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Blog log from R5 of 2016: Fremantle vs Carlton

Blog log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R5 of 2016

Ballantyne snaps around the corner from the pocket after Grey roves a Taberner contest, but he misses. (Q1 3:03)
Fyfe intercepts on the HFF and goes quickly to Ballantyne 15m out on the flank, he draws a free but Pavlich plays on and hits the post! (Q1 4:18)
Gibbs burns Casboult by going himself from 50m on the flank, it’s well wide. (Q1 5:49)
Wright passes from the HFF to Lamb at the hotspot, but the set shot is awful, only a behind. (Q1 12:35)
Kreuzer dives and intercepts the Neale kick in 40m out on the flank. His set shot is also way wide, Dawson rushes it easily. (Q1 13:20)
Cripps gives to Murphy after a stoppage, he baulks and shoots off a step from 25m on the boundary… just wide. (Q1 14:36)
Casboult gives to Buckley who has a snap from the pocket 25m out and misses, with Thomas on his own screaming at the hotspot. (Q1 17:03)
Finally someone kicks a goal in this low quality game, it’s Crozier who receives from Pavlich and snaps truly from 25m on the flank. (Q1 18:35)
Buckley receives from Casboult and this time hands off from the pocket to Lamb, who has Thomas running to the square for Carlton’s first. (Q1 22:32)
Fyfe roves a Pavlich contest in the pocket and gives back to him for a grubber from 20m, but Plowman gets back to rush it. (Q1 23:51)
Hill gathers a loose ball and misses from 40m on a slight angle. (Q1 25:16)
Mayne gets a hospital pass in the centre, spoiled down to Gibbs who bombs long for Lamb, the crumb goes over the back for Lamb to gather and goal! (Q1 26:34)
Walters clears from the next bounce to the hotspot, two Blues are all over Fyfe to concede a free with Simpson earning the FA. Fyfe goals. (Q1 26:34)
Simpson intercepts in the centre circle and goes quickly to Gibbs at 40m on a slight angle, he plays on and misses. (Q2 1:03)
Gray kicks from outside CHF to the benefit of Walters to mark behind Tuohy 15m out in front. Son-Son makes no mistake with the set shot. (Q2 3:07)
Fyfe grubbers blind from heavy traffic at the Blue hotspot to CHB but straight to Simpson who goes to Wright at 35m on the flank. Wright just sneaks the shot inside the far post. (Q2 7:49)
Mayne runs back hard to mark a Walters ball to 30m on the flank. He misses. (Q2 10:01)
Hill runs from halfback up the guts and goes long to Pavlich 45m out in the corridor. Pav passes to Sutcliffe at 40m on a slight angle, strangely. Sutcliffe goals anyway. (Q2 12:36)
Crozier volleys a centring ball from the HFF with the left boot for Grey to take a contested grab 45m out on the flank. He doesn’t score. (Q2 21:05)
Sheridan passes to Neale leading to much the same spot as the Grey shot. Neale hits the post. (Q2 22:20)
Charlie Curnow roves a Phillips contest in the vortex pocket and gives to his brother Ed for a snap off a step from 25m… narrow. (Q2 23:21)
Simpson finds Charlie Curnow for a mark near the hotspot after a Barlow turnover on the HBF. He goals. (Q2 24:07)
Simpson goes short to Kerridge near the boundary 45m out, who looks inside but has nothing on and has to go back for the set shot. Which he misses. (Q2 26:17)
Carlton force yet more repeat inside 50s, eventually Docherty passes to Casboult just inside true CHF. Levi misses as well. (Q2 28:52)
Taberner turns the ball over on the HBF by foot to Charlie Curnow, the long ball goes to the square and it’s Thomas over the back to crumb and goal with ease! (Q3 2:24)
Another turnover by Taberner on the HBF, Cripps roves the pack at the hotspot but screws it too far, hits the behind post OOTF. (Q3 4:36)
Byrne is pinged for HTB under a pack 25m out on a slight angle after Rowe fumbles and coughs it up. Weller takes the free, and hits the post. (Q3 7:02)
Ed Curnow marks 40m out on a slight angle and also misses a very gettable set shot. (Q3 8:50)
Danyle Pearce passes to Crozier 45m out on a slight angle, in plenty of space. The crowd waits in silence… and goes aww as he also sprays it. (Q3 9:52)
Murphy shanks a kick from the BP straight to Crozier 40m out on the flank, in the vortex pocket. Crozier misses, as has been the trend. (Q3 15:50)
Sutcliffe is pinged unluckily for OOTF 30m out, Thomas takes the free and screws through a surprisingly good finish! (Q3 19:23)
That ball fell on the line with no Docker there to rush it, yet another basic error in this dire game between the bottom two. (Q3 19:23)
Walters marks a long Hill centre clearance behind Byrne 40m out on a slight angle and kicks the instant replying goal. (Q3 20:43)
Mayne releases Hill to glide in customary style to 50m on the flank, but his snap on the lope is just narrow. (Q3 24:27)
Crozier gets a free 40m out on a slight angle just before the 3QT siren, and steers through a goal to pinch the lead back. (Q3 26:56)
Charlie Curnow roves a Kreuzer contest on the wing and goes long to a one-on-one, Casboult beats Dawson to mark 40m out on a slight angle but misses. (Q4 4:16)
Casboult had Buckley running past for the easy give and no one in front but inexplicably didn’t handball. (Q4 4:38)
Docherty passes from CHF to the hotspot where Jones draws a holding free on Alex Pearce. But he misses an easy one. (Q4 7:05)
Kerridge goes hard and low from the HFF to the hotspot where Jones marks strongly over Johnson. Jones has his whole career history to contend with… he kicks the goal! (Q4 9:01)
Pavlich roves a Weitering fumble on the flank 45m but his snap across the body bounces across the face. (Q4 11:33)
Taberner tries to mark on the line but fumbles it over to turn what should have been a goal into a rushed behind! (Q4 14:16)
Taberner marks a Johnson ball to 35m on the flank, beating Plowman one on one with strength. He redeems himself with a goal to give Fremantle the lead! (Q4 16:42)
Wright smothers Danyle Pearce in a pack at the hotspot and gives to Murphy who snaps truly! Blues back in the lead! (Q4 17:40)
Simpson marks at CHF and goes around the paint of the 50m line to Gibbs on a slight angle. He lines up for a massive set shot… it’s good! 3:22 left, two kicks in it! (Q4 24:17)
Tucker bombs long after the next centre bounce, it bounces behind the pack 15m out and sits up for Griffin to volley home from the line! 2:54 left. (Q4 25:49)
Cripps from the next centre bounce to Jones at half forward, his long ball to the pocket results in a ball up, 2:22. (Q4 26:17)
Byrne kicks from the HFF to the FP, ball in, 2:09. (Q4 27:16)
Secondary stoppage, 2:00. (Q4 27:48)
Nelae tries a switch from the BP but Kerridge tackles him as he kicks to skew it straight to Jones 15m out on a slight angle! Jones kicks truly! 1:00 left! (Q4 28:47)
Secondary and tertiary stoppages, 42 seconds. (Q4 30:04)
Phillips clears to the wing, ball in, 29 seconds. (Q4 30:16)
Murphy falls over the boundary line on the wing, ump pays a free, Walters plays on and goes long, Mayne marks 40m out on the flank, siren sounds, Blues win! (Q4 30:48)
Mayne goals after the siren to rub it in. (Q4 31:18)

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