matera to take advantage and soccer home from 20. Make that 3 for Brandon today! (Q3 29:51)
Mtera marks strongly out on the lead, taking the grab on the arc, with an acute angle to navigate. From the set shot, he pulls it to the near side. (Q4 0:41)
The Giants swing it coast to coast, with Johnson moving it down the middle and out the back to Cameron. Jeremy marks and burns Day off before finishing for his sixth! (Q4 1:38)
Scully goes long to Steele, and Schade is the one to courageously run back and force the dropped mark. The efforts prove negligible, with Lobb slotting it off the deck! (Q4 4:13)
Williams finds it off the deck and thwacks it on the boot at pace. Zac perhaps may have been better served to assess the options as his shot from 35 bounces through for a minor. (Q4 6:54)
Lynch attempts an almighty effort from 60 on the angle, after Tom simply had no one to kick to. His bouncing attempt hits the post. (Q4 12:50)
Grant grabs another consolation prize for the Suns. The Giants turn it over coming out of defence, allowing Jarrad to finish with ease from 25! (Q4 13:09)
Palmer juggles and manages to hold onto a terrific mark as Williams produced the low effort into the former Docker mans path. From 30 on the slight, Rhys sends through another! (Q4 14:40)
Kelly receives out of congestion once more, and Josh sets sail for home from 50. He misses to the left hand side from the open play attempt. (Q4 18:55)
The Suns turn it over from the kick-in, enabling Cameron to jump on the loose ball and feed it out to Palmer. Rhys receives and finishes truly from 35! (Q4 19:55)
Coniglio to Patton to Kelly, all by hand, enabling Josh to receive deep in the pocket. Kelly assesses the options and moves inside, before snapping truly to extend the damage! (Q4 21:55)
Wilson gives away the free kick for running too far, and then gives away the 50 metre penalty for not giving back the ball fast enough. Grant is the recipient, finishing from 35! (Q4 23:40)
Hopper goes long with his 30th touch on debut, with Cameron receiving the free for high contact in the marking contest. From 35 on the sharp angle, he slots another! (Q4 28:56)

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