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Blog log from R5 of 2016: St Kilda vs Western Sydney

Blog log for St Kilda vs Western Sydney, R5 of 2016

Griffen roves a long Mumford ball and snaps across the body from the pocket which bounces wide. (Q1 1:31)
Gilbert taps down a Coniglio handball on the wing starting a St Kilda fast break, Billings gives to Dunstan who hits the base of the post from the hotspot. (Q1 4:58)
Williams mops up an errant Armitage pass at halfback, does a one-two speeding up the guts and has Johnson on his own at CHF, he turns and bangs through the first goal. (Q1 6:03)
Another rebound up the guts with quick hands and fast pace, Kelly passes to Greene to mark over the back 25m out on the flank. Greene makes no mistake. (Q1 8:33)
So far the two teams are about even on effort, but the Giants have that little edge in polish on disposal which is the difference. (Q1 9:03)
Greene marks again at the same spot, this time putting his knee into the back of Savage. But he misses this one. (Q1 10:03)
Greene passes to Smith at 40m on a slight angle after another rebound from halfback at full speed. Devon kicks his first goal. (Q1 15:59)
Cameron steams onto yet another Greene inside 50 kick, this time to 30m on the flank. He boots goal number one for 2016. (Q1 18:07)
Savage sails through the first St Kilda after receiving from Dunstan at 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 21:44)
Montagna mops up an aimless rebound kick by Scully to the wing and finds Riewoldt on his own at the hotspot on the instant counter. Rooey goals. (Q1 23:50)
Long ball to the pocket where McCartin contests, Sinclair roves behind the pack and tries a Daicos special from 20m… it rolls through! (Q1 26:37)
Johnson goes long to the square, big pack, no mark but Cameron gets a free for an obvious hold by Geary and boots his second goal. (Q1 28:26)
Smith roves a Cameron contest 20m out but hits the post under a tackle. (Q1 29:00)
Shiel runs down the HFF and goes long, Cameron marks on the behind line over the back of Lee. Cameron kicks his third goal. (Q2 0:24)
Bruce is over the back for an intelligently delayed Sinclair ball to the square for the instant reply. (Q2 3:10)
Montagna has a shot from long range touched on the line by Mumford. (Q2 5:11)
The Giants go coast to coast from the kick in down members wing, with Scully going long to Cameron to mark in front of the pack 30m out on the flank. Cameron kicks his fourth goal. (Q2 5:48)
Coniglio kicks long to Mumford who draws a free 40m out on a slight angle, Greene roves and grubbers through a goal taking the advantage. (Q2 7:34)
Scully gives to Greene who misses off the left from 20m in traffic. (Q2 8:58)
Griffen intercepts a Riewoldt kick from the BP to 40m on a slight angle from the GWS goal. He hooks it way left. (Q2 9:28)
Ross snaps from a stoppage near the Saint hotspot, it drifts towards the behind post where McCartin draws a free on Davis for high contact and kicks a checkside goal. (Q2 12:30)
Newnes gives to Lee for a snap from just outside 50m on a slight angle, just wide. (Q2 14:52)
Ward gets a free in the pocket 25m out for Billings catching him over the shoulder in a pack, and steers through a beautiful drop punt for a goal. (Q2 19:52)
Lonie gives to Bruce for a snap from 45m on a slight angle, he has his second goal of the afternoon. (Q2 24:57)
Patton, who has been extremely quiet, marks a Wilson ball to 40m over the flank despite a flying challenge from Webster. He misses, just. (Q2 26:42)
Shaw takes a contested pack mark on the wing and has Patton near the boundary 50m out. But the big man misses the lot. (Q3 2:35)
Johnson misses a long range snap. (Q3 5:19)
Bruce draws an arm chop free by Patfull leading to 40m near the boundary, but he just misses. (Q3 6:35)
Lobb goes long from the wing to Patton 40m out on the flank, who gets a rather soft free against Fisher and misses again. (Q3 7:34)
Lonie receives outside a pack 40m out on the flank but his left foot snap is across the face. (Q3 9:03)
Scully sits a high, hopeful ball from CHF to the top of the square, Patton has the sit and marks over a host of Saints. He kicks his first goal, drawing bronx cheers. (Q3 14:06)
Johnson misses a tough snap from near the behind post under pressure from Fisher. (Q3 15:35)
Dunstan roves a pack at the hotspot but his snap is a slow grubber, luckily it goes straight to Newnes 15m out who gathers and goals off a step. (Q3 19:12)
Long ball to the hotspot clears Bruce, and it’s Riewoldt who’s first back to the fall ahead of Davis to run into the open goal! (Q3 20:32)
Gilbert gives outside a pack on the wing to Hickey galloping free up the guts, he shoots from 45m but it’s across the face and off hands for a behind. (Q3 21:35)
Riewoldt leaps and marks a centring Gilbert ball to the hotspot as the pack collapses behind him. Rooey puts the Saints only a couple of kicks behind with his third! (Q3 24:12)
Patton can’t mark in the square, the ball falls into a bigpack, mad scramble but it’s Steele who wins the arm wrestle and breaks a tackle to goal from the line! (Q3 26:27)
Scully goes long to Johnson at 40m on the flank, on the end of a rebound around members wing from halfback. Stevie J sneaks the set shot inside the far goalpost. (Q4 2:37)
St Kilda have put in excellent effort, particularly in the second half, but the gulf in class is obvious, particularly in the final third. (Q4 3:10)
Greene sets up Whitfield to stream forward from the next centre bounce and let fly from 45m in the corridor, he also kicks truly. Giants putting their stamp on the game now. (Q4 4:37)
Greene runs into the open goal to seal the deal after Cameron gathers a long Johnson ball in the pocket and handballs to space in the square. (Q4 6:07)
Greene sails through goal number five to underline his BOG credentials with a snap from the hotspot after a give by Coniglio. (Q4 9:35)
Williams joins the party with a sensational snap from the boundary 50m out. (Q4 10:37)
Johnson is on his own at CHF for a centring ball by Greene, he kicks quickly and it clears the contest running back to bounce through for another one. (Q4 13:29)
Riewoldt beats Patfull to mark with strength 20m out and kick a garbage time goal. (Q4 14:38)
Greene passes to Cameron from the next centre bounce to mark near the hotspot and steer through his fifth major. (Q4 16:08)
Savage marks a short Riewoldt ball from the HFF over traffic to the hotspot. He goals. (Q4 20:03)
Armitage sets up Dunstan for a running shot from 35m on the flank which he steers through. (Q4 23:54)
Scully misses a screwing snap from 40m out in front. (Q4 28:38)
Johnson shows him how it’s done with a left foot goal from much the same spot. (Q4 29:37)
Coniglio passes to Greene in front of Gilbert 45m out in front, who misses as the siren sounds. (Q4 31:39)

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