Blog log from W2 of 2016: Fremantle vs Adelaide

Lynch marks the first centre clearance of the game by Matt Crouch in front of Ibbotson 50m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 1:01)
Weller bounces through a supergoal after a turnover in midfield and a feed from Fyfe. (Q1 1:57)
Jenkins gives outside to Smith who snaps truly across the body from 30m on a slight angle. (Q1 4:00)
Lynch squeezes through a grubber with two Dockers on his hammer after a stoppage in the pocket 20m out. (Q1 6:02)
Taberner converts a set shot from deep in the pocket, much to the delight of the home crowd. (Q1 9:21)
Jenkins rises above the smaller Ibbotson and clunks a high van Berlo ball to the hotspot. He goals. (Q1 14:54)
Menzel baulks two Docker defenders and snaps across the body from 35m on a slight angle for a nice goal. (Q1 17:28)
Mzungu gets a free 35m out on the flank and steers through a nice goal to continue his eye-catching preseason. (Q1 19:13)
Crouch gets a handball just outside CHF and has to snap quickly to an empty square off a step before the cavalry arrives, but it’s wide. (Q1 24:00)
A similarly rushed snap from the same spot by Seedsman is also wide. (Q1 24:28)
Sheridan gets the first centre clearance kick of Q2, Pavlich marks at true CHF on a hard lead in front of Lever. Pav goals. (Q2 0:31)
In fact, that’s a supergoal from Superpav! (Q2 0:31)
Lynch passes to a short lead by McGovern to 40m on a slight angle, who misses the set shot. (Q2 2:51)
Milera centres to Smith who plants a foot just outside the paint at CHF and misses. (Q2 5:36)
Double 50m penalties brings Mayne from the HBF to 25m out on a slight angle for a charity set shot… which Mayne shanks. (Q2 12:56)
Lyons marks on the HFF and goes down the line to Lynch 30m out. Lynch sprays it OOTF. (Q2 17:37)
Dear snaps off a step from 35m on the flank after receiving a handball, but the fluky wind pushes the ball across the face. (Q2 20:53)
Langdon passes to the lead of Pavlich 45m out in front, with Lever well out of position. He misses the lot. (Q2 21:42)
Fyfe marks near the boundary 40m out and delivers a lovely set shot straight through the hi-diddle-diddle, albeit, he did reach for his back after marking. (Q3 4:35)
SLoane dives and marks a Seedsman ball to the hotspot. He makes no mistake with the set shot, into the wind. (Q3 7:09)
Jenkins marks in front of Johnson at 40m on the flank, but his set shot swings with the wind the wrong side of the post. (Q3 8:59)
Walters misses as he’s pushed in the back by Mackay deep in the pocket 20m out, but gets a free and duly converts. (Q3 12:54)
Fyfe snaps truly from the pocket after the Docker forwards lock in a long ball to the hotspot, the handball goal assist coming from Hannath. (Q3 15:24)
Lyons snaps over his left shoulder from traffic 20m out on a slight angle, it just falls inside the near goalpost. (Q3 18:39)
Sheridan speeds through traffic at half forward with a weaving run, then hits Taberner on a short lead to the hotspot. Taberner goals. (Q4 2:52)
Mayne misses a set shot from just inside 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 4:59)
Mayne gives outside to Suban to snap truly from the hotspot after a fast break down the wing. (Q4 10:32)
Milera gives to Mackay who goals on the run from 45m on the flank on the end of another fast break. (Q4 12:19)
Suban again gets a handball for a goal from point blank range on the end of a fast break, this time the give coming from Griffin with work up the ground by Taberner. (Q4 16:47)
Lynch goes short from the HFF to Jenkins just outside the hotspot. He misses. (Q4 20:18)
Lyons misses on the run from just inside CHF. (Q4 21:12)
The Crows again lock it in from the kick in, eventually Douglas snaps truly from a massive pack at the hotspot after a give by O’Brien. (Q4 22:48)
Gore give to Atkins who scoots off down the flank with several Dockers chasing, baulks one but misses from 30m. (Q4 24:13)
Gore catches Fyfe HTB on the HFF to force one last inside 50, but the Dockers flood back and eventually rebound to wind the clock down. (Q4 25:55)

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