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Blog log from W2 of 2016: Fremantle vs Adelaide

Blog log for Fremantle vs Adelaide, W2 of 2016

Lynch marks the first centre clearance of the game by Matt Crouch in front of Ibbotson 50m out on a slight angle. He misses. (Q1 1:01)
Weller bounces through a supergoal after a turnover in midfield and a feed from Fyfe. (Q1 1:57)
Jenkins gives outside to Smith who snaps truly across the body from 30m on a slight angle. (Q1 4:00)
Lynch squeezes through a grubber with two Dockers on his hammer after a stoppage in the pocket 20m out. (Q1 6:02)
Taberner converts a set shot from deep in the pocket, much to the delight of the home crowd. (Q1 9:21)
Jenkins rises above the smaller Ibbotson and clunks a high van Berlo ball to the hotspot. He goals. (Q1 14:54)
Menzel baulks two Docker defenders and snaps across the body from 35m on a slight angle for a nice goal. (Q1 17:28)
Mzungu gets a free 35m out on the flank and steers through a nice goal to continue his eye-catching preseason. (Q1 19:13)
Crouch gets a handball just outside CHF and has to snap quickly to an empty square off a step before the cavalry arrives, but it’s wide. (Q1 24:00)
A similarly rushed snap from the same spot by Seedsman is also wide. (Q1 24:28)
Sheridan gets the first centre clearance kick of Q2, Pavlich marks at true CHF on a hard lead in front of Lever. Pav goals. (Q2 0:31)
In fact, that’s a supergoal from Superpav! (Q2 0:31)
Lynch passes to a short lead by McGovern to 40m on a slight angle, who misses the set shot. (Q2 2:51)
Milera centres to Smith who plants a foot just outside the paint at CHF and misses. (Q2 5:36)
Double 50m penalties brings Mayne from the HBF to 25m out on a slight angle for a charity set shot… which Mayne shanks. (Q2 12:56)
Lyons marks on the HFF and goes down the line to Lynch 30m out. Lynch sprays it OOTF. (Q2 17:37)
Dear snaps off a step from 35m on the flank after receiving a handball, but the fluky wind pushes the ball across the face. (Q2 20:53)
Langdon passes to the lead of Pavlich 45m out in front, with Lever well out of position. He misses the lot. (Q2 21:42)
Fyfe marks near the boundary 40m out and delivers a lovely set shot straight through the hi-diddle-diddle, albeit, he did reach for his back after marking. (Q3 4:35)
SLoane dives and marks a Seedsman ball to the hotspot. He makes no mistake with the set shot, into the wind. (Q3 7:09)
Jenkins marks in front of Johnson at 40m on the flank, but his set shot swings with the wind the wrong side of the post. (Q3 8:59)
Walters misses as he’s pushed in the back by Mackay deep in the pocket 20m out, but gets a free and duly converts. (Q3 12:54)
Fyfe snaps truly from the pocket after the Docker forwards lock in a long ball to the hotspot, the handball goal assist coming from Hannath. (Q3 15:24)
Lyons snaps over his left shoulder from traffic 20m out on a slight angle, it just falls inside the near goalpost. (Q3 18:39)
Sheridan speeds through traffic at half forward with a weaving run, then hits Taberner on a short lead to the hotspot. Taberner goals. (Q4 2:52)
Mayne misses a set shot from just inside 50m on a slight angle. (Q4 4:59)
Mayne gives outside to Suban to snap truly from the hotspot after a fast break down the wing. (Q4 10:32)
Milera gives to Mackay who goals on the run from 45m on the flank on the end of another fast break. (Q4 12:19)
Suban again gets a handball for a goal from point blank range on the end of a fast break, this time the give coming from Griffin with work up the ground by Taberner. (Q4 16:47)
Lynch goes short from the HFF to Jenkins just outside the hotspot. He misses. (Q4 20:18)
Lyons misses on the run from just inside CHF. (Q4 21:12)
The Crows again lock it in from the kick in, eventually Douglas snaps truly from a massive pack at the hotspot after a give by O’Brien. (Q4 22:48)
Gore give to Atkins who scoots off down the flank with several Dockers chasing, baulks one but misses from 30m. (Q4 24:13)
Gore catches Fyfe HTB on the HFF to force one last inside 50, but the Dockers flood back and eventually rebound to wind the clock down. (Q4 25:55)

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