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Blog log from W2 of 2016: Carlton vs Essendon

Blog log for Carlton vs Essendon, W2 of 2016

Smith gets a Joe the Goose special for the first goal from Everitt. (Q1 3:28)
Grimley flies over a pack 20m out on a slight angle, but misses. (Q1 13:48)
Goddard slots a difficult set shot from just inside the boundary just inside the 50m line. (Q1 15:48)
Byrne gives away a free to Grimley on the lead at 30m on a slight angle. Grimley misses again. (Q1 22:33)
Graham misses a set shot from CHF after the QT siren. (Q1 26:03)
Long converts after marking a quick Hartley ball from outside CHF to the hotspot. (Q2 5:26)
Zach Merrett bounces through a supergoal from the flank to an empty goalsquare. (Q2 7:11)
Gallucci gives away a 50m penalty under the new encroachment rules to put Hams at the hotspot for a charity goal. (Q2 11:56)
Gallucci gets pinged again for a 50m penalty for a late hold on Dempsey, putting him at point blank range for another charity goal. (Q2 15:21)
Rowe kicks OOTF 45m out, Goddard takes the shot and wows the Princes Park crowd with a set shot banana for a goal! (Q2 16:56)
Grimley has Jackson Merrett all on his own to run into the open goal after a rebound from the last line started by Hartley. (Q2 23:29)
Daniher marks a Bird centre clearance kick 45m out on a slight angle and gets another soft 50m encroachment penalty to ensure the goal. (Q2 24:49)
Grimley finally gets a set shot on target after another flying grab over Tuohy 20m out in front. (Q3 3:40)
Boekhorst delivers a Joe the Goose special to the long-suffering Gallucci, giving the crowd something to cheer as he runs into the open goal. (Q3 7:25)
Daniher steers through a mid range set shot to continue the Essendon dominance. (Q3 13:25)
Ed Curnow just clears the pack on the line with a supergoal attempt from a slight angle, after catching Simpkin HTB. (Q3 18:51)
McKay marks a Smith pass in front of Hartley at 35m on a slight angle, and puts through the set shot for a goal. (Q3 24:23)
Grimley has to chase a wayward long ball to the pocket by Daniher, gets corralled and misses the snap from 20m. (Q4 4:40)
Boekhorst has a gallop down the wing and gets caught high by Ashby on the HFF 50m out. He misses. (Q4 5:55)
The Dons go coast to coast but Long misses a long range snap. (Q4 5:55)
Buckley marks just inside 50m on a slight angle and kicks OOTF. (Q4 10:21)
Silvagni gets a free on the HFF and centres to outside CHF where Byrne marks, baulks a man and misses from 40m. (Q4 12:36)
McKernan grabs the ball out of ruck 35m out on the flank, baulks and snaps off the right boot for an impressive goal. (Q4 14:00)
Zaharakis goes short to Daniher near the boundary 40m out, options inside but he goes back for the set shot for the practice. He makes no mistake. (Q4 15:38)
Boekhorst sails a long ball from near CHF well wide left. (Q4 19:28)
Crowley gives the crowd something to hoot at with a set shot goal after the final siren. (Q4 23:24)

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