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Blog log from R2 of 2016: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Blog log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R2 of 2016

Claye Beams takes the intercept mark after Atley turns it over poorly from the kick in. Claye kicks from 55 and sends it straight through the middle! (Q1 3:23)
Andrews goes long to Hanley who questionably hangs on to a grab ahead of Goldstein. From deep in the pocket, he misses to the far side. (Q1 7:59)
McDonald booms long and Brown receives the free kick for being thrown under the ball by Merrett. From 35 on the flank, Ben slots it through! (Q1 9:33)
Wells pinpoints his forward 50 entry to Harvey, who marks just ahead of Merrett’s spoil attempt. From 40 on the slight, Brent hammers home the Roos second!
(Q1 12:54)
Green reads it off the Schache fly and he flicks it off to the waiting Zorko. Dayne takes little time in snapping for home and he sends it straight through from 35! (Q1 17:45)
Waite finds it off the deck after Petrie sent it skyward. Jarrad has a quick fire snap attempt, but misses from 20. (Q1 18:02)
The Roos speed through the middle and it’s Harvey who finds Thomas on the little lead, with Christensen the one providing little defensive effort. From 30, Lindsay misses. (Q1 23:30)
Now its the Lions turn to speed from one end to the other, ending with former Roo Bastinac finding Taylor unopposed, 40 out. Lewis misses the set shot to the right. (Q1 24:57)
Green marks and quickly flicks it off to Bastinac who again finds Taylor on the hard lead. Lewis missed his set shot in the first term, and again from 40 this term. (Q2 1:01)
Zorko chips to Martin who marks unopposed, 40 metres out from goal directly in front. Stefan trots in and misses to the right hand side. (Q2 2:06)
Ziebell wins the free by simply holding his feet in the one on one battle against Gardiner. Jack gets it out the back and Goldstein goals! (Q2 5:51)
Wells turns it over out of defence and it galls directly in the hands of Lester. From 40 on the flank, Ryan misses to the near side. (Q2 8:21)
The Roos sweep out the back and Thomas finds the hard running Brown unopposed. Ben sprints through to 35 and skids the low effort home! (Q2 10:59)
Lester to Hanley out of the middle, and Pearce finds Walker ahead of Firrito. From 30 on the slight, the former Cat nails it! (Q2 11:22)
Harwood gives away Garner for holding the man off the ball, and Taylor will line up from 45 on the flank. He misses to the far side. (Q2 12:14)
Goldstein kicks it to the advantage of Waite and the former blue marks out ahead of McStay. Jarrad nails the major from the resultant kick! (Q2 13:55)
Merrett gives away a free to Petrie for illegal contact, luckily for the Roo given he dropped the mark. From 25 on the acute angle, he hits the post. (Q2 16:08)
Gibson soccers home from point blank to extend the Roos margin! Petrie brings it to ground and North scrap it forward before Sam finishes with the desperate effort! (Q2 18:08)
Goldstein receives a free kick after Bastinac gave the free away for high contact. 20 metres out on the slightest of angles, but Todd hits the post! (Q2 21:37)
Tarant finds Wells in space and takes the simplest of uncontested marks. Incredibly, Daniel misses as well from 30 on the slight angle! (Q2 22:39)
Zorko won the free kick after Swallow produced a poorly executed tackle on Dayne. Dayne goes back and nails the set shot from 40! (Q2 23:38)
Merrett gives away a free kick to Waite after again giving away a silly free kick for high contact to his opponent. From 25 directly in front, Jarrad nails it! (Q2 26:27)
Merrett takes a quality intercept mark but then turns it over through the corridor to Ziebell. Ziebell misses the opportunity to the right from 50. (Q2 30:54)
Waite now receives the free kick after producing a quality tackle, just 25 metres out from goal. As the half time siren sounds, Jarrad sends it straight through the middle! (Half Time)
Harvey receives a free kick for a block against Pearce Hanley within the forward stoppage. From 30 on the slight, Brent misses to the right hand side. (Q3 2:01)
The Roos turn it over through the middle of the ground and move it forward through Harvey, who finds Waite and he chips it to Dal Santo. From 35, Nick slots it! (Q3 4:29)
Bewick wins the free kick with an excellent tackle on Dal Santo. The Lions work it forward and find Lester unopposed. From 40 on the flank, Ryan sends it home! (Q3 5:51)
Brown to Harvey back to Ben, who has little trouble running deep into the pocket with ball in hand and slides home another! His second for the afternoon. (Q3 8:02)
Brown to Harvey back to Ben, who has little trouble running deep into the pocket with ball in hand and slides home another! His third for the afternoon. (Q3 8:14)
Ball falls out the back to the Lions captain in Rockliff via the long bomb into the hot spot. Tom turns and sends it through with the snap! (Q3 10:02)
This time Schache is the one to send them into the forward 50. Rockliff applies the tackle on Macmillan and it pops out to Green. Josh takes full advantage! (Q3 12:14)
Wells reads the Martin hit out and dabs in a central delivery to Dal Santo, who marks unopposed 40 from goal. Nick nabs his second of the term! (Q3 13:44)
Garner chips in a pass to the leading Petrie ahead of Merrett, and Drew marks on the 50 metre arc. He misses the set shot. (Q3 15:46)
Bewick gives away a free kick to Garner after taking out the legs of his opponent. The young Roo hits the post from 35! (Q3 17:15)
Petrie provides a lob into the hot spot and Harwood gives away a free to Ziebell as the ball hits the deck. Jack makes no mistake! (Q3 20:45)
Thomas finds the ball off the deck and chips in a pass to the unopposed Waite. Jarrad takes the simple grab and sends it through from 45, directly in front! (Q3 23:15)
This game has been full of dropping the shoulder frees, and this time Thomas wins a free against Zorko. From the resultant kick, 45 out on the flank, he misses. (Q3 26:00)
Harvey forces the turnover by catching Bewick unawares. He gets it moving forward, and ends up taking the shot from 45, sneaking it through for a minor score. (Q3 28:01)
Andrews turns it over coming out of defence and the pill falls in the lap of Firrito who dabs the short pass to GIbson. Sam marks unopposed and finishes from 45 on the flank! (Q4 2:32)
The Lions get the quick reply! Christensen forced the win from the clearance, Bastinac drilled in a delivery to Taylor’s toes, and Lewis finishes truly! (Q4 4:01)
Cutler has a speeding shot at goal from the half forward flank but misses to the right hand side. (Q4 5:06)
Josh Green marks out on the lead, as the Roos lower their guard with limited pressure. He goes back and nails the shot from 40 on the slight angle! (Q4 7:07)
Harvey takes a mark in a one on two opposed to Bewick and Cutler at the top of the square. Brent slots the simple shot! (Q4 15:50)
Young Lion Lewis Taylor nabs another consolation prize. He receives out the back from Walker, sidesteps a couple and sends it through from 40 off the right peg! (Q4 18:02)
Schache takes a quality mark in the one on one opposed to Tarrant, via the Zorko kick. Josh lines up from 35, but he misses poorly to the right hand side. (Q4 19:46)
The former Cat, Allen Christensen, chips into the pocket and finds Zorko on the hard running lead. From 40, boundary side, Dayne misses to the far side. (Q4 23:06)
Wells bullets in a delivery after receiving the 50 metre penalty due to a late spoil attempt from Gardiner. Waite marks out on the lead and sends through his fifth! (Q4 25:07)
Swallow has a flying shot at goal but his attempt from 45 on the flank misses to the near side. (Q4 27:55)
Bell takes the grab out on the hard working lead, taking the mark 45 metres out on the flank receiving via the Green pass. Tom goes back and sends it through! (Q4 28:53)
Petrie takes the strong mark inside the last minute of the contest after sitting under the up and under from Cunnington. Drew out marks McStay and slots it from point blank! (Q4 31:33)

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