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Blog log from R5 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R5 of 2016

An early 50m on Duncan for encroachment brings Broadbent to 40m out in front. He shanks it OOTF. (Q1 0:11)
Broadbent catches McCarthy HTB at much the same spot after a stoppage, this time he sneaks the set shot inside the left goalpost for the first major of the evening. (Q1 2:04)
Selwood marks 45m out on a slight angle but shoots way left. (Q1 5:17)
Stanley beats Ebert one on one to mark a Ruggles ball to 40m on a slight angle, on the end of a fast break from the last line. Rhys misses as well. (Q1 9:00)
Blicavs also gets a set shot, but he also misses 40m out on the flank. (Q1 10:27)
Big pack at the Port hotspot, Selwood can’t clear, Broadbent stands up in a heavy tackle and gives outside to Wines who does the rest off the right boot! (Q1 12:01)
Hawkins beats Hombsch with strength to mark 40m out on the flank, but his set shot shaves the outside of the near goalpost. (Q1 13:50)
Wines gives to Neade for a flying snap from 50m on a slight angle which goes wide. (Q1 17:13)
Dixon steams onto an Ebert ball to 35m in the corridor, with Lonergan trailing four steps behind. He kicks truly, the Port crowd are up and about and so are the Power! (Q1 18:46)
Ebert catches Guthrie over the shoulder near the hotspot, Guthrie steers through the Cats’ first goal as the home crowd boos. (Q1 20:46)
Ruggles gives away two frees in a row in Port’s forward line to gift Amon a goal from the line! (Q1 22:11)
Amon gets another free off the ball on the wing, against Lonergan this time, and kicks to the flank where Ebert marks unopposed and goals from 40m. (Q1 25:47)
Enright’s handball at halfback is straight to Boak, who finds Sam Gray 45m out in front with a quick pass. Gray doesn’t score. (Q1 27:19)
Wines gives to Ebert after a stoppage on the HFF, Ebert fumbles and misses from 35m. (Q1 29:02)
Bartel clears from a throw in on the wing, Selwood passes to hawkins at 40m on the flank. The Tomahawk misses, Lobbe rushes. (Q2 4:16)
Lonergan gets back to rush a long Wingard ball from the HFF to Westhoff in the square. (Q2 6:07)
Menzel catches Lobbe HTB just outside CHF, waits for an option, sees Selwood one out with Toumpas in the square and goes low and hard… Selwood juggles the mark and goals! (Q2 15:02)
Dangerfield draws a holding free 45m out on a slight angle, the crowd boos lustily but he shuts them up with a quality finish. (Q2 18:33)
Jonas it was with the FA. (Q2 18:33)
Cockatoo gives to Dangerfield who has time and space to wind up for a running snap from 55m on the flank… sails through, much to the disgust of the Power faithful! (Q2 20:05)
Cockatoo goes back with the flight and marks a Hawkins ball from the HFF next to the hotspot. Cockie steers through another one for Geelong! (Q2 21:44)
Young gathers a bouncing ball in the pocket, shrugs off a Mackie tackle and gives to Westhoff who misses from 20m. (Q2 25:02)
Kersten long to the square from the HFF, Broadbent spoils Stanley but Stanley regathers and gives to Gregson running past, he screws a snap from 15m to bounce through! (Q2 26:57)
Duncan runs in space down the wing and hits Stanley on a short lead to 45m on a slight angle. Stanley roosts another goal for Geelong, they are storming over the Port! (Q2 28:34)
Menzel misses a flying snap from CHF after Boak forces a turnover on the wing with a tackle. (Q3 2:09)
Duncan roves and goes very short to Menzel 40m out on the flank, who misses. (Q3 3:01)
Guthrie is caught HTB by Hartlett on the wing, long ball goes to Dixon who juggles a mark in front of Lonergan near the hotspot. He steers through the first Power goal for a while. (Q3 4:04)
Kersten takes a big contested grab in front of two Power defenders at the hotspot. And he goals, more importantly. (Q3 5:56)
Robbie Gray drops Ruggles off the ball to give away 50m and take Hawkins from the HFF to 25m out on the flank. The Tomahawk doesn’t make him pay, another miss. (Q3 9:19)
Sam Gray gives to Wines for a flying snap from 45m in the corridor that is well wide, perceived pressure making him hurry too much. (Q3 12:32)
O’Shea turns the ball over on the HBF, Selwood has Smith 40m out on a slight angle. He misses as well, though. (Q3 13:51)
Dixon gathers a Broadbent bouncing ball on the HFF and gives to Wines for a snap off a step from 40m… well wide. (Q3 15:40)
Toumpas is pinged for HTB under a double tackle. Motlop wins the raffle with Guthrie and gets the free at the hotspot, and steers through another one for the Cats. (Q3 17:03)
Amon kicks across the backline but misses his target, Blicavs gathers on the behind line and gives to Menzel for an easy goal! (Q3 19:02)
Young hits the post with a quick snap from the pocket. (Q3 20:55)
Motlop passes to Hawkins to take a contested grab in front of Hombsch on the boundary 30m out. Of course, he slots this one after missing easy ones earlier! (Q3 22:35)
Amon receives from Dixon and gives to Wines streaming forward from the next bounce to shoot from 40m and steer through a quick replying goal. (Q3 24:12)
McCarthy marks near the hotspot and kicks truly as well, red time goals are killing the Power with 1:23 to 3QT. (Q3 25:53)
Menzel roves a long Guthrie ball to the hotspot and has to snap across his body off his left boot, hit’s an ugly wobbler but it misses the near goalpost for a goal! (Q4 5:52)
Menzel bounces through another one with a snap from near CHF. (Q4 5:52)
Motlop passes to Stanley just inside CHF, who shanks it for no score. (Q4 8:49)
Dangerfield snaps across the face from the pocket. (Q4 8:49)
Smith stands in a tackle and gives to Gregson for a grubbing snap from 20m that nutmegs O’Shea and sits up for Kersten to gather and goal from the square. (Q4 13:52)
Hawkins goes very short to Motlop at 40m on the flank after a centre square infringement at the next centre bounce. Motlop doesn’t score. (Q4 13:52)
Wingard passes to Dixon at true CHF, his set shot drops on the line but is it touched by Smith before crossing? Video review, ruled a goal. (Q4 18:01)
Caddy marks at 50m on a slight angle, plays on and goals off a step easy as you like. (Q4 22:02)

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