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Blog log from R2 of 2016: St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs, R2 of 2016

Billings switches it to the fat side where Newnes awaits unattended, marking ahead of Wood. Jack goes back and slots the goal! (Q1 13:03)
Tom Liberatore kicks the first of the game after being hit up by a Macrae pass. From 40 on the flank, he sent it through! (Q1 18:02)
Billings reads it off the dropped Bruce mark, handballing it back into the ex Giant. Josh spins and shoots, but misses the snap to the left hand side. (Q1 20:04)
Liberatore to Johannisen who flicks it off to McLean. Toby slams it home from the acute angle with a beauty of a drop punt! (Q1 23:34)
Steven turns it over poorly coming out of defence, managing to pick out Johannisen just before the siren. From 50, Jason nails the set shot post siren! (Q1 27:22)
Picken finds it at ground level after Stringer scrambled it forward. Liam feeds it wide to the unmarked Wallis, and Mitch slams it through from 40 on the run! (Q2 4:06)
Armitage out of the middle after a picture perfect Hickey tap. The Saints work it down and find Lonie who marks out the back of his contest with Boyd. From 40, Jack goals! (Q2 4:51)
Montagna turns it over coming out of defence and it comes back to bite, with Hunter receiving unopposed. Lachie takes the mark, goes back and sends it through from 40! (Q2 6:51)
Stringer gives away the downfield free kick after a dubious decision adjudicated that Jack pulled Webster down after the kicking sequence. Bruce slots the shot from 30! (Q2 10:51)
Turnover deep in defence via the boot of Roberton. Liberatore is the recipient and flicks it off to Picken, with Liam snapping truly from deep in the pocket! (Q2 14:36)
Biggs gave away the free kick after pushing Bruce under the ball and accentuated the contact to make sure of the decision. From 40 on the flank, he misses. (Q2 18:12)
Billings darts it across to the lead of Riewoldt, and Nick takes the mark out ahead of his opponent. From 50 on the flank, the champion goes back and pulls it to the near side. (Q2 19:22)
Johannisen with one of the plays of the season thus far. He picked the pocket of Billings and then ran from one end of the ground to the other, finishing with a darting pass… (Q2 21:52)
That pass whacked Stringer on the chest, and Jake made no mistake from 30 on the slight! (Q2 22:37)
Lonie chips it in to his leading captain in Riewoldt ahead of brilliant chase pressure from Johannisen. From 30 on the slight, he hits the post. (Q2 23:23)
Bruce gets to the drop zone after McCartin just couldn’t hold on. Josh soccers it from the top of the square, but misses to the right hand side. (Q2 26:46)
Riewoldt turns it over deep in defence, kicking it straight to the Bulldogs number 42, Liam Picken. From 35 on the sharp angle, Liam misses to the far side. (Q3 4:42)
A questionable free kick is paid the way of Tom Boyd for holding against Fisher, although it appeared both had a piece of each other. From 35, Tom goals! (Q3 6:25)
Suckling out the back and speeds from the centre of Etihad Stadium to well inside 40. The former Hawk attempts to dribble it home, but misses to the right hand side. (Q3 8:30)
Newnes goes long to the Riewoldt/Adams contest and Nick takes a tremendous mark in the one on one. The 300 gamer trots in and slots it from 30! (Q3 11:11)
Dahlhaus gets to the feet of Boyd and takes it at pace. Luke settles on the dribble effort at pace, but misses to the right hand side from 25. (Q3 15:44)
Turnover eventuates via the Newnes dropped mark, and Matthew Boyd is there to quickly move it forward for the Dogs. He flicks it off to Stringer, but Jake misses from 45. (Q3 23:54)
Starts off the half back flank where Adams switches with a raking delivery to M.Boyd. Matthew flicks it off to Picken who finds Tom Boyd with a quality pass. Tom goals! (Q3 26:43)
Hunter out of congestion to Adams who loads up from the best part of 60, but the second gamer can only bounce it through for a minor score. (Q4 1:26)
Liberatore receives in the middle of the ground after the Saints let a chance go begging at the other end. Tom found Stringer out the back, and from 30 he slots the set shot! (Q4 2:47)
Biggs, Liberatore and then off to the helmet wearing Daniel. Caleb sells some candy with a couple buying at the stall before he snaps truly from 30! Fantastic major! (Q4 7:13)
Gresham runs Wallis under the ball and takes a strong mark off the back of Ross’ pass. From 40 on the flank, he hits the minor post, no score. (Q4 13:29)
Dahlhaus forces the turnover with a terrific tackle just 20 metres out from goal, but Tom Boyd’s soccer effort misses to the right hand side. (Q4 13:58)
Boyd, Suckling, Johannisen and then Picken as the Dogs move it from end to end in just four passes. Liam receives, runs his full measure and goals from point blank! (Q4 15:22)
Roberton darts in a pass to Bruce who marks out on the lead, taking it just inside the paint of 50. Josh strikes it nicely but manages to pick out the post. (Q4 17:23)
Tom Boyd receives the free after Gilbert throws him out of the marking contest. From 35 on the flank, Tom lines up the set shot and slots his third! (Q4 21:23)
Montagna finds Riewoldt on the lead, perhaps for the thousandth time in their respective careers. From 45 out, Nick hammers home another! (Q4 23:51)

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